Peter's Content-Free Podcast Episode 11

22 thoughts on “Peter's Content-Free Podcast Episode 11

  1. I gave this drawing away (and another drawing a couple days ago) on Peter's Doodle Club, check it out! Videos also get posted early there, and there are exclusive blogs, scans, Q&A videos and more! —>

    I really appreciate all the support, whether you're part of that or not, I'm just happy to have you here watching my videos. 🙂

  2. Just a random thing – I'm a Lyft/Uber driver in Chicago and every time I get a request from a passenger named Peter I get excited that it's THIS Peter. (It never is) 🙁

  3. These are the best Videos of yours keep em up, I always feel like – When i Listen to you with my imagination and later take a Look at the finished picture – its the Same thing i've been trough in my Head following your Voice

  4. Terminal A gate 1 sounds super easy to get to, it's right here, by the front

    Wait, that's Terminal Z gate 20

    I walked in the exit

    Oh no

  5. I don't know about NC, but in GA it's illegal to posses multiple state issued ID cards for some reason. We're required to destroy the old license when we get a renewal. Better check on that before you get that duplicate.

  6. U probably got broken into. Theres alot of ways now people get into cars without leaving marks or braking anything. My 2009 honda civic has that issue. They stole my registration 3 times that way. I used to walk around with it in my jacket for 2 years because of that. There is ways they exploit keyless entry. Some involve electric keys that shock the inside. I saw one that can even start the car.

  7. thats the worst definition of a sump pump i have ever heard but why cant i stop laughing please stop

  8. As a wise man once said, Yeet on my skeet…

    I shall take my leave now… Take care with this new found knowledge…

  9. Since I've been watching your videos my drawing and my ideas of Art it's been very very interesting thank you for all the great ideas

  10. when you said "digging a hole is cathartic" this scene from Breaking Bad popped in my mind > <

  11. I liked your reminiscing about building LEGO’s with your sister and your thoughts on gravity and being disturbed by feeling it’s strange weight. Always enjoyable strings of consciousness here at the Peter show.

  12. I used to listen to Dracula audiobook, and I never remembered the part I fell asleep in. So I ended up listening the part where Dracula climbs the tower like a spider, and the dude sees it through his window and freaks out. That part started entering my dreams, so I stopped listening to Dracula.

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