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  1. I would recommend Rudy Francisco, r.h. Sin, Tyler knott Gregson, and erin Hanson. I love Lang Leav as well

  2. Such a good review of books! Thank you for going into more depth than most poetry 'reviews' here. Definitely glad I came across you.

  3. Have you heard of The Subconscious Poetry Diary?? Its on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, you should check it out

  4. I thought I didn't really like modern poetry but I randomly picked up Princess in the book store the other week and read a few poems and teared up. Safe to say I ended up buying it and hope to read it really soon.

  5. You should buy my book and give it a review! It’s called “unheard thoughts” by Gabriel Garcia my second book is called “thoughts from the heart” by Gabriel Garcia

  6. love her wild my fav. thanks for sharing this video recently i read "Love Pain and Life" it's pretty cool, I totally enjoyed reading it especially life and pain part keep reading and keep sharing

  7. i just read the princess saves herself in this one because you talk about it in a few videos……

    i cried the entire time literally it was so good. her story is literally my story retold, and like you said the best part is that she shows the journey. i love that. i needed that. thank you for recommending this because this is everything i never knew i needed. i read it entirely in an hour and i already want to reread it.

  8. Oh my your voice is so soothing! I have two recommendations, firstly "The Hornets in my Stomach" by Jamie Wyman, and then, of course, I have to mention my own poetry book "Dissection of an Eggshell Girl", they are both on Amazon!

  9. I just wrote a poetry book and it's on Amazon. I hope you would be willing to give it a read. I love your channel.

  10. When you said "shock factor" did you mean some of the poems from the book like the hunger and black stockings from smoke and mirrors?

  11. Ian S. Thomas is great. He also goes by pleasefindthis. I love the "I Wrote This For You" collections. They feature photography of his as well.

  12. I absolutely love No Matter The Wreckage by Sarah Kay. I recommend for someone just getting into poetry

  13. Thanks for the recommendations; I've been wanting to read The Princess Saves Herself In This One for some time now, and I hope I get to do it soon. I want to recommend to you PELUDA, by Melissa Lozano-Olivia, as it one of my fav poetry books I've read so far. 🙂

  14. A lot of ppl have already suggested rupi kaur but i wanted to add that in her new book the sun and her flowers, theres a section called rooting thats all about immigration or having parents who've come from another culture and it hit me in the feels so hard. I even shared a few with my mom who then cried haha. So i hope you get the chance to read that one, id love to hear what you think!

  15. I am also a newbie to modern poetry and I did start out with: Lang Leav, Amanda Lovelace, Etc. but unfortunately did not like their way of writing. I'm assuming it's because of the overly simplistic way of writing. However I do love John Burnside, but specifically: All One Breath. His collections are really good. Cyril Wong is another favorite of mine, his collection; Straw Sticks Brick is so good and vulgar. Benjamin Alire Sáenz's poetry collections are so good for when I need something emotional and hard hitting, he's great.

  16. I JUST picked up Lullabies by Lang Leav today and I'm loving it so far! And I've been wanting to get Storyteller by Morgan Harper Nichols for a while now, I love her poetry so much. I haven't really read that much poetry in my life, so it's really fun to be getting into it now and am super grateful for your recommendations! 🙂

  17. You should read The Country Without a Post Office. It is set in a different culture and place, so maybe you'll enjoy it. It is heartbreaking and beautiful.
    Eg 'It rains as I write this
    Mad heart, be brave.'
    "The man who buries his house in the sand and digs it up again, each evening, learns to put it together quickly and just as quickly to take it apart. My parents sleep like children in the dark. I am too far to hear them breathe"

  18. The video that I needed, thanks a lot for the recommendations Emma, I am reading more poetry this year because it's a beautiful wayof expression and part of the literature that often is not valued.
    Love you!

  19. i recently read Helium by Rudy Francisco. it's more of a spoken poetry collection but I enjoyed it all the same. do check it out! 😊

  20. I wonder if you would enjoy r. h. Sin’s poetry. I’ve never read an actual collection, but I follow him on Instagram and they seem really good and respectful.

  21. i have so many poetry recommendations that are in my to be purchased list! and just a quick question, where did you purchase dodie's book?

  22. I’ve never read poetry before but Ive been reading bits here and there and I’m getting really interested so I’ll check out the ones you mentioned. Thank you.

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