Poets of the Fall – Carnival of Rust (Live w/ Lyrics)

41 thoughts on “Poets of the Fall – Carnival of Rust (Live w/ Lyrics)

  1. Idk what it is with this song, and especially the singer…I am SO turned on!!! I would DAMAGE him in the best of ways!

  2. Just saw them live 2 days ago in Prague…and my god are they amazing live. They are better live than on the album

  3. The number of views they get with this god level of talent you gotta agree with Thanos a little bit more every coming day.

  4. Damn man damn!!!! I am cursing you. You will be a legend one day.
    I am cursing you for being so good.
    I am cursing you for being the savior.

  5. i cant explain the joy i get on seeing him perform the way he is doing.
    True example of Living what you preach !!!!
    Beyond Natural!!

  6. Still waiting for theese poets to blow up,just like theyr fellow poets over in Nightwish. POTF is too talented live,to not get the recognition worldwide. I know they have gained more and more followers over the years,but they deserve soo much more! <3 Keep on rocking guys!

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