Peter Gunz on Giving Up 100% Publishing: We Got Stuck-Up!

when you did a DejaVu I had heard that there was a clearance issue around it you guys didn't clear the sample before putting it out um you know at the time we we didn't put it out on a label we you got to remember that that song was we would go to the tunnel in Brooklyn would be in the tunnel and all these different boroughs that was bigger than the Bronx yelling you know Queens bridge or Brooklyn and I started this chant well if it wasn't for the Bronx this rap shit probably never would be going on they could tell me where you from and my whole team would be like uptown nigga uptown nigga so when when that became Tariq say yo we should use that shit that you do that if it wasn't for the Bronx so we just did a song off of our Steely Dan sample and threw it out you know the verses is 20 something balls the hook is 16 bars it's about New York and Bronx we didn't think nothing of it the record start growing legs so labels start reaching up so now when the labels reached out we had a bidding war it was up to a million dollars you know I think uh Jimmy Iovine had a 1.7 million dollar deal on the table but he reneged last minute so we end up going to Sony for close to a million and now we got these deals on the table and now it's time to go clear the sample so when we go to clear the sample they just want all the publishing and 115 thousand dollars in cash so we had to give them all the publishing and paid them 115 thousand in cash which if you got close to a million dollars you think and that's nothing and they can have the publishing too because we'll just make another hit and that'll be our money and you know that just never happened but people are under the people under the perception that we put the record out and guys soon and I'm so tired of people saying it now we do you sue we got stuck up okay I mean asking for a hundred percent of the publishing it's a real fuck shit let's y'all black I don't even it makes a awesome that's a fuck shit right do you have no come on 75 80 even but a hundred let me take it to another level for you my brother they would not even give us writing credit so when you look at the publishing information and all the information on the record of the CD is written by Donald Fagen and Walter Becker two old white men they not from the streets they not from the hood ain't not from the Bronx that night from Brooklyn Queens and none of the borough's but it was written by them so Donald Fagen wrote I'm quick to slide off and slide this dick up in your wife that's who gets credit for my right in those type of lines and so to not even get writing credit was armed bothersome to me now let me play devil's advocate if I was Donald figure fading in Walter Becker from still he then and I was able to get the publishing and get all that money I would've did it too that's just me being honest with you if you're able to get it you could pull it off these dudes winning got a million dollars of my sample now they gotta pay for that now later developments then I'm finding out his puff had the sample ready to get cleared and it was excited about what they were doing with puff because they felt like they were going to earn off the publishing with puff and then puff – um I'm not using the sample no more because these dudes lord Surrey competed guns got it so I heard they were really pissed off that puff you know that whatever his situation that I worked out with puffing went down a dream so they took that out on us I don't know how true that is but that's what I'm hearing now the lock the locks has something off that same beat now listen man puff is it at that time man pump was so powerful he still is but at that time he could have really people say now puff couldn't stop that wrecker at that time he still had the power I think he told flex fall back on that record at first but then he just arm went with it I mean he had MTV special he bought me into Ricardo to do the song and and uh but he definitely I think that that pissed a lead an often for that reason I think that was one of the reasons they reached as far as they could in our pockets but when people do the song and karaoke and they play the song on like I was watching a show on HBO and the song came on and somebody said to me ching-ching you're about to get a check I was like no not true Steely Dan is you know so that that's bothersome you know you know I mean I'm not in position where I couldn't use it use the money so having that song and being at you know doing that actual song has given you a lot of paychecks over the years including the one right now on Love & hip-hop as I saw never come out there's a chance that none of this would ever happen afterwards absolutely I told the world and made lots of money the reason the reason I couldn't even you know I blame myself to read probably wouldn't agree with me on this but I blame I take the full blame me and Tariq for not even going next level once the industry once we came out with the album and then we sold a million five singles so but once the album came out and didn't do anything we both like you know in the label turning back we both just put our fingers up at the music industry and walked away instead of saying yo let's just go and come back because you know Tariq is dead nice the fact that we we like we like just packed our bags up and left and not came back on another album I'm not trying to come back I'm always regret that because we all we did was ride that single too long we shouldn't do an album out so the million albums as opposed to a million singles and then kept coming back instead we toured and made all this money off the single thinking that no matter when we put the album out fans we're gonna go get it and that's just not what happened you know I'm always regret that for the rest of my life man I was surprised have you ever been in a rap group it was one of the most impossible things but they do and for somebody to be in anywhere in music that long man that's that's amazing man like I just told you when you own your shit there's nothing else to say it's the M&M and eight miles theory at the end of eight mile Eminem got on that microphone said everything that that guy possibly could say bad about him you own issue and the guy couldn't even say anything

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  1. To be fair, Walter Becker was born in Queens. Fagen was born in New Jersey but they didn't just pop out of the sky, both were New York guys.

  2. I grew up in the Bay Area and they remixed it for us for the radio. The chorus went “ Oakland baby, Frisco baby…” and “Richmond baby, San Jose baby…” I always wondered if they remixed it for other demographics.

  3. That song popped because of hot 97, battle of the beats. They through the song out on a white label and it won battle of the beats everytime for like 2 months.

  4. Crazy how guys out here (west coast) and dudes down south had a lot more independent hustle smarts. It's not that they were any smarter then NY guys, it's just that they had to break in to the industry a little different. You HAD to have your business straight, way before the labels started calling. So by the time they were hitting these guys with those sucker deals, they already knew what they were worth. So they could take it or leave it.

  5. It shows me how Countless of white artist stole from black people back in the day properly still now.. But screwed over so many rappers

  6. The first mistake they made was looping the master recording. Perhaps they wouldve gotten writer royalties if they wouldve replayed the melody. Rodney Jerkins used the same Black Cow 3 note bass melody in the Tatiana Ali's Daydreamin' featuring Lord Tariq. He replayed those 3 notes. Didnt sample anything from sound recording. Steely Dan still took about 70%-75% of the publishing and writer share SMMFH. But at least Rodney Jerkins and the new writers got some ownership. I see why most mfs dont sample anymore. If you are going to use a sample, negotiate before your song is big. Replay the necessary parts. You don't need to use the sound recording.

  7. They also weren't in a really good negotiating position. Most of the time you clear shit before the album or single comes and you can make a decision as to whether it's worth the cost. They already had the single out and it was hot and then you go back and try and negotiate you're in a tough spot. Steely Dan could pull the single back and then you got nothing.

  8. Who be Walter Becker and Donald Fagen that think they can demand 100% royalty on Up Town – then gonna act like my man Tariq and Peter are that kind of Negro Dat day can Steal On by saying they wrote da damn song. These mutha fuckers must be Ignorant … or … Sum Bad Azz Cold Steel Rollin Gangsta Hudlums. Dams dat shit is wrong. Reminds me when my man Sug held dat white azz bitch vanella ice out da dam window upsides down and said where Muney Bitch. I says Fuk em – fuk both dem BasTurds.

  9. I would of told Steely Dan to eat a dick 🤨This is probably one of the few times I agree with Vlad. No way they should of gave up 100% of the publishing. Still got the album. Solid effort as a group. Should of dropped another album.

  10. WTF is this cat talking about? If it wasnt for Steely Dan he never would have even have a hit to begin with!! That song isnt yours! You didnt create it!!

  11. Props to Peter Gunz for being totally real here, he could've denied all the BS and just played it smooth! But much respect for this, Steely Dan was FUCKED UP for demanding 100% of PUBLISHING??? And songwriting credit?? Fuck them dudes for that shit, let the brothers live man, considering that they're bringing YOUR names back to the spotlight, and letting a young fan base hear your music! You don't take 100% man, like Vlad said, maybe 75% would've been more reasonable but that was some FUCK SHIT!

  12. I respect he rode in sucked the juice out of one single he is a classic song maker period to do that only a select few do that in hip hop

  13. Its a shame DAT we molded as victims for they gain…
    Left 4 dead wit shattered dreams like a drug in our vains…

  14. Fagan and Becker may be old white men, and may not have been from the street, but they pulled a straight up gangsta move. Harsh, but hard!

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