Poetry Fix – Episode 17 – Milosz – On Prayer – And Yet the Books

I'm married hi I'm Christopher Robinson this is poetry fix we have Czeslaw Milosz the great polish Nobel laureate who I used to go hit these beautiful wing down eyebrows that stuck out like birds wings from his face and Cambridge and I used to go watching eat mussels in this fish house where you could get a bowl of mussels for like four dollars pretty creepy I was like seeing God for me I love these poems I'm going to read two because they're so short the first one is on prayer and I'm somebody who prays Chris is not a godless bastard on prayer by Czeslaw Milosz translated by Robert Haas you asked me how to pray to someone who is not all I know is that prayer constructs a Velvet Bridge and walking it we are aloft as on a spring board above landscapes the color of ripe gold transformed by a magic stopping of the Sun that bridge leads us to the shore of reversal where everything is just the opposite and the word is unveils a meaning we hardly envisioned notice I say we there every one separately feels compassion for others entangled in the flesh and knows that if there is no other Shore we will walk that aerial bridge all the same you said a while ago about poets loving the world feels is evident in this and in Stevens and in Neruda and their focus on this to be on is right this work is and fails a meaningly hardly envisioned and it's that just being all my existence is transcended and that whether you couch that in terms of particular religion or if you're a non-believer in case yeah that's what I like is he address it if there is no other short he he doesn't say and if you're dumb enough to think there is no run short he actually addresses it because all believers have moments of profound down usually many a day I also wanted to read this other one about books because his young writers they think you know as Woody Allen says when I die instead of going on living through my work I'd rather live in my apartment and get the books by Czeslaw Milosz translated by Robert Haas and yet the books will be there on the shelves separate beings that appeared once still wet as shining chestnuts under a tree and autumn and touched coddled began to live in spite of fires on the horizon castles blown up tribes on the March planets in motion we are they said even as their pages were being torn out or a buzzing flame licked away their letters so much more durable than we are whose frail warmth cools down with memory disperses perishes I imagine the earth when I am no more nothing happens no loss it's still a strange pageant women's dresses dewy lilacs a song in the valley yet the books will be there on the shelves well born derived from people but also from radiance Heights I left the power he gains from non specificity and that women's dresses hmm in the way that Haas can say the thing her father said that hurt her what she dreamed right then this of course miosha's translated by Robert Hobbs from Berkeley who we've also poetry fixed I'm Mary Karr I'm Christopher Robinson this is poetry fix you

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