Pink Lady® Sensational Reads book club with Caroline O’Donoghue – food and power

I've teamed up with pink examples today to show my sensational reads books that are about food and full of flavor so these books and these authors are really very different from one another after decades of nos delusions of wine and alcohol of every source I am dying of heart failure this book is the gourmet Panera barbri it's basically the story of a famous food critic who is on his deathbed and sort of thinking about all the lives he is ruined he doesn't generally tend to regret in the abyss each spice is a special day to it for turmeric in a Sunday when light drips fat and water colored into the bins to be soaked up glowing when you pray to the nine plants for love and love this book is the mistress of spices by she trap energy literally it's this beautiful poetry of the writing that I find so arresting the cake sizzles in the pan may have a spatula poised ready for the flip no magic wand here this cookie is other words for smoke by Sarah Maria Griffin she really brings out what's magical about food and how spell making and food making are such similar things and two sides of the same coin

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