PLM, a healthcare publishing company, adopts cognitive solution while engaging IBM Global Financing

The Mission of PLM is to restore health through knowledge. We deliver information for physicians from around Latin America in the drug reference domain. reference domain. We come from the publishing industry and the biggest challenge that we have is how can you convert yourself from a basic product to the digital one. One of the most important assets that PLM has is its content; the drug reference information about each drug in each country. It’s our most important asset. The thing was how you can convert that with a little bit of intelligence. How can you – it’s not a PDF – it’s just how do you extract all that information and help doctors to make better decisions? And the answer was Watson. Teaching them, or teaching Watson how to read, how to understand their interactions, their counter interactions, the dosages. Many different aspects that the physicians all around Latin America asked frequently. For us was very important finance; to go all through that plan. It’s a three-year plan and after we finish this plan we have to do new investments. We’re transforming the way that we work – if not we were absolutely out of business. We work with IBM Global Financing because they know exactly what was the priority about. They know about cognitive technology. So for us it’s much easier to work with somebody who understands all the plan: the length of the plan, their risk of the plans and the returns of the plan. So, it’s much easier to work with us with somebody who already knows this; will have the knowledge about what’s happening with this kind of technology. It’s a risky one. Definitely it’s going to have very nice returns in the future, but we need somebody who understands how to finance this project. The business value of teaming with IBM Global Financing is: it’s easy, it’s very easy to play with them, very easy to do business… go show the project, have the money, start investing and get into our goals in our business. The cognitive technology is changing everything in all industries, especially mine. My industry is the industry of knowledge. It’s an industry where you have to deliver to the physicians the best information for making the best decisions because they’re treating human beings and many times it’s critical. Having this kind of information with knowledge… being capable of bringing information from all over the world to a physician – it doesn’t matter where is he in Latin America – for us it’s something that’s breathtaking.

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