Phoebe Snow~Poetry Man

31 thoughts on “Phoebe Snow~Poetry Man

  1. Such and amazing talent and beautiful person. I met her when I was waiting tables in NYC…delightful woman and so unpretentious. I told her she had the best tremolo I had ever heard and she responded "you know who I am?"

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SONG! Phoebe Snow has one the most beautifully unique voice I have ever heard! ❤️🥰❤️

  3. WHAT AN ARTIST!! And let's give it up for those musicians that can sound perfect live. And a real piano player who doesn't just play block chords and she can sing AND BLEND IN while she plays. Pick that guitar, Miss Phoebe. Thanks for inspiring us to get alone and practice.

  4. The day's of the Land line when you didn't have to pack a phone around instead you packed a Guitar and had peace of mind to carry such things

  5. Her music got right into me when I was a young romantic girl with a Crush – O the Memories are still fresh, we need more of this simple perfect talent now!

  6. This song reminds me of my oldest sister who recently passed away and I wish I could have seen her before she passed and told her I love her.
    Phoebe was really truly an artist. Very underrated.

  7. No choreography. No auto-tune. No laser light show. No computerized special effects.
    Just a beautiful voice and real musicians.
    And that's all it needs.

  8. Great song and the best live performance ever!!!! She should of been a bigger star, what a story teller!!! This one is for that guy with the "Special Smile and makes his words of love come to life and Alive"!!!◼️🥇🎖️👍😁

  9. LOVED This Song when it first came out. Was IT 1972 or 3?? WISH Uploaders of artists and their songs Would specify the dates of these airings so we could remember all over again. Those of us that were alive then to remember.

  10. I remember this song from my childhood back in the 70s My Mom Rose and Her Cousin Beverly and Her Partner used to play this Song I Love this song even tho they are all gone to Heaven Reminds me of them “❤️❤️❤️❤️”

  11. Phoebe Snow's Poetry Man is everything to me right now. It's a treat to see this live. What a pretty voice she had.

  12. Remember this in the early or mid '70s, Phoebe Snow sung it. Great song then and this '89 live version.

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