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my next guest the farmer crime novelist fantasy writer I actually can't wait to hear what James Oswald has to tell us in the authors do you finish the book that's my best writing tip I tell everyone it's called as Devils do I write mostly at night because I'm a farmer during the day so I write at night between about 8:00 and midnight currently in my garage because I've been kicked out of my writing room this has too many to list I would say probably E&M Banks's culture series of science fiction novels probably my biggest influence all dark dark chocolate that's my guilty pleasure and whiskey preferably together no if you don't count going now to mucking out the cows was ritual no not particularly yes pretty well I think my uncle tells the story about how I I used to make up tales when I was four and he said then to my mother that I was going to be an author it's taken 45 years but you know you've got to be persistent badly I usually start off with a very very loose idea of what's going to happen and then just throw myself at it not recently no but I in the past I've lost an entire novel to a failed hard drive I don't like to think about that all the times I've met James I've been thoroughly entertained and I hope you have to stay tuned for lots more to come you

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