Poet Interview: Leyla Begim Jafarova

hello Leila how lovely to meet you and so what brings you to London full presentation of tomorrow and work to present my book the Louis 15 letters congratulations I prefer to ask you a few more questions if that's okay yeah so I wondered if you could tell me a little bit about know what inspires you to like poetry sometimes it might be something painful and I say that all my life to the poetry thank you thank you very much okay so second question is can you remember the first time you wrote a poem and what did it feel like after you raped their very first poem I hold the Covenant there's a psychological lyrics I think that someone whispered me respectfully toward members and I just asked myself who I am and he's whispering to me do remember there Emily Dickinson poem the my favorite month I don't know they are nobody to land without fear of us don't tell them with vanishes how do you need somebody public like a frog to tell your name the Lightning believable June read my own book so I decided to write my fault course and take away their from the others and only in a few years when one of the azerbaijani poets read the gave me quite inspiring feedback I decided to publish my first one I was 28 years old when I was a child I just made up stories and tales but now you know I understand there I think that they're quite poetic instance fantastic thank you okay Leila so the next question is who are your favorite perch I can't go from the modern ones and in a garbled or is Mulder so it's force for you any any kind of any of the British poets that or any any any English poet thank you very much okay so are you working on anything at the moment I've just finished a way which is all the nights might like no chess yes the story about the tragic love story of Azerbaijani greatest pagani poetess Rahman and corresponds with people have some violence me it reduce 160 years old story allowing us to look at it through the prism of current events and to theatres in Azerbaijan and Russia should they interest in staging that and I hope that I will take part the staging process also now I write another play about my plans now I'm looking for a publishing house and maybe to publish my book with small or speaking letters to the track because I published it small circulation in Prague and it exists from sonnets my letters to the track also my wreath of sonnets ISM seasons of love and play equalizer in translation the act of sacrifice it's a play which is dedicated to two great philosophers and writers they burn through the same year in 1369 in different worlds civilizations whose names in Christian religion the see me and young hopes and I would like to publish a book to accept to expand this book maybe to add this historical play the Knights news and another another points also about my pants and dreaming about staging this Malati here in London because now London is the center the modern Centre was tolerance and also the world center of art and theatres so Layla how would you like to be remembered as a parent remember how would you like to be remembered as in how would you like your readers in feature time news to remember you having read you think about that just try to Kathy it's worse okay okay listen I understand that the mulatto is going to be performed in London so can you tell us a little bit about where it's going to be performed and when and how could you know anyone get held up tickets to or to see it in London the theatre of Tiffany's showed the interest and staging pomato and I hope I hope that happen and I'm going to meet the director of the theatre and to speak about that okay okay so the last question you mentioned when we were kind of thinking for the interview of the love for Shakespeare and I love like the Russian greats we've mentioned written by Shakespeare I wonder if he would care to maybe recite a little bit from one of your Russian homes I think that experience inspired me to write in the latter in the verse form because the whole play is by rotating the universe form and taken it one point from Emma Watson Asha yeah makino Venable the highness the maharajah of its rock how do you cut Sidwell Henoch Batman save Ava's doc doc Oh Jo mrs. Mehta bronzer Costigan sketcher Tina gene road in Kimmy's birthday is priced as Misha tree mediate diversity – mommy – governor facilities Erminia it is glad stop shock revoir that boys I mean yeah that sounds beautiful thank you very much it again they let me keep thank you thank you you

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