Poet Hoa Nguyen reads from Violet Energy Ingots

violet energy Engels fatwa Lewin who are wind forms tread delicately but firmly between the living air demands of narrative and syntax on the one hand and between registers of speech in forms of address on the other there are spaces for breath and decides hovering in parentheses there are also the slippage is in language in the slide from say staring through starving and starring to scarring everything is at once tangential yet surprisingly direct this is where the pleasure and depth resigned in the off balancing of the languages and it's pure uncalculated tone what are the poems about many things often simple and direct like food and sectors or rivers or sickness the poems are packed with fine precision in particulars but there is politics true sometimes startlingly straight as in the poem about Andrew Jackson or sharp edge as in screaming violet energy ingots is a fully mature work and that it is confident of both its voice and its readers alertness it makes its own space it demands it and holds it as in Adam and Eve I could be naked and eating figs instead I'm a rib woman howling and chased by a wing to God baby my man is embarrassed kicked out of the world garden to become farmers digressive parentheses make heart-shaped cake for the Queen of Heaven things that make you cry Geo stone pulse that plant named wizards herb glowing a state of Michigan sells pristine treaty protected land to make a limestone wine I dreamt this fight across my eye and then I crushed it into my eye why is the first day the hardest day the city sorceress are especially if you get to keep the money [Applause]

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