Philippine Educational System

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  1. Kaya bumobobo mga studyante kasi sinosobra nila ang mga gawain nang parang pang collage na… di naman kasi pantay-pantay utak ea kaya napapa kopya nalang kami dahil nastre-stress na kami sa mga assignment. Bobo rin ung teacher ea pinapaasignment nang maramihan tapos di pa pinapahinga mga utak namin

  2. Never let schooling interfere woth ones education. So much is said by the school about it being conducive to learning, when in fact just insured to passing.

  3. "DEVELOPMENT" of the educational system here in our fucking country?! Are you shitting me? There's no such thing as Development in our educational system! They even make it worst! Adding k-12 program bullshits! "THEY VALUE MORE THE QUANTITY OF OUR EDUCATION THAN THE FUCKING QUALITY OF OUR DAMN EDUCATION!" wake up!

    *They emphasize more on grades than learning!
    *They make kids literally dumb!
    *They hinder creativity and fucking critical thinking!
    *They teach the students to fear failure than teaching them to learn from it!
    *They don't teach student how to think but teaches them what to fucking think!

    And you call this development?! I'll ask you a damn fucking question…. ARE YOU REALLY PREPARING THEM FOR THE FUTURE OR ARE YOU REALLY PREPARING THEM FOR THE PAST?

    "We need innovators not consumers and we need leaders not followers."

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