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all right so last month I did a whole lot of color coding and stuff like that for my monthly spread let me see if I can find it here for June yeah here we go so and then I ended up replacing a few with stickers that I printed out over the month and I think I like that a little better I don't know that I'll keep up the stickers long term because they do tend to add a little bit of bulk wear let me shut this is let me show you see I don't use that many stickers but you can kind of see where it's getting a little bulkier so I'm not sure yeah and then when I get doesn't really shut well any employer probably should stay away from the spine yeah so oops Roman so yeah this was last month um I am mostly stuck shoes schedule there were a few things that I ended up changing some of the blog posts and a couple of the the podcast stuff because I did decide that I was no longer gonna do the story nerd show I'm just gonna do a private podcast for my patron members patreon members so and I missed a couple of the sneak peeks Saturday post because I really couldn't find anything that wasn't spoilery since I tend to jump around in my books a lot I was writing more third-act stuff and they don't even know the couple is yet nobody really knows with a couple yet so I didn't want to spoil it for them okay so here's where my audio sort of failed me on this recording it sounded like and yeah there was a whole lot of noise from outside they're painting my apartment outside so my apartment building the outside so I've been uh I've been having a really hard time trying to get this video edited because I knew I was gonna have to rerecord the audio so yeah that's what happened so I actually I kind of like the way this is sounding better so this is what we're doing so anyway when doing right now is I'm splitting the month each day in the month into two cuz I could bottom I'm gonna keep track of my word counts my editing pages counts and all that stuff that that tombow markers about to die so I'm having to kind of really scratch it to get it to come out but the gray that I used last month was a little too dark and it was detracting from the actual lines of each month so yeah that's and that is right there is my it's kind of my draft monthly calendar I print out calendars from apple the Apple calendar on my computer and then I write all over it and color code and figure out what I'm gonna do each month as pertaining to patreon and my blog and all that stuff and also you know what writing deadlines I'm going to set for myself and all the things um yeah I had plans for a fast draft the last couple of weeks in June but that it didn't really happened well he's not an official one I have been writing a lot but not really not really fast draft so if you guys are curious about the past draft process go check out candace havens she's actually the originator of the vast draft and she has a very excellent course that is now has video I took it when it was just email based and she's pretty smart so go check her out if you get a chance so I'm kind of waiting for myself to stop babbling at this point I probably could cut this part out honestly that seems like it might be will be on my video editing capabilities at this point Oh anyway I think I'm just about done with that so ho okay we're zooming in um I don't remember where I was at at this point oh right um washi so I wanted to go more of a vintage II kind of look and I really wanted to use that film washi a lot so I was kind of looking for more of a floral pattern to go with that and then those are thee d.min liners I'm gonna be using forth a little bit of color cutting and I'm going to do I think I only ended up using like one or two of those I believe um because I really went into the sticker using this month because I finally figure out how to use my little silhouette cameo and yeah I may have gotten a little overboard with the stickers to be honest it is what it is I'm not gonna apologize for my sticker here mmm so yeah and Here I am showing off my stickers I actually really like those coffee stickers but I don't use them that much because I don't really leave the house at the moment but I use them when I go decide that I'm gonna go on a certain coffee date or something like that to go right or whatever right now I'm laying down days that I want to upload on the YouTube I'm actually considering changing this I originally wanted to do Wednesdays but as we can see this one was supposed to go up on Wednesday and it is now Friday so yeah these are just more of like the the topics that I kind of want to do for that week on the video I don't know I'm gonna definitely do them or no I I may not do that quarter three one all because I've kind of already done my quarter three set up for this time around I use a combi board for all my quarter three goals instead of actually putting them in my planner my monthly goals I keep in my planner but my quarterly ones go on the board and one with all the tasks and yeah but yeah and then I may do that planner set up one I don't know about that one either I'm still trying to figure things out obviously this is only my second planning video on YouTube and yeah we're figuring things out still um those I'm setting down right now are my blog post stickers you can see with the little computer yeah so there is a little computer I'm gonna kind of probably just put in like a random like this is what I think I'm gonna talk about that day on my blog it's mostly just my blog is mostly just writing updates and sharing the videos that I'm putting posting on YouTube and a weekly roundup of everything I've done during the week those are basic but basically the three blog posts are you every single week there's nothing wrong with that that's just kind of what I like the writing updates are just kind of fun that's just me talking and getting things out of my head and nice and easy and then the weekend round dives I basically just link to you link all of my all my patreon posts all of my youtube videos and blog posts for that week just a nice easy post with everything that I've done all that week so you can kind of you know if you missed the week or whatever you can catch up you think you peasy easy peasy lemon breezy I don't know why I just did that that's on the beer okay um and now I am what am i doing oh yeah newsletter stuff so I usually write the newsletter beginning the week covering the whole last week and then I'll send it on Friday so um it does sound like that my newsletter ends up getting week old news but that's not really true because on when I could just like whip up an email say like hey look this is what I'm doing now and yes that has happened I have like randomly decided I think I'm gonna put this the story out and had to email my list um that day um yeah I don't know I'm not really good with sticking to plans in me I kind of just jumped right into things that's just sort of how I am me and I cannot go one month without screwing up the page for the stupid eraser okay so now I'm what am i doing I keep saying that don't I I think I'm putting in all the patreon stuff now basically I'm writing down when I'm gonna do the book I'm calling the patreon tasks which are basically the private podcast that my patreon members get and then I'll probably put in the bloodlines posts above the blog posts I believe and yeah so all of those will go up those are the ones that I'm posting to patreon um again I couldn't remember which one I I'm so bad with the whole this is mundane thing oh my god anyway but I yeah I did have to look back to the last month to see what I actually posted because originally I was gonna do them every other week and then I realized I could actually keep up with an every week sort of post so I decided to change the serial to be an every week sort of thing and I thought maybe you know building up a little bit extra content would be a great idea okay yeah so I'm putting up washi I am avoiding the spine because apparently I putting washing into the spines making it bulky and might damage it in the future so this month I decided I was going to avoid using any of the space in the spine and see if that was a little better I kind of liked the look of it going all the way across but um yeah we're gonna try it this past month and hopefully I don't kill my hobo Nietzsche you know last year actually was doing bullet journaling and making my own inserts and while that was great I had a great time with that and it was it was really therapeutic for me to make those spreads I kind of just did it on a computer and then printed around and made myself a little booklet um I'm inherently lazy and so I tried the hobo Nietzsche I found out you know I actually like I actually like the way the hope UHE is laid out I didn't think I'd like all the months being right there at the beginning and then all the weeks together in a while they separate but I'm it's actually growing on me of the last seven months that I've been using the Hoban Ichi and I think I'm gonna stick with it I'm actually considering getting the evacuation actually considered getting 2 of X next year and then doing like one for work and one for personal things because yeah I don't know yet I don't know how I'm gonna separate it out we shall see I got six months thing about that so yeah okay so despite me testing the paper to see if that the ink was dry um the midline are still freakin smudged stupid ink like it's mere dit like bad oh my god I was so ticked at myself I'm still not I'm still mad that it's married and I should have known it because I knew that's what it did and that because I mean last month what I did before was last month I put the color down and then wrote over the mid liner and I should've done that again but I didn't and I smeared it everywhere I did like Laura my lesson and so when I came time to do the the deadline days I actually put down the midline err first weird on top of it probably still should have let it sit a second and dry off the the tongue the tongue a river paper actually does not sunk so cup ink all that well it kind of just sits on the top of it which I mean makes it good for you know not bleeding through but it means that you kind of have to take your time when you use a lot of colors and stuff like that yeah so basically my goals this month with writing and that's what those deadlines are basically to finish the revisions or reverse three and get the cover design done and kind of start the whole publishing process now that doesn't depend on me finishing the draft three first three in the next couple of days because you know the months almost over now and this was like I think it was like the 20th or so when I was recording this may be the 18th I don't remember but when I was recording this and I still thought I had plenty of time I know I am forty thousand words into an eighty thousand word book and I have to have that done in the next two or three days in order to keep my deadlines to start revisions first and get it going but I still think it's possible right now for me to get it done by the end of month I think it'd be ok yes I am very optimistic why do you think and why do you ask anyway so what I'm doing on the side over here is just a basic overview of the month I'm writing down all of how many blog posts I'm gonna do how many YouTube videos I want to do how many um different types of posts I'm gonna do I don't have Instagram or Facebook posts on here because I like those to be a little bit more spontaneous spot spot spontaneous yeah there we go um but my goal for July is to post on Instagram at least once a day with something I do have a separate planner where I'm actually planning out Instagram posts but it's all in pencil because I'm like I might change my mind at any given moment and even that's okay so basically this is what my month looks like I am I have something on every single day that I want to do which is a little difficult with a full-time job but a lot of this is is it's easy to work on it all in one day like on my day off or something and then sky it out for the next week so that's gonna be my goal is to kind of schedule everything out for the week and and you know try and keep my sanity the videos are gonna be a little different I am not sure how I'm gonna fit those into the schedule yet I have I haven't gone back to work since my injury yet but I know that's coming probably in the next week or two so we keep you guys informed on that but right now I'm a full-time author on workman's compensation but that's all I got I think and I think this is almost done I don't think there's anything I think it's just me talking so um that's basically so that's basically all we have to it so if you um this is what it looks like so I'm probably gonna keep on talking at this point so I'm gonna go ahead and end the recording here and probably cut the rest of this so it actually makes sense thank you so much for watching please hit that thumbs up if you like this video subscribe and hit the little-known bechamel if you'd like to see more and share this video with someone that you think might like it until next time see you later you

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