Plotting Your Story Arc | A Workbook for Fiction Writers

What’s the most important advice any
author can give another? Write the damn book. Everyone thinks they have a novel in
them. No, make that a bestseller. But they
don’t. Because they underestimate the skill
good writing takes. Not only is it difficult to find
the time to get the words on the page, it’s even harder to get them in the right
order. Are you struggling to finish your book? Do you bog down in the middle only to
start a new story? Can’t remember the details from one
story in a series to another? Is your story… You can finish that book. “Plotting Your Story Arc” is a frank and
straightforward workbook for fiction writers like you — filled to
the brim with simple yet highly effective tools and words of wisdom on the real hard work of writing from award-winning author Nancy Brophy. Whether you’re a plotter or a pantser,
this workbook can help you organize your thoughts into
a cohesive story. Using easy to follow diagrams, prompts, checklists, and grids, Nancy
guides you to clarity and resolution for each aspect of your story, from
Preface to Afterword. All worksheets are also available for
download so you can use these unique story building tools again and again. With a wry sense of humor and a nuts-and-bolts approach to writing, you’ll gain new insights, inspiration, and an arsenal of tools to get you unstuck and on the road
to not just finished manuscript but a fully realized, polished story. The difference between a good book and a great book is only a few sentences. You know the story’s in your head. “Plotting Your Story Arc” includes
everything you need to get there.

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