P!nk – Love Me Anyway (Lyrics) ft. Chris Stapleton

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  1. God thank you for this is what i have prayed for in life for this best part that ill never want to ever let her go cause i am not no quitter to let go of a diamond in the rough and yes i could i will do my best

  2. On your lyrics you have "I can't stay here in the world" they SHOULD be "Like it's the end of the world." It seems several people have made this mistake.

  3. Pink you are the most inspiring women out there , your music has touched my heart . you make me feel whole at my weakest moments.

  4. How can people dislike any of pink’s songs she has an amazing voice and she puts feeling into every song she has ever sang

  5. This song is so one sided listen to the lyrics that’s a crazy ass relationship if you just listen to the first verse. If my girlfriend asked me this in my mind I would be thinking this girl has entitlement issues

  6. Second verse sounds very toxic lol. Cut you down, scandalize you and tell million lies ….umm nope that is not love. Love is difficult yes,but not unkind

  7. Scared alone was diagnosed with cancer, Doctors where to the point, how do I tell my loved ones , lost the best thing to ever step into my life ,Because I could not come out an tell her I couldn't hurt her any more now she is moved on , I feel so alone empty inside now alone waiting to die, Barbara Cline I'm sorry will never be enough, she is soon to marry it tears me up to have not be there .

  8. I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times over but you haven’t heard it from me yet…. you have gotten me through some pretty rough times with your music, things you’ve said on interviews, etc. Your work genuinely impacts in a real way. You save lives that are close to the edge, hold hearts when they are lonely and lyrically punch the walls when the angers built inside. People find faith in themselves and life because of the gift you give the world in your art. I hope you recognize with these things when you are human and alone. Thank you for letting me recognize this in words, to you. I hope it brings you inspiration and happiness. ~Sheeara, Alaska

  9. I love Pink the s awesome and she can sing just about anything her own compositions or otherwise but I'd really love to hear Trisha Yearwood sung this. This is right up there with her style. But like I said pink sounds amazing singing this. It's a whole.different side of her voice.

  10. Loadsa comments about pink! And yh shes great but chris Stapleton deserves recognition too he's an incredible talent.

  11. This last year has taught me so much about unconditional love never thought I could still love someone thru so much pain 🙏🏾❤️

  12. Just when you think she has done the best there is she comes out with 90 days and songs that like this. Even though my name is Shanda Alecia Moore & I am older…I swear her blood runs through my veins. We are so damn much alike it’s freakishly scary but God I love it. She chills my body with her voice and words. So damn powerful and most of ALL….. BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT!!! I love you FOREVER!! Your my #1!!!!

  13. This song is so powerful and says so much in lots of ways ; no matter what happens with people in their actions never say you don’t love them ; love is the most amazing thing in this world and the biggest thing we are losing among this world today ..!!!! No matter what , love one another !!!! ❤️

  14. William Oliver in our vows we said we would start each day fresh and never judge one another because we are going to make mistakes and even stumble along the way. Although our love will always stand stronger than our flaws. Couldn't have picked a better person to spend the rest of my life with. I love you more and more every day that passes. You truly are a amazing person inside out.

  15. I can't get over how BEAUTIFUL they sound. One can't help but feel the passion poured out into the lyrics. got my heartstrings going again. I am in love all over again😘😭

  16. can we just sit and appreciate how far she's come from 'there you go' … not that there you go is a bad song (i love it) but …… <3

  17. I know this is not meant to be a Christian song, but it so strongly reminds me of Christ's love for us. Despite all the mistakes we make or how far off we wonder from Him, He loves us anyway and will always help us pick back up the pieces! <3

  18. I often wonder "would you love me anyways" then I look at my finger where my wedding ring was and I reme no he couldnt. For sickness and health…..

  19. Hmm Satya e song ki latha ki nidra vasthundhi ,ami ardham kaladhu ,,insane satya Latha ninnu distrub chasindha?? ninnu kalisina matladana, marri adho adho message neka ardham Avvali ,,ballupu sachinoda,, latha raanu matladanu kalavanu ekkada vunndanu ,,,,avariki nanu vundagalanu place chappanu ,mukyam GA nekku ,okay proverb vunndhi laa kasi ki valina negative poladhanta netho life anntha chatha Chi mobile Lo na inntha irritation thapisthunnavu ,ne realationship itha innka dharunamm GA vunndadhi baboieeee ,maa Raja nekkana 10000000 times best

  20. I love this song..
    I wish we could hang out and party sometime.. I know.. So does everyone else.. 😁
    I have always been a huge fan of yours from day one..
    Keep blessing us with you just being you..
    XOXO 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  21. I just love you..♥️…a lot of your songs have been an inspiration to my autistic daughter…thank you for that…

  22. My soul , my meaning , my love… My life, loss, I looked at you… You saw my life ending….! No answers questions.?? I lost .. you looked at me dieing ??!! Cried out please dont . turned ! OMG! …PAIN STILL! U NEVER LOVED ME! I can't unsee that last ghost that still slo motion of a face I loved ! I died. Why did u need to &I've prayed u would have run to help ! I died! Face me ! To the moment I first looked in the eyes that saved me ! I can't unsee, unhear, understand, promise never hurt me. Forever gone . Turned my way just tragic the life u planforever but u planned for deception !! Why? Explain in person ur COWARDLY ! Selfish ! U could been forever and turned to run to pick shattered body u layed wit- together.. 10 years taken m8cuael millward I lived u loved u ! Stop ! EMPTY PROMISES ! U HAD NO SOUL TO LET MY LIFE U LIED WHY WHY ? I SHOULD HATE U! MY LOVR WAS IS NOW FOR REAL

  23. Could you love me anyway ???? Why it’s hard without you …..why I am missing you …….. every piece of mine need you …

  24. So its my first time to hear this song. I thought it says "kuyu" (which is really "could you") and everytime I heard it say "kuyu" i followed it with "mad". "Kuyuuu~mad" "kuyuuuu~mad" "kuyuuuu~mad" "kuyuuuu~mad".

  25. I mean, yeah, I would still love you.
    But, if your gonna go around lying about me and flirting with other people, criticize me, cut me down and scandalized me…
    Your just a jerk.
    I love me too and, I dont want to be friends with you.
    Your really mean.

  26. I knew I was going to love this song after the first lyric. It played on YouTube after my song “Live another day”. Here is mine.

  27. I do wish..that I wish it didn't have to be from so far away watching out the window of a house full of cracks….I miss your arms around me while we slept..I miss us and what I thought we were

  28. You know , I stopped this video a minute 1:21 because I know what the hell my answer is . This thing sounds like an anthem to bad relationships

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