Poets In Autumn 2016 – Conviction "Group Piece"

this is conviction I hope y'all enjoy all rise for the Honorable Judge Court is now in session didn't you say alright maybe see [Applause] members of the jury your duty today is to determine whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty based solely on the evidence and facts presented in this case how many of you know the requirements and the evidence of true salvation you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead and you are saved for the heart a person believes resulting in righteousness and with the mouth woman confesses resulting in salvation I know the truth and it is in defense of that truth that I plan to reveal the prosecution has no evidence to convey otherwise but beware of those who want to attempt to la smog Minds prepare to witness pollutant emissions discharge with no hope to discharge my client today I look through the air and you will completely and precisely see that my client is not guilty it seems to be that salvation or that which we have come to call Christianity has become more hellish than halos we as a people don't know what it truly means to be saved to be righteous to be as white as the ghost most of you don't have without holiness no man shall see the Lord and this man there's nothing more than broken Braille and for that reason I can assure to you that I will prove that he is as guilty as they come young man you're being charged with not being a Christian how do you plead not guilty obviously we know your we know you're a devout Christian can you explain to the jury your commitment to God in the extent of your faithful I feel like my faith be solid rock anchor of swords a grinning sky that can't be moved by Midnight's clothed in black robes in terror yes I make mistakes but I honestly believe there's no evil buried beneath these bones no sick of ill-will affecting my healthy soul I'm just here to clear my name name the location you were on these dates in question September 22nd 2013 Church October 5th 2014 Church April 12 2015 shirt and even February 14 2016 shirt your honor clearly you can see my client has vowed his life to his Lord ladies and gentlemen of the jury don't allow your mind to be flooded when it comes to true covenant where the true meaning of our memoirs promise can be distorted praise God for your commitment to community but just because the calendar the knows your name most Sunday mornings doesn't mean the Sun still shines on you in fact we all knew that to be the case the time the sky your spy fell back to welcome an early midnight the day is that the only thing that needs salvation in light of that please tell us on your way to church what music were you listening to well I'm an old soul so there's nothing like a rich sound of Marvin Gaye that dropped the calm in after the hectic day has given us all the silence of the empty role greeting you like an old friend you haven't seen in years in your car because of floating Time Machine but most times at the Bible study you can hear my trunk shouting songs with 2 Chainz and meek mill's they go hard ladies and gentlemen of the jury did you hear him hypocrisy sounds real good donut with all of its bass and blood and bullets but shoot it's just music right it is proving that a godly man don't dance with demons unless he's in love with the flames what kind of Christian listens to secular music objects Your Honor the question is argumentative prosecutor you will not run game in my court I'm still coach keep playing Fowler dice it's you out quicker than two sprained ankles objection sustained would you say that you set your mind on things above yes then please tell us about the last time you fought with the moon in your prayer closet huh how about the time the stars followed you home what you mean what do I mean well it's obvious to me that you're more earth than you think exhibit a look at your clothes they are all things dust incontinent and I am confident that you sir are worldly objection your honor no no no no no no no no no no wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute we're not here for that we're not here for that he gonna wear what he want to wear in the name of Jesus amen amen amen I'd rather my client fight with the moon than the Sun he has never gone more than a thousand forty miles per hour in a residential for anyone who tried to equate the weight of my clients heart based on what he wears he's as smart as men who try to blame women for the lack of modesty when his family were commanded not to look on a woman with lust a man man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart prosecution is proven to be nothing but an invisible line attempting to divide if anyone is worldly it is the prosecution who carries this characteristics not my client objection your honor objection sustained now let's discuss your fiance what is our first name Jesse last name bill did you just say Jezebel I said Jesse bail her name is Jesse bail girl's name is Jesse Jesse bail now [Applause] what is this Jessie Bell lives 3/6 morson way and what are you lived oh boy there's no condemnation just answer honestly so where me and my girls saving our cash for Covenant I can't afford to live in another place answer the question besides how two strange beans made from Earth and not somewhere far eternal supposed to know that they're soulmates I've kept her close to my side to know if she's truly my real answer the question I'm answering your question yes the Sun greets me and my soon-to-be wife at the forehead kiss every morning and no we're not too reckless tornadoes and he constantly collided beneath our sheets like you paint us to be judge tell him to answer the question look sit down and answer the question yes if you must know occasionally we have sex with each other don't you I rest my case your honor your honor they are engaged to be married I mean in the eyes of God aren't they not I mean somewhat already married I mean no sin is greater than the other are we seriously gonna allow the stain a piece of paper a ceremony to validate marriage over God or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit for you are not your own for you have been brought with a price therefore glorify God with your body but oh no this man your honor has shown himself not to be anything like church but rather like to brick their homes it only good for keeping all the souls warm be holy being holy as I am holy sure we should strive for that but God knows we will sin right Oh or have you never sinned better yet then ask a better question are there stones in your pocket right now that you're just dying to throw listen God loves you and there's no hole you've fallen into that so deep the gods arm is on long enough to stress down and pull you right out and he hates sin his holiness ain't hot Scotch would shock flesh you keep skipping out every bloody box you were commanded to sit in and watch the ground make a new side of you you are hanging myths you turned grace into a game something not to be played with her tongue is a hungry Cemetery her mouth and soil craving corpses a bloody box searching for the depiction of death right in her throat burying bodies alive right in her backyard on legalism you honestly believe you can earn your own salvation don't you faith without works is dead the scripture doesn't lie the only skirts are you probably know is just not lest you be judged god is love and your heart is absent of it you look like surd you're the one that needs to work out your salvation with fear and trembling you know fear gonna think you are God order yours from the people so far left but it's right it's left know your pride it's last you believe me and get a treat and teach and pretty soon you go away from the truth order just confess you're out of context check the Texas see that you don't love like you think you do because you refuse to tell the whole truth order in the court enough hypocrite you hissed with such joy accusing brethren it makes me wonder how long it took you to slither here by belly if you coiled yourself with the same standards in which you used the boa constrictor you'll be on death row before the end of his sentence period in you you fed this young man lies in his sleep tofu grace false meat for dreams which could never satisfy believe him with a stomach empty of hope and a soul starving for brimstone you both have disgraced yourselves and my courtroom I have no choice but to ask you to leave come on around here come here I dismissed the lawyers because I wanted us to speak personally look I know I know your past could never be considered a box of sunshine neatly gift-wrapped with a men's but do you honestly believe the world's oblivious to your dirty laundry you've assumed yourself washed and rinsed but a full cycle requires spin and you can't prove your life spin turned around young man how do you really think you're here well I feel like I'm here because the world has more open palm the grace to give the most-searched folks people like that prosecutor want me to be more perfect than human like I'm not a good person with a duffel bag full of mistakes like the rest of the sink it's true your prosecutor welds mirrors into Windows too prideful to see her wrong so she looks outside to find it in others and your defense exchange divine diction for doctrines of demons sugar-coated death for diabetic hearts but my question was for you I know my daily vocabulary doesn't consist of a slew of hallelujah but it doesn't mean I don't have a praise deep down in my marrow yes I sleep with my girlfriend from time to time well we pray write out the words just because I'm not a cloud heavy and weeping over my scene I too am a wounded sky succumbing to the blows of its storms I know in fact let me tell you a story in the beginning sovereign vocabulary crafted a universe light was birth with speech from a being who breed heaven on earth called Eden a garden settled on the same dust used to mould man man who bore the image of infinite then it happened clay sinned against its partner paving the path for a day a day when Majesty would descend from the heights of glory and dress himself finite it was the day Hope had a face the day truth walked side by side with men when the militants surrendered to the death he predestined on a tree he planted about the blood-soaked hands of the dirt he sculpted never until this day had had been deemed tragic for a rolls to wear thorns a curse for a crown on the head of a body that housed holy they're hanging bloody forbidden with a heart a heart that beat and stopped for a moment a moment such as this a moment when someone like you would recognize he is indeed clay cracked and rebellious with a god-hating heart taking refuge in his chest under where he's standing at the gate face to face with the door eyes locked on the key your honor I don't know why that story just sucked my heart but but for the first time I see myself filthy to the lens of your presence you seem more holy than mere judge and now I'm not black boy bold beautiful like I thought I was I'm an ugly sinner deserving a tombstone bearing my name proud as a rebellion I will my chest I'm not worth the grace I for I give freely I am George I am lawyer I am counselor I am free I am 911 destruction with the suicidal soul when I am carpenter rugged wood and nails have built a Sabbath of my presence will you rest in me have hurricane ways I make servant of the wind and treadmill of the way I am nothing you want I am everything you need your honor your honor you speak with the authority that curls my heart into hope but are you living water enough to quench this thirsty soul of a man be honest who are you I did I my lord forgive me I thought we were friends but I see now my sins has been a Judas Kiss falling soften your cheek like a rosebud hitting the concrete drenched in deceit I reek of betrayal and the stench is staining my conscience constantly causing my golly conviction to turn into condemnation crumbles with confident confession to your confidant I am capable to complete you if I constructed constellations I have the credentials to cleanse you a mop for my hands heavy wood blood color kill it's not about what you've done it's about who you are it's not about who you are it's about what you've done I disrobe myself of perfection willingly drink of my father's wrath gladly to swallowed I the bitter consequences of your rebellion you were cross-examined the verdict was true the law who found you guilty but mercy proves you innocent I didn't just die naked for you I died naked as you so that you could live covered by me Lord it wanders me how you who knew no sin will become me a sinner so that I can become the righteousness of God I loved I loved you first therefore there is now no condemnation no guilt Ebury no punishment but also why Christ Jesus I am you are free [Applause]

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  1. This was amazing. So timely that I came across this. Such a bold and beautiful piece πŸ₯ΊπŸ™πŸ½β™₯️ Amen.

  2. Wow!!! This is so Profound! You brought tears to my eyes with your words and emotions. Well done. Very, very well done!

  3. The So called Blacks Hispanics and native American Indians are the BIBLICAL ISRAELITES the bible speak of! #WakeUp Israel. Shalom.

  4. πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ˜­β™₯️.
    May God be continually glorified through your giftings/talents. Bless y'all 😊.

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