POET: Human + Nature

♫ dramatic music ♫ At some point every person who has ever
had a big idea has been told: don't bother. Keep your head down, do you work. Know your place. At POET we know our place. Our place is at the forefront of
history, pioneering an industry, challenging what's expected. Changing the world. You want to change the world? You need
more than common sense. You need uncommon vision. You want to change the world? You need
more than just big ideas. You need big ambition to make them happen. You want to change the world, you need unwavering confidence. You need unrelenting passion. You need an insatiable appetite to do more. To be better. POET is changing the
world by producing clean renewable alternatives to fossil fuels at our 28
bioprocessing facilities nationwide. We are reducing climate change and airborne
toxins, improving worldwide health, providing American jobs and reducing our
dependence on foreign oil. And we aren't satisfied being the world's largest
producer of biofuels. Our commitment to cutting-edge research has resulted in
innovative technologies across industries and across the globe. Our entrepreneurial spirit continues to cultivate new sustainable resources. The
knowledge we've gained producing ethanol from excess starch is leading to
revolutionary new technologies that turn biomass into cellulosic biofuel. We are
improving livelihoods by teaching sustainable agricultural practices to
farmers and developing nations and supporting quality educational programs
that will inspire and empower generations to come. We're creating high quality, high protein nutritious food and feed. We're
improving global health with clean cooking solutions. We're replacing
harmful petrochemicals and making asphalt more sustainable so that the
roads we drive on are as green as the biofuels powering the vehicles we drive. ♫ Where others see insurmountable
obstacles we see unlimited opportunities and we're just getting started. Sustainable biofuels. Oil alternatives.
Nutrient-rich proteins. Cleaner air. A brighter future. POET

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