Peter's Content-Free Podcast Episode 20

alright hello everybody Peter here once again with another episode of Peters content free podcast and if some as some of you may have noticed it's been quite a while since I've made one of these that I apologize for ok I apologize sincerely from the depths of my heart I'm a little update on me I have just taken a shower my hair is still wet I feel okay right now I've got a cup they ate a pint glass of cold brew here in front of me I've been drinking that more than regular coffee these days I don't to be honest I I mean this has always been a problem that I don't remember what I talked about in my previous podcast but more than ever now since it's been months and months since I made my last podcast and if you want I will tell you why I think it has been so long since I've made one of these podcasts I think that is part and due to the fact that ice I have so many other places that I talk and kind of externalize you know the things in my head and then I don't feel like I have so many things to say in a podcast maybe the maybe I should just all right so also I'm using a different mic here which I have closer to my mouth now but the good side of this microphone is that it cuts out back ground noise is better so right right now I have the air conditioning is on it used to be with my other mic that I wouldn't have to I would I would have to turn off my air conditioning every time I wanted to record something and I don't think their conditioning I don't think you can hear it as much with this microphone the downside is that I haven't really perfected you know like which levels I have to turn this mic to in order to you know and how far away I should have my mouth in order to you know for you not to hear me breathing into it and stuff so I apologize if it's not perfect if it's not ideal if I haven't got it all you know completely figured out right now also I have to burp excuse me what I'm saying is I have been talking like I've been doing a lot more streaming lately I mean not like the past couple weeks maybe that kind of thing kind of comes and goes but when I do a lot of streaming I'm just sitting there for hours and hours at a time just kind of chit-chatting and I did a lot of this kind of just random blabbering out of my system that way and then I feel like I shouldn't repeat myself maybe on these podcasts but relatively like you know these podcasts thousands and thousands of people watch these podcasts you know maybe between 10 I saw one of my podcasts they had like 60,000 views which was crazy to me let's just on YouTube and they're also available you know unlike iTunes Google something Spotify I think whatever so there's a lot more people listening to these podcasts than tuned into my eye to my twitch streams where I live stream the production of a lot of my my art and stuff so I really should not be afraid to repeat some stuff because this small number of people that tuned into both well it's just that a smaller number of people so like I said I apologize for not making one of these podcasts but yeah to return to the most important topic at hand that I always talk about in these podcasts coffee um yeah I've been drinking a lot of cold brewed coffee I just by have I talked about this before I just by I've been buying the like one liter jugs of cold brew at the at the store and it's nice because then he just poured out and drink it you don't have to like wait five minutes for it to cook or brew I guess you can look people every time I like pour out I see right there I pop the mic maybe I should get a pop filter I'm sorry did that hurt your ears also I'm touching the mic right now can you hear that anyways people keep telling me like Peter it's so easy to make your own cold brew you know it's easier to make your own cold brew buying a jug of it so I've been drinking it I like it it tastes good it's very drinkable some people keep telling me it's like way stronger than regular brewed hot coffee okay the one time I did brew my own coffee is when I when I when I no time i brewed my own cold brew coffee is when I made a pot of coffee with my French press and then let it sit overnight and then just drink at room temperature that was about the closest I got and it's in a taste to find that time it is a lot more mellow less bitter for some reason when it's not hot which is weird because sometimes when I drink it and it goes goes room temperature right in front of me it's disgusting wait I might have put it in the fridge room-temperature coffee is awful cold coffee is alright even if you brewed it hot I don't know there's some weird chemical reaction that goes on there something strange I'm sure scientists have got it all figured out oh well I have officially run out of things to talk about I still I still enjoy wearing pants over shorts the downside is that I'm sure my legs are very very pasty white but I guess you know so in the event that I ever do wear shorts my you know everyone let's notice how white my legs are but I mean that's not the worst thing in the world also I don't think this is the case but it could be that I am subconsciously very you know embarrassed or shy or you know that I don't like the fact that I have a terrible scar on my knee where I cut it with a chainsaw one time did I ever tell that story I was it was my 21st birthday and I was cutting up some trees with a chainsaw and then for one minute I for a second I was suddenly not cutting a tree but I was cutting my leg the chainsaw was winding down and I was stepping over the tree that had been felled and it just touched my knee for a second I thought I didn't even notice it at first I thought it was just a branch the head hit my knee I felt like just like a flap just I felt something I hit my knee and then I looked down a minute later and there was just like a big rip in my pants I was like oh what's that I looked inside the RIP and there was a bunch of blood and so then I was like hey I need help so that I went to a hospital and I got like 28 stitches I had to wear a leg brace cuz it was on my knee so I couldn't bend my leg for like a week otherwise I might like rip the stitches out or something that was a whole thing I think the wound wasn't any worse than it was because for for two reasons one three reasons okay first reason the I didn't have my finger on the trigger what's that called like the throttle of the chainsaw so it was winding down second reason that chainsaw had been freshly sharpened so if it had been dull it might have I caught on to the flesh a little bit more as disgusting as that is to say and third reason is I was wearing camo pants and everyone knows that gives you some extra level of protection obviously I should have for full protection I should have been wearing Kevlar chaps or something maybe that's what you do if you're a professional you know up to full OSHA standards or whatever but no chainsaws are dangerous you got to be careful you do you got to stay vigilant at all times because those things will mess you up if you ever play a zombie video game get your hands on a chainsaw although I would say a baseball bat it's probably one of the most satisfying things you can use in a zombie video game you can get overwhelmed quickly if you get it – bio attacked by a horde but if you get attacked by just a one or two or a couple or three at a time baseball bats pretty great I think pretty satisfying I will say I'm pretty tired of zombie zombie media I feel like what when did all that started like what's that one old movie Night of the Living Dead or something then I feel like zombie stuff was just cruising for a while and then suddenly there was all this zombie stuff a sudden influx of zombie movies zombie TV shows zombie video games and I'm just kind of tired of it you know there's just so much of it I'm ready for the next thing whatever it is and what is it is it is it mummies we've had a bunch of vampires maybe we could have a few more vampires I would like I think I think I would like the next you know modern take on mummies maybe like we have a vamp with zombies we can refresh that maybe uh I don't know what else there is though I'm sure there's a lot of other cool things we haven't really dipped into and really exhausted like we have zombies there is that there's that new Edgar Wright movie coming out with zombies he has a zombie movie coming out which is as tired as I am of zombies I will probably go see that because from what I can tell with the trailers for some reason it also seems like Edgar Wright is tired of zombies so it might be kind of a tongue-in-cheek thing I'm not sure I'll probably say it just cuz I love Edgar Wright his movies and stuff you know but I mean World War Z was cool I like that ticket of it like the swarming masses of zombies climbing up walls and stuff like piles of ants all right one of my big problems lately I'll tell you this teeth alright I'm very paranoid and scared and anxious about my teeth I am I mean I brush every day I don't know if I brush well enough and look I don't even brush twice a day I brush every night before I go before I wake up I don't Bray brush in the morning after I wake up because I don't see the point in that if anything brush after you eat breakfast what's the point of what's the point of brushing before you eat breakfast you brush your teeth before you go to bed and then you wake up nothing has happened to your teeth you haven't you haven't put any more food on your teeth between the time you last brushed and then sometimes people brush again I'm assuming that's just to get rid of morning breath right so just swish them some mouthwash or eat a piece of gum or something until breakfast if that's what you're doing it for if anything eat breakfast and then brush your teeth and then go on with the rest of your day and that way your teeth are clean and there's not stuff on your teeth having your teeth all the way until lunch anyways I only brush once a day but I need to go the dentist again but I am terrified to go to the dentist last time I went to the dentist they told me I had nine cavities and then I went to go get my fillings before they told me I had nine cavities for the whole previous part of my life I had I never had had any cavities and they went and they told me I had nine cavities they even showed me the x-ray and they were pointing out all the points on my x-ray they're like there's a cavity here here and here and I didn't see anything I was like where I was asking about the spots they were pointing to and I couldn't see anything I was like there's a cavity here this looks like exactly like this other spot where you didn't point to I felt a little bit like I was being scammed or something so anyways I finally called around like a few weeks ago found some other dental office that would take my janky form of insurance or discount you know dental discount card that I got for myself so that it wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg just to get a check-up and maybe fillings or whatever if I really needed them just because I finally got you know like paranoid about them like do I have a bunch of rotten teeth in my mouth like every now and then I just feel like a tiny I don't have like a toothache or anything but every now that I just feel like a tiny twinge or something in my tooth and that's probably just part of being alive you just you know you just feel random aches and pains in your body sometimes you know just like something a little a little twinge here a little ache of there sometimes there in in my mouth somewhere sometimes it's in my leg or my arm in my hand or my somewhere in my chest those are the worrying ones also I have tons of headaches I probably be more worried about those there's probably like a tumor in my head somewhere maybe I have a tumor and if I ever got taken out I would be a totally different person that'd be weird I would start liking let's start liking math and and Naruto who knows I made the dentist appointment and then I slept through it and now I'm afraid if I call them again because this is one of the only places I called that didn't have they had an appointment like within the week all the rest of players I called either didn't take my discount card or had appointments that were you know they were filled they were filled with for like a month or two so I would have had to wait and I didn't feel like waiting maybe I should just wait I don't know I'm probably forget about it I mean I even put in my phone and everything but I slept through it cuz my sleep schedules so weird I'll talk about that more later I slept through it and then I'm afraid to call back now like will they be like no you believe her one chance we can't have people you know you know scheduling appointments not showing up it throws off our whole business or whatever so I didn't go and I just need to call back and I can't remember which place it was I have to start my whole research over again I was expecting them to send me you know they usually send me send you like a reminder text or a reminder a call or a reminder email or something they didn't send me any of that so I would like to place maybe like a tiny bit of the blame on them I don't know if that really would have solved the problem but it might have helped so I need to overcome my fear and go to the dentist you know just in case there are you know cavities in my teeth I'm very afraid of finding out the awful truth but I need to face my fears in that regard I do I would like to live on in blissful ignorance big part of me would like to live on in blissful ignorance about the condition of my teeth but I don't think that's the best thing for me I just don't like going to the dentist I don't like when they scrape and poke and prod and drill and my teeth and stuff it's just a terrible terrible experience for me it's I'm just stuck it's probably one of my phobias the dentist I don't know why I just it's awful for me but boremont my sleep schedule I think I think I figured out a way to explain why my sleep schedule is so weird look most people they sleep for the they problem I don't know about most people but a lot of people probably sleep for than a set amount of time people who have like a set sleep schedule during a rhythm right say you sleep for six hours every night that means you're probably awake for 18 hours every day right this is just hypothetical cuz people sleep for all you know some people sleep for four hours and I had some people sleep for six some people will sleep for eight or whatever but say you sleep for six hours a night this means you're awake for 18 hours during the day and then your life goes on my deal is I sleep for seven and a half hours every night every night I sleep for seven a half hours I set my alarm I know no I don't set an alarm I slept I set a timer seven and a half hours but the amount of time I stay awake does not add up to 24 the amount of time I stay awake can be 10 hours or you know 16 hours or 20 hours or 24 hours so that's what's that's what messes up my sleep schedule then the amount of time I stay awake in the amount of time I'm asleep does not add up to 24 and that's what makes it all weird and wacky that makes sense that's why it's always I call it rotating around the clock my sleep schedule is usually I think my I'm awake for more than my allotted wait what is 24 minus 7 and a half 24 minus 8 would be 16 right so six sixteen and a half anyways I'm probably awake for like 20 hours usually I don't know I don't know but look the the main times when I the exception of that is when I'm having a bad day sometimes you just have a bad day or a bum start to your day it's just not going well and those days I try to go to bed early to end the day quicker and have a fresh start sooner the struggle is I'm usually not as tired because that's when I go to sleep most of time it's just when I'm like nodding off I'm like exhausted because then it feels great to go to bed right it feels great to go to bed I lie down I'm yawning just like incredible you know just like body rending yawns I can't stop my eyes or splinted shut my my jaws about to dislocate I'm yawning so hard I'm nodding off in front of my computer I don't know if this has helped healthy but then I just go to bed and I just pass out now I wake up I know restart today but sometimes when I'm having a bad day I want to go to bed soon or just to restart it but those are also the days when I can't fall asleep because they haven't been awake for that long and it's so frustrating to me right because I'd all I want to do is fall asleep and restart the day just I'm just lying there tossing and turning wishing I could fall asleep I'm sure there are drugs to help me fall asleep I don't want to I don't think I want to start abusing drugs that way I don't think I want to be that guy taking like sleeping pills and stuff all the time or other substances to help me sleep it gets a risky slippery slope I don't want to delve into that also I've started going to some classes I have a tenuous at best relationship with classes I mean sometimes I sign up for you know I get like a brief interest in something that I want to know how to do a little better so I start to you know I find like a local class you know at a community college or some sort of workshop whatever it is you know when I lived in Chicago for example I think I took like a printmaking class where I was supposed to learn how to do like copper plate printing and stuff at some printmaking studio and they had all the cool stuff there like I would just all I had to do was take some materials like some plates of copper and maybe like an engraver or something and they had all the other stuff there you know like because you had to do all like these acid baths and stuff and they were doing other cool stuff there like the ones we have these does huge blocks of what is it limestone and had big printing presses and it was cool but for some reason with these classes I've done it with this printmaking class I've done it with an oil painting class I went to I've done it with just a regular drawing class I went to a and and now I've done it with a sign language class that I signed up for I sign up for these classes sometimes for ridiculous prices and these are the type of classes where you'd go one day a week for you know like five weeks or seven weeks or something you know you know I think one time I paid like you know like two three hundred dollars but inevitably it seems like I go for two or three classes I go for two or three weeks and then I don't go anymore I lose interest I don't really know if I like that sort of I don't know what it is about the class setting or what it is about me that I just lose interest I lose motivation I'd I just don't feel like going back yes I also did this with a cake decorating class when I lived well when I worked at Michaels when I worked there I could take sometimes the ED classes and I could take the classes for free I was like what the heck I'll take that I'll take the tech take decorating class and it was cool you know I learned out like the basics of you know the basics that I have since forgotten about the different types of well they have different types of what so called icing they have like you know the cream cheese icing and the what what butter cream icing or something I don't remember the names but some of the icings for example taste better so you want to do use this type of icing to coat the cake in but other types of icing that don't taste quite as good or maybe better for doing the detail work but that's okay because you tend to have less of that on there maybe something like that and then there's the whole thing of like fondant which doesn't taste bitter at all but you can doing incredible incredible details and build stuff with it fondant is pretty much edible plastic I guess and I only go you know I only go for two or three assassins and then I just I just drop off the map and I guess people wonder where I went for this for the sign language class I'm not even sure why I signed up for that I just got it in my head maybe that would be good to know how to do sign language and I'm sure it would be good to know how to do sign language like there's a whole I mean I haven't even really met a deaf person it's not like there was a point in my life where I was where I like met a deaf person and people were signing and I felt left out or I wish I had some way to talk to them or something but you know I guess I thought in the back of my head oh maybe if I did some videos but that's the thing I'm not even like I don't even show myself on the videos that much sometimes in my intros to my videos I'm there and I could have been using my signing maybe I could have used like a green screen and just from my videos just had my hands on the screen signing stuff or something but I guess that's what subtitles are for I don't even put subtitles on my videos which isn't very would that be called handicap accessible is that a handicap to say I don't know it's not friendly to deaf people I guess I'm not sure my thought was but the regardless I didn't go back after two or three classes and thankfully they sent they sent me they were very kind about this was one of the cheaper classes I went to is like $60 for for like eight weeks of instruction and they sent me an email a little while ago saying hey we noticed you didn't you you stopped coming were we can transfer you to a another set of classes you know this winter or something or this summer if you want and you can just pick right up where you left off or something like that it's like yeah sounds interesting but no you know I think I've lost interest maybe that's just what happens I just lose interest I get a little like urges you know I send out feelers in directions see if it's what I want to do and usually ends up not being what I want to do for some reason there is one major exception which is I started taking guitar lessons and I've done that for like five or six weeks now and I have not missed a single class and I think the difference here which is something that my mom pointed out to me I do talk about I don't like talking on the phone I do talk on to my foot to my mom on the phone every now and then every Mother's Day usually and sometimes on her birthday or something or every now and then in between my parents kind of know that I don't really like talking on the phone but they know that I put up with it every now and then we have to burp again what is it about talking that makes you up to burp I don't know maybe I just burp all the time it but it's just inconvenient so I noticed it when I'm talking anyway so I was talking to her in it I mentioned this problem to her and she's like maybe it's because the guitar lessons this is a one-on-one class and all the other classes I've been signing up for and dropping out of those have been group sessions maybe that's what I need you know that one-on-one attention you think so I don't know but I've been going to the guitar lessons I like them I haven't missed any of them I'm gonna miss one soon because I'm going camping in Yosemite we're gonna fly into San Francisco which doesn't look good because apparently on the forecast they're having like a bunch of snow and I'm like crazy snowstorms all of a sudden I thought it was gonna be like hot summer like everyone always tells me California you know it's always it's always amazing out there everyone's always like bragging about the weather in California how it's always amazing and never this always that so on and so forth and then I look up the weather for when and like a week beforehand week before we're going snowstorms I think the days for when we're gonna be there it's gonna be okay but still it's just like I was playing on it you know walking around shorts and a t-shirt the whole time am I gonna have to take like three sleeping bags to bundle in up at night you know but yeah the guitar lessons are going well I'm kind of having fun with the music right now it's like the fresh it's like fresh new unexplored territory I've been having fun making songs you know I put out like a little album on Spotify it's terrible right it's like not good music but that's okay because it like feels new and different I I don't want to say that I'm getting bored of drawing but you know I've been like I've been drawing for like ten years so maybe I need to find out some different way to mix it up a little bit with drawing or something I don't know I don't want to pressure myself with it too much I've never been one to make myself draw when I don't feel like drawing which is a little bit of a struggle for me when like you know I support myself with posting drawing content on YouTube that's a little bit tough I don't even know what I'm gonna do for this video I'll probably draw something I mean I can still draw and I like drawing I just sometimes I feel like drawing a whole bunch and then sometimes I don't and I don't people ask me you know Peter do you draw every day you know I don't drive a day I go for I don't draw all that you know there's lots of times when I don't draw and that's okay I think a good way to ruin something for yourself is to like force yourself to do it I don't know maybe there's you know it depends on your motivations and what your goals are but the guitar is fun and the music and you know I have like some little have like some little synthesizers and keyboards I've been messing around with making dumb little songs that are fun I make the songs they like sound good to me while I'm making them and I post them on soundcloud and tweet them out and then I I like to listen to them the next day I'm like oh my goodness this is like so bad but it's okay you just got a got put it out there move on make the next thing it's okay alright you're not gonna be good at it right away you know I'm probably not even gonna be good at it after a long time you might you might be good at it after a long long time maybe but the key thing is that you're having fun experimenting and exploring it really the only problem if you're not good at it is if you're like in competitions or something but I'm not in a competition so everything's peachy and we're good to go so yeah enjoying the guitar lessons those were also expensive I think it's like there's like $500 for 8 weeks something that came down to about $30 it came down to 30 dollars and 50 cents per class per session right which really bothered me because they're half our sessions and like the I feel like we all have it a little bit of a perfectionist inside of us that if you take a 30 minute class wouldn't it just be kind of satisfying if it was an even $30 like why is it $30.50 like where did that $0.50 come from why couldn't they just swallow the extra 50 cents per per session and make it 30 bucks oh excuse me I'm sorry I couldn't take another sip of my coffee here getting a little parched you know I I think ID be even better if it was thirty one dollars just this 50 cents seems seem so AM fisted like they probably calculated the overall price but the overall price you know the whole buying all eight weeks or whatever is not even not rounded out either I don't know how they arrived at these numbers but I'm not happy with it I'll tell you that much I would rather pay $31 per session I mean that's not satisfying either sometimes you know numbers don't always have to be you know perfectly rounded out like when I set my alarm I mean my timer for falling asleep I set it for seven hours 27 minutes and 14 seconds like that's a really satisfying number to me for some reason I could never set it to seven hours in 30 minutes and 0 seconds like that I think that's because if I set it for 7 hours 30 minutes and 0 seconds then I would feel like it was I had to like it was some perfect amount of time that I had to sleep for and I would feel stressful about getting you know I set the timer and then I feel like I have to fall sleep right away to get that 7 hours and 30 minutes but if it's like not an exact amount of time like 7 hour 30 minutes then I feel like it's a little bit less the stakes aren't as high right but even then some of the numbers matter a little bit more because 7 hours 27 minutes 14 seconds is far more satisfying to me than 7 hours 26 minutes and 14 seconds 7 hours 28 minutes and 14 seconds is okay seven hours 2029 is also really good 30 no 31 okay 32 no 30 I think for the minutes for the minute column I really need an odd number and then for the second column I need an even number for some reason I don't know the logic behind this seven hours then I need an odd number for the minutes I'm just trying I'm like I have my phone out right now playing with the timer trying out different combinations of numbers seven hours 21 minutes 12 seconds that's fine with me seven hours 22 minutes and 11 seconds not nearly as good first of all there's too many repeated numbers there sonars mmm 34 minutes 10 seconds could be worse I gotta go back to I'll find a new let me find a new combination here that works good maybe over I can't do over 30 minutes because I already feel bad about sleeping for so long every time I lie down and go to bed and I set my timer for seven hours 27 minutes and 14 seconds which is what I'm setting it back to now oh I feel for like I'm when I press that Start button on the timer I'm filled with a sense of dread that I'm signing part of my life away all seven hours 27 minutes and 14 seconds of my life is just gonna be gone irretrievable uselessly spent unconscious and immobile in my bed it really bothers me I'm sure I've talked about this before but I really mean I love sleeping I love the feeling of sleeping I love falling asleep when I'm really tired but the the knowing that that's like seven hours I'm I feel like I'm wasting it I know I'm not wasting him because you need to sleep the body needs sleep you function better when you've had rest but it really bothers me that's probably why I stay up for so long sometimes I just try to put off the inevitable for as long as possible it's not healthy I know but if there were some in the future if there's like some sort of augment you know how like in video games you can get like power ups you know there's like I have been playing stardew valley a little bit more for a while stardew valley bothered me because it was it was like so heavy-handed with the passage of time you know it's got like the whole game is built around the clock it's built around the seasons passing the years passing which is something that already makes me anxious in real life so then it was bothering me all that was also a core mechanic of the videogame some reason it's not bothering me anymore thing I'm just mostly ignoring it I think for a long time I thought there was like an end objective to start a valley that I had to get stuff done by a certain time or something maybe there's a little bit but I don't think there's really but anyways it's mostly not bothering me anymore I don't remember what I was saying oh I think like if in that game there was a way to buy some sort of upgrade they would make it so that you could wake up earlier or go to bed later you know have more hours in the day I would definitely do that just like in real life if one day we get augments you know people and we already do a little bit you know with like laser eye surgery and stuff like that but if we get more augment so it that makes it so we don't need as much sleep like if I could get some sort of thing in my brain it would make it so that I could get four hours of sleep and feel like I got eight hours of sleep I bet so many people would go for that they were probably the you know the main thing that would keep people from going for that is they're probably some be some awful it probably very expensive and they're probably be some awful side effects people would be very hesitant to adopt this new technology at first depending on how it was marketed and who is marketed by if it was an Apple product they'd probably do okay despite the public outrage and then and then like ten years later it would probably turn out that this thing was giving everyone cancer or something you know like how like after cell phones were invented like a while later years later everyone there was like this huge thing about how everyone thought cell phones were giving everyone cancer right I don't think they really were maybe they are everyone holding all these cell phones next to their head for hours and hours every day with the cell phone signals going right through their head and then there's the whole thing about people all these men holding laptops on their laps in the heat of the laptops like baking their balls and making everyone going go not inert what's the word not insensitive you know so they couldn't have kids or whatever like too much heat for too long I also get paranoid about that like kind of same thing happen if you sit in a hot tub for too long or stay in the shower for too long sometimes I stand in the shower for so long with the water so hot right give myself a low-grade fever ice I step out of the shower and I'm like lightheaded like all the symptoms of a favor really but sometimes you know that's the main thing I do that's my main form of a relief when I have a headache is to just stay in the shower until all the hot water is gone but yeah with every it seems like these days there's ups and downs to everything with every like new advance with every good thing you can do it seems like there's also a downside whenever I try to like eat healthy whenever I tell someone about like this new healthy thing I'm trying to do like a new healthy food I'm eating this and that they're always like yeah but it actually has a lot of this and it actually will give you that this will do this this will do that and then I just feel so defeated all the time everyone has a downside to everything and I just feel like well I'm just gonna go back to eating whatever the heck I was eating before there is a there's a workout center here my apartment complex and they have treadmills which I want to start running on more I've ran on them a few times but I have this weird phobia of gyms only just like very uneasy in them you know everyone in there seems like they're they like live there they've got all the the good workout clothes you know like cool tank tops with like cool Nike logos on them and like have like cool stripes on the back you know talking about cool socks with stripes on them and not and I go in there I just got like shorts and a t-shirt and I want to put on like my bandana so I don't I look like some weird hippie guy you know cuz I got like my map my flower bandana on so I don't get sweat in my eyes at least I do have air pods now air pods look I'm no Apple fanboy and I kind of bought air pods on a whim just because I had a couple hundred dollars lying around but those are one of the my favorite things I bought in a while I'm not sponsored to say this anyway either but it's like it's hard to explain how much better those are obviously if you can't afford them don't get them but it's just like so much nicer do not have to worry about untangling cords cords getting caught on stuff I don't know it's just like not you know feeling like it's just nice I don't know I won't go on too long about it cuz I feel like I'm like a sellout or something but I like my ear pods that were good they charge fast and they're good for working out too some people like my sister Apple Apple earpods Apple earpods they don't fit in her ears like she puts them in there and they just kind of sit in there and they fall out so easily I don't know some people's ears are just different and thankfully their pods stay in my ears very easily I think my ears are they have like deep notches deep deep deep caves for the air pods to sit in so they stay and they're good they don't fall out when I'm running or anything some people you to get those nice Bluetooth ones you know that hook around the outside of your ear and everything yeah but I'd go running sometimes that's pretty much the only time sometimes I listen to a podcast so when I'm running or when I'm driving sometimes I listen to podcast I've been listening where the only podcast I've ever listened to is uh some Dan Carlin hardcore history that's that's pretty interesting the rest of the time I can't really listen to podcasts you know it'd be great if I could listen to podcasts while I'm doing video editing because I spend so much time sitting around doing video editing and really might go to as I just put you know I have so many subscriptions I have a Netflix subscription I have an Amazon Prime subscription I have a Hulu subscription and then I watch twitch and I subscribe to some channels on Twitch and then even on Amazon Prime you can subscribe to more channels on Twitch you know HBO subscription Showtime subscription cinematic subscription I don't even want to think about how much I spend on spend per month on these subscriptions but I think it's worth it for me because I spend so much time watching TV and movies while I do video editing it's not the most I do is faster if I'm only listening to something and not watching so every now and then I muster up the willpower to just listen to music while I edit and I really focus in and editing goes like I'm not good at saying percentages and maybe like a hundred and maybe like 75% faster what one and I don't know is that faster so 75% faster or slower a hundred is a hundred percent faster twice as fast is 0% faster the same speed or is that no speed at all it's not quite twice as fast as what I'm trying to say if you say half is fast that means you're slowing down 1.75 times as fast I think is a good way to say it if I'm just listening to music but see that would be a good time to listen to podcasts but my brain wanders too much and I don't get no I think I could listen to podcast but I get bored for some reason maybe I could maybe good I listened to some I listened to some some audiobooks I can't do audiobooks as much because my brain really does wander and I keep having to rewind and I can't remember how long I've been I've been daydreaming for and how much of the story I missed podcasts are better in that regard because there's no there's usually not as much of a storyline depending on the podcast you can miss a couple things and you can just keep listening and it's okay right but most the time I just like I've watched a lot of movies okay I've watched a lot of TV shows just kind of out of the corner of my eye on the other monitor while I edit videos it slows me down a little bit you know cuz every now and then I get distracted by it you know if it's like there's a really interesting scene or a fight scene or something you know I look over and watch it but you know I just just try to figure out the best way to do it it keeps me sane for a while I did have a one I do have a video editor that I pay sometimes to edit some of my videos just the boring parts because I record myself editing I mean I record myself drawing while I stream on Twitch which makes it so that there's a lot of tiny little breaks in my recordings when I stop to talk and chat and if I didn't edit my videos at all there would be be very jumpy and stuttery so I spent hours and hours going through my video footage taking out all the spots where I take my hand off the paper sometimes it feels like it it takes almost as long to edit the videos as it did to draw the paper draw the drawing in the first place you know and so sometimes I spend you know like my 20 hours drawing a drawing and it's so much footage to go through sometimes I cop out a little bit and just like cut out a couple hours of footage here and there just to make my work a little bit easier for me I don't think people really notice it's not that big of a deal people don't mind a little bit of fast-forwarding it's fine you don't got to show everything you know like in movies they don't show everything I used to really bother me in movies I'm like this is supposed to be a realistic movie but they never they never show this guy go into the bathroom when when and where does this guy go to the bathroom he's been trapped in this room for three days there's no poop in the corner you know it's so unrealistic and it would really bother me but I'm just like no actually it's probably better that way isn't it yeah I gotta make creative decisions like that sometimes in some movies it would be and some there are some movies you know where they would have to poop in the corner but that's fine that those movies probably don't do quite as well in theater just artistic choices I guess but like I said sometimes I do have this guy who I send him the video footage off to who does the really painstaking video editing for me cutting out all the little little pauses for me and then it sends back the footage to me and then I I read I added it back into like a whole completed video like he doesn't make the whole video for him I still have my my creative vision you know I still still put in my intro in there sometimes and put in my you know ending and put in my commentary and everything and I don't know also this one guy messaged me on Instagram saying he was a computer science major or something and he could he's like I think I can make a program where I can make it automatically edit out all the spots where nothing is changing the video you know make it automatically take out these sections where you're not drawing it's like that's awesome he's like I just need you to send me you know like a like a little section of video where you draw and then stop drawing and then draw again I was like that's awesome all right I'll do it and then I just like never did it and I feel like it's probably too late and it's like that's like the story of my life now I feel like there's been so many great opportunities I've just been too lazy to follow up on I wonder how many great things I passed up just because I was like yeah I should do and then I just didn't I try not to think about too much s very very anxiety inducing all the what-ifs right don't don't go there okay that's not that's not healthy mentally just keep your eyes open try to do better for the next time okay be good to yourself as far as your future life goes but you know you don't gotta do everything either life's not all about being the most successful person in the world okay it's it's better to just find a way to be happy maybe with the way you are right now I don't know I don't have all the answers I won't try to spew a bunch of weird philosophical stuff at you and I don't know maybe see I was thinking maybe I can still send him the footage but this is graduation season right now and I keep thinking he's probably he probably just graduated and he's not doing this stuff anymore it would be so easy for me to send him the footage just like a little video clip I should do it I'm gonna do it after I record this okay probably I'll probably do it probably I will anyways what else is there huh what else happening in my life i one thing I enjoy is when it this is we're saying one thing I ever enjoy is when it rains I mean rain in general is pretty great but then there's cars parked just like a little shower a rain shower right there are cars parked parking spots or by the side of the road is even better because you know the road I think this is how the Romans designed it the road is a little bit arched right it's a little bit curved so there's not you know so there's not standing water on the roads to combat puddles right it's arched so there's cars parked parallel parking on the side of the road so it rains a little bit and then there's dry spots under the car if there's not too much rain and then I like the little dribbles of water that dribble down sideways under the car for some reason that's just so satisfying to me I like that a lot it's Len it's kind of like those melty crayon arts that people make have you seen those someone will drew this is what they always do they draw a person at the bottom of the paper holding an umbrella and then they put a bunch of crayons at the top and then I don't know what do you do hit it with a hairdryer or a heat gun or put it in the oven or something it dribbles down and somehow it goes around the umbrella and you made it colorful rain storm how many times have I seen that I'm not trying to I'm not trying to you know insult anyone's art it's pretty funny hey if you want to go make milky crayon art go do it I'll probably do it some day I probably won't do the umbrella thing but I mean it's cool I'll have to figure out I might do it if I could figure out a way to combine the crayon art with another medium you know once you've melted the crayons across the paper I feel like it's hard to draw on top of that because crayons are so waxy what can draw on top of wax the paint pen maybe look that would even be a little bit difficult spray paint maybe you could do a stencil perhaps I don't know you could if you did a certain color if you did colored paper under the crayons you could scrape it away like a scratch board scrape away the art that the melted wax if it had a consistent layer of it I could be interesting couldn't it I think so I bought a couple of watches on the Internet I'm not really a big watch wearer there's a big trend these days to you know buy those Apple smart watches I know I'm talking about Apple a lot at this episode oh sorry Apple Apple smart watches are a big thing but I haven't gotten one yet I had considered it but I don't really know what I'd use it for a lot of my friends track each there's steps with these watches which i think is that part might be good for me I do go on walks pretty steadily pretty consistently since I live down downtown if I want to go buy a sandwich or some Chinese food or something I gotta go for a walk I think that's good for me excuse me think walking is good I think it would be interesting to track my steps and maybe I think it it might help motivate me you know to maybe go to run the treadmill more if I had a Apple watch but my main a problem with these Apple watches is they are really ugly to me I don't want one of those on my wrist maybe if they ever come up with a round one I will get one I think someone told me they are coming with a round one they do have a lot of good wristband options I think that is good but I just don't like the the square form factor mmm that that rounded corner was that called the bezel I don't I don't like how they look I think they look awful actually if they got if they got maybe a round one I'm like good I don't know how it worked I mean and so but the the watches I got I got a couple of Casias and I got oh here they are sorry to Cassio's I got a silver one in a gold one I think one was $15 the other was 30 and they look pretty good you know that classic Casio style you know they've got the says alarm chrono on it it's got like a little button for the digital screen to light up it's got a light it's got a start/stop on it it says water resist but the bad thing about these is that they have these metal metal wristbands that when I put them on they pull the hairs on my wrist and then sometimes I take these off and look at oh I dropped it still working then I take it off and I look at the inside of the wristband and I see all of my wrist hairs pinched inside the wristband and like try to pull him out but they're like really in there like how is this such a popular design does this not happen to anyone else that are my wrist hairs of a smaller diameter than other people's research that my only ones that get caught in these wristband or does everyone else all right just let the power through and wear it for a couple months until it it Bald's that area of your wrist is that what's supposed to happen or it just supposed to I think my area of that area my wrist is a little more bald even just after the small amount of time I have worn it also I can't really tell I can't figure out the ideal tightness of the wristband you know like should it be how far up should I be able to slide on my arm I don't like it to slide too far up but if I tighten it too much so it doesn't slide too far up then it like then it feel obviously it feels too tight and then sometimes you know I can't bend my wrist too far back also this is the first time I'm wearing my watches on my non-dominant hand I'm wearing them on my left hand the first time I got a watch when I was like eight years old or something I immediately without thinking just like and almost instinctively put it on my right hand because I was like them this is this feels right this is where my watch goes this is where I'm gonna put it and then like whoever was with me like my mom or my dad or something was like no no you put it on your put on your other hand I'm like no I don't think so it goes it goes right here I even tried putting on my left hand I couldn't even I couldn't even figure out how to do it like my brain didn't work that way like even though I was do I was like latching it up with my right hand my dominant hand I like turn how to do it then once I got it on there it felt all weird but like I had like some like some weird foreign object attached to my wrist but when I put it on my right hand I'm doing it right now let me see let me see here I mean yeah that feels good that feels good the major downside to wearing a watch on your right hand is that I use my right hand for things like writing and drawing and so you rested on the desk or the paper a lot and sometimes it can kind of feel weird when you're resting on stuff and my my dad said his favorite reason for wearing his watch on his left hand is that when he's writing dates you know if he has to date something I guess it his work has to date things a lot you know what is it Saturday they taint at this moment 12:40 he can turn his wrist on his left hand and look at the date while he's writing it's harder to do that when it's on my on the hand I'm writing with that wasn't a big enough reason for me but that was back in school before I had you know a smartphone in my pocket I could I could check the time with all the time I don't know do you think wristwatch manufacturers lobbied against smart phones and phones in general you know but people were carrying the the time around in their pocket I guess people who made pocket watches lobby against wristwatches unless these were all the same companies hopefully they just changed with the times if they were smart right you know the world keeps moving on also I have an old water bottle an old now Jane that I've been using for years it's got all sorts of stickers on it it's disgusting like I hardly ever watch it wash it but I keep drinking water out of it the water tastes fine you know every now then I looked inside it liked the little lip the inside of the neck you know and I just like wipe it out and it looks weird but I wash it every now and then and then I lost it for like three days I didn't know where it was I ordered a new water bottle same size different color it looks nice but then immediately is like the same day the new water bottle got here of course I found the old water bottle it was under one of my car seats of course so now I have two water bottles let me take a sip from the new one now see the new one smells weird do you think it's a different type of plastic or do you think it's just cuz it's newer let me see this one says now Jean bpa-free 100 milliliters surely all it says this one also this one says the exact same thing they all say bpa-free on them because I remember a few years ago there was a whole big thing about these Nalgene bottles having bpa some sort of chemical in the plastic and then apparently at extreme temperatures maybe just like if you let it out and left it out in the Sun or maybe if it got really cold they stake people claimed that if you people claim that this BPA does chemical would seep out of the plastic into the water then you drink the water and then you would get cancer so they did like a recall and now they make them without BPA in the plastic that's the story as far as I know it also apparently I don't know if this is true or not but apparently I've heard that if you break one of these Nalgene bottles I if you break one if you send them the pieces and the mail they'll send you a new one for free that's what I've heard I actually don't know if that's true or not though I should test it out with this new one though not sure of a good way to break it though I'm squeezing it I'm like locking my fingers around it right now and it is kind of flexing between my hands I feel like that's a really good way to hurt myself though because I feel like if it broke while I was squeezing it really hard I could get like stabbed by a shard I have I used to work at that youth camp where you know and we would they were like cliffs they're like 150 foot cliffs where people would do rock climbing and rappelling and stuff and I have seen one of these now jeans fall all the way off 150-foot cliffs and it just bounced at the bottom but that was an empty bottle I think if it was full of water it would almost certainly break I'm pretty sure it would because it'd be so much heavier and there's all these physics things at play there which I I don't have the time to explain to you right now the nice thing about these I have no nice thing about having two watches is that I can wear one on each wrist and overcome the problem of you know not having a risk to look at or not also I've synced up I'm probably about two weeks ago maybe three weeks ago I synced up these watches perfectly they were exactly in sync to the second like they were chained the seconds we're dicking by exactly at the same time but now I have a silver one here and a gold one right the gold one is let me see here let me wait till it gets to exactly a minute and I'll tell you in 10 seconds I can tell you so I can do the math very easily in my head without having it's hard to do this subtraction math when the numbers are changing constantly the gold one is 17 seconds behind now or another way to put that is the silver one is 17 seconds ahead I don't know what to make of that should I buy it should I be worried are these in accurate watches they say the man with two watches never knows what time it is I know it's 12:45 I'm not sure at some points in silver one's gonna save 12 46 and for 17 seconds the gold one's gonna say 12:45 it's true it is a little bit torturous to have two watches that don't say exactly the same time yep so uh like I said I don't really know what a number of podcasts this is I do make some other videos that are pretty similar to podcasts you know I have some real-time drawing videos I have some other kind of long videos but I guess the downside to those is I don't post the audio on mic other streaming services so I apologize for that let me know what other kind of videos you like I don't know what the heck is up with my youtube channel to be honest if I I feel bad complaining about it you know because it feels like kind of whiny for someone who has like a such a great you know opportunity to do this as a living but you know like what I don't really know you know I've never done this before I've never had like I don't have like a lifetime of experience having a youtube channel I don't know what I'm supposed to do but it is weird to me having 700,000 subscribers and then you know getting like between 20 and 40 thousand views on every video depending on the video some have more some have less most have more I guess there's like a it's it's very easy to start overthinking things and getting like like overly critical of myself and wondering for far too long and far too seriously like am i doing something wrong should I be really doing this at all like what am i doing you know what what did I do to to reach that level of disparity between subscribers and viewers I mean as far as I configure it's just because a few of my videos went viral according to and it happens every now and then some of my videos go viral by rollin just because of YouTube's weird algorithm it's always just some random old video I uploaded a while ago that YouTube is just seems to lock on to it's never like my new videos and I and I like pour over these videos trying to figure out what magic powder these have attached to them that makes YouTube like them so much and I've tried recreating them doing things again similar to them but they don't never do quite as well so I just have to kind of step back let go to stop tearing myself apart about it you know just kind of try to keep making videos I don't know I'm thankful look I'm thankful for what I've got and how it's going I don't mean to that I'm not I don't want to be like that why any guy ball why don't I have mark yours you know or whatever but it's you got it I hope you understand what I'm coming from there like it's people there like every youtuber to some extent is like constantly looking at their stats and right I there's like a whole channel like the whole tab here or I could click on this as analytics and it's probably – my own demise that I don't really ever click on that because it gets very overwhelming to me it tells me all about my like watch time views view do add revered view duration estimated revenue likes dislikes comments shares videos and playlists subscribers you know all the stuff going up and down stuff like that so you know all your top geographies gender it's like really easy to get way too deep into this for me and I feel like that's not really my strength you know gaming the system in that regard because that's not ever how I was successful in the past you know there's videos that I have I mean maybe it I don't know maybe that is maybe I just got a dig deeper into how the some of those videos they did really well like why those did well I don't know I wish they'd just tell me the secret to the algorithm but they'll never do that anyways I don't I'm getting into some depressing territory for me here I don't want it I'll end on a good note by talking about sweatshirts I have a sweatshirt that I bought in Chicago and it says Chicago on it and I just want to share that I've been really enjoying wearing it lately it doesn't have a hood it's just a sweatshirt right also lately I I kind of want more zip up hoodies sometimes zip up hoodies really bother me because they don't have the pocket where you can put your hands in in your hands meet in the middle because there's zipper in the way but also sometimes a zip up Hoodie is really good for when you're at the computer a lot because you can take it on and off more often as my clip my air-conditioning goes on and off and the heat fluctuates in here because my headphones have a cord and I don't like the cord being inside my sweatshirt you know cuz sometimes I want to get up take off the headphones or whatever so if there's no there's no zipper and I have to take off my headphones to put on the hoodie so it's the whole thing but all my hoodies I like the most are zipper las' hoodies pulled over I guess you would call them except for my favorite hoodie my zipper hoodie is in my car and it's been there for like five months and I don't know why I keep on not bringing it up and it's got a zipper and everything I think it's like in the floor of my backseat of the floor of my car and I'm like afraid to touch it because I feel like it's got like you know how stuff you leave in the car for too long it gets like a weird funk to it or something I don't know maybe it's just my car it's got like my card like a little leak in one of the doors for a while and every time I come out after it rains would be like a little puddle in the back the floor of the backseat and it was disgusting but for some reason that seems to have fixed itself as well as every now and then my there's a little light on my dashboard that comes on it says check engine soon I think I think that's what it says a service engine soon I think and whenever that comes on I'm just like I probably need a oil change so I go and get a oil change and then I get a little for the next few weeks I get a little bit more stressed out as that light stays on and I keep on wondering maybe it's something more more serious like I really should take it into the shop and worry about getting shafted as they tell me it's like I needed I need a new drivetrain or something but then eventually the light goes off again usually like three weeks after I get a oil change also I had to get new windshield wipers last time i order new windshield wipers on the internet and then i went in to get a oil change and then they reply my windshield wipers for me so now I have a backed-up pair of windshield wipers in the in the trunk so that's good I guess my windshield wipers were doing very poorly like the plas the rubber strip had like worn off halfway on both of them every time I tried to turn the windshield wipers it was like flapping around I just couldn't turn them on anymore because I was afraid of like scratching my windshield so every time I drove somewhere I was just relying on the rain-x on my windshield to just like make the water bead up and roll off but for it to really roll off you have to be going like 40 45 miles an hour and and the rain-x like wearing off because the I had only been applying the rain-x through my windshield wiper fluid which i think is a great way to apply rain-x but you could only do that if you have windshield wipers you know to kind of spread it around I didn't have windshield wipers and my windshield wiper fluid was running out so I needed to go to like a autozone or something get some more winch the rain-x windshield wiper fluid so it's like a perfect storm of all of my windshield wiper paraphernalia wearing out at all the same time and so for like a couple weeks there every time it rained I was just like squinting through all these beads of water on my windshield driving around very dangerously and I could see but it was like it was like camouflaging everything on the road like if there was like a person at a crosswalk or something they would kind of like make them blend in with the background it was not safe it was not good I'm glad I got my windshield wipers fixed anyways I think that's all I have for today thanks for listening everybody hope you're doing well I hope this mic was okay it's little scary switch I have microphones apologize if you could like hear my nose breathing or some too much or something I'm sorry okay alright bye love you okay

45 thoughts on “Peter's Content-Free Podcast Episode 20

  1. Why doesn't somebody make zip up hooddies with zip up pockets so the hands can meet? How much longer must I wait?

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  4. I cant wear the headphones that go in your ears because I find them so uncomfortable, they just don't fit.

  5. my nalgene got run over by 3 cars on the highway and it didnt break. it was full. fell out my bag as i was running across the road.

  6. I have a casio too and anytime i'm tryna make a ponytail or something it pulles my hair off and hurts bad also with my hair on my hand

  7. I agree on the sleep drugs et al. I struggle with it too and stil don't want to go down that road ya know? Thanks for the relaxed discussion, you make any day brighter. Like a friend that is always happy to chat no matter how long it's been since you last saw each other.

  8. I have listend to your album on spotify a few times noe and I actually realy like the music. It makes me happy, just some fun sounds mashed together. So I am still hoping there will some day be a second album

  9. In primary school we used to make our own wax crayon scratch-boards. Coloured crayon stripes on the paper, black crayon layer over the top at 90 degrees to the stripes. Scratch off just the black wax layer.

  10. Do Airpods take the cancer riddled wireless phone signals away from the phone in your pocket and jam that wireless radio signal in your ears right close to the brain?

  11. Brush your teeth more! Mouth bacteria are numerous and cause gum disease and cavaties. Flossing is also essential, consider it please.

  12. also bpa is a chemical in plastic that melts into the container's liquids and food when you put it in a microwave or re-use it.
    The problem is that everyone is full of bpa (since we all eat food stored in plastic) and that we don't really know if it's good or bad.
    Even new borns and baby bottles were the most bpa-full stuff (now it should be controlled).

    But the real issue is that we don't know what it does on long term (your grand-kids may end up with chronic things idk).

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    Happy to hear a podcast again, while drawing thou

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