Phish Lyricist Tom Marshall at the Rhombus

so if you're a fan of the game hands story between the room and so rhombus goes way back in fish history but it's also like it's got an energy of its own that we sort of tapped into and I think that's sort of the magical thing about it I hope other people other songwriters come and feel that energy as well it doesn't have to be fish and in fact it's kind of refreshing to see the restoration job that they did on it even though I don't like where they moved it they moved it into the front yard from the real awesome spot it used to be I like that they are restoring it all the time and taking care of it and keep it classy folks and don't carve or write on it just you know respect it it'll respect to you back at the rhombus the man who stepped into yesterday

3 thoughts on “Phish Lyricist Tom Marshall at the Rhombus

  1. When I was in college, I worked summers at IAS on the painting crew. around 1998 or 99 I think it was. One morning we found the words "PHUCK PHISH", as well as some other Phish-hate spray painted all over it. My comrades and I promptly gave the Rhombus 2 fresh coats of black paint that day!
    I have many fond memories and late nights hanging there with friends. The old location by the lake was a better spot.
    Thanks Tom and Trey.

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