Playlist Hillsong Praise & Worship Songs 2017 //With Lyrics//

All these pieces broken and scattered in mercy gathered mended and whole empty handed but not forsaken I’ve been set free download I’ve been set free Amazing grace How sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me I once was lost but now I am found was blind but now I see Oh I can see you now Oh I can see the love in Your eyes Laying Yourself down Raising up the broken to life You take our failure You take our weakness You set Your treasure In jars of clay So take this heart, Lord

100 thoughts on “Playlist Hillsong Praise & Worship Songs 2017 //With Lyrics//

  1. Jesus in our hearth is the main of life,let the world know that he live,and he is the ruler.praise the lord .may his blessing be you all that read this ,god bless you ,and love from suriname.i love gospel music ,make me feel blessed for all time,love you guys

  2. If we acknowledge our sins, then, since he is trustworthy and just, he will forgive them and purify us from all wrongdoing.

    1. Jo. 1:9

  3. Glory and honor to our LORD JESUS CHRIST…for His richness of every drop of His precious blood on calvary that saves us….we are. far from perfect but He is faithful and will keep working on us… Ask Him into your heart and just pour your heart out to Him for and His love will cover you!!!

  4. I find myself so distant to HIM, I have a lot of grudge to those people whom hurt me and family, I always find myself weak in term of spiritual aspect. May you pray for me. To be cleanse by HIM.

  5. Now 17;29pm,actually I'm inside washroom, I've never been to church since last three years, my life is going on big wide road with no destination, right now something is going on my heart, my eyes are getting wet while I'm listening the first song… Broken vessels

  6. This is for Claire Chung

    Father, I know that it is Your will that Claire's father be healed. So in the Name of Jesus I speak to that sickness and heart problems and command them to leave his body now. I speak those things that be not as though they were, just like You did in the beginning, You called things into existence and they were! I call Claire's father, healthy, well, whole, complete, nothing missing and nothing broken, in Jesus' Name. Father, I praise you and thank you for the healing that you have provided for Claire's father. I also pray for Claire, i pray for peace that passes all understanding to guard her heart and mind in Christ. Thank you for sending the Holy Spirit to be her comforter, just like a cozy blanket, You wrap your arms around her and let her feel your LOVE and PEACE> I praise you and thank you for it, in Jesus' Name. Amen.

  7. Start today,I will chase God and ask forgiveness..because of my selfishness I forgot him.I want to go back to HIM..

  8. Thank you LORD. In Jesus Christ alone you can find true happiness. Love from the ends of the earth to all Christians all over the world… Papua New Guinea (PNG)

  9. Hello friends, followers of the good morning, have this music really beautiful, I congregate in a church in Mexico and I almost have no friends. I'm a man I'm from Mexico 18 years old ^-^

  10. Tomorrow I have an interview for high school. I am 14 years old. Before going I remembered to the interview I wanted to keep God first.who gives everyone what there ask.i love god.god bless everyone

  11. Hill song always works for my soul uplifting when I'm down and feel all is lost I have to listen to these songs and I know my hope,my strength is in God and no matter what the Devil says I shall rise above my sins,my despair because He is My God

  12. Everyone who reads this GOD loves you no matter what! Please be prepared to spread the word because he is coming soon!! I love you to all my brothers and sisters!!

  13. My dad recently passed away this song has helped me sleep since I find it hard to sleep now and helps me relax God is good

  14. Oi boa tarde parabéns pelos lindos louvores.para mim rilsong são um dos melhores grupos de louvores do mundo.algumas pessoas não sao convertidas não conhece o tamanho da graça do nosso Deus.atraves dos louvores. Parabéns amei…🙏🙏🙏

  15. Can i get a prayer for me and my bestfriend who suffers severe depression and anxiety. And to me who suffers anorexia. Thank you God bless us all!

  16. Please! Include me in your prayers. 🙏 please, pray for my family's safety and good health as well, also pray for my guidance because in this world full of "Temptation, discouragements, etc. "😢 I know that God is in control for everything 💖 I want to grow spiritually now and forever 🙏😇 also, please pray for me this coming September 29,2019 that God will give me more knowledge and wisdom to pass the Board exam ❤ Thank you Godbless us.

    Luke 1:37"for with God nothing is impossible " 💖

  17. Реклама, после каждой песни, тоже для Иисуса, я так понимаю?…..
    Advertising, after each song, is also for Jesus, as I understand it? …..

  18. Another Jesus FRAUD channel. Oh no, the bogeyman troll!
    No, not a troll, just someone with a brain and no brainwashing.

  19. Youre the captain of my Life oh Lord, guide & protect me oh Lord every step of the way, bless me oh Lord. Im thankful of youre grace & mercy be my path of where i am going 🙏😇❤

  20. Please PRAY for my daddy he has heart problems I am only 11 I don't want him to die he's struggling from heart problems plz pray

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