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– [Voiceover] Welcome to
a PreventConnect podcast where we explore the prevention
of violence against women. This is a project of
the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault. – Conference means a lot to
me, I’m happy to be here, happy to be able to be engaged in on this and I wrote a little piece about it. Untitled right now, but I fear the moral values have been violated replaced by hyper-sexual images. They’ve gone from making
love in the bedroom to how to make love like a porn star. We accept their pole dancing as a hobby that teen stars use to
sell concert tickets. They have 10-year-old girls buying thongs and we all act like there’s nothing wrong. I have a five-year-old daughter. She loves art, her stuffed
animals and wants to know when she can wear make-up. I tell her, what’s the rush, as I sing, (softly singing lyrics) ♫ I don’t wanna grow up ♫ I’m a Toys-R-Us kid ♫ There is a million toys of toys of us ♫ That I can play with ♫ Just to convince her to stay
her age and to convince me perhaps that there’s still a time (singing)
♫ From bikes to trains ♫ To video games ♫ And news flashes with a
girl being raped outside her school while people watch
come across the TV screen. The theme of disbelief is
taking over until I think that could’ve been her. We still act like there’s nothing wrong. Just last week she said, Edward is cute. I’m trying to fathom if
she knows what that means. How does a vampire go
from scary to sex appeal? Why is Fortune Magazine saying
that the best career move for all girls is taking up for
men while they make it wane. Someone please look at
me and tell me that I am not going and saying, yeah, we still act like there is nothing wrong. You see I can control
what we do in our house but it’s the outside that scares me. She said Mateo is her
boyfriend the second week of kindergarten and I can
think of is listening, think of is telling her how
she can protect herself. Wondering why I’m teaching
her to defend herself because that’s like putting
a Band-Aid on an open cut instead of looking for who made that cut, finding the knife because
nine times out of 10 my gender will be the attacker. Nine times out of 10 I
will think twice when a man tells me she is beautiful, pretty, funny, even if he is six-years-old. And I am tired of being afraid,
tired of feeling powerless, tired of being seen as the
problem and never the solution as more Calvin Klein, Abercrombie
ads with half-naked kids in positions described in a Kama Sutra plastered in mall areas
all over our TVs, inboxes, newspapers and mailboxes, all I can think is JonBenet Ramsey and I don’t want that anymore for anybody. That’s why you will find me
on street corners speaking up, on buses speaking up, at work speaking up, at school speaking up, I will
be speaking up, speaking up, speaking up and wondering
when are you gonna speak up? (soft melodic music) – My name is Tish and I’m also a poet and I plan on going home. This piece is also untitled. Too many images to imagine, we’ve created a pattern,
click or flip pages passed it like the ads don’t perpetuate the fads if we look away fast enough. Touch screen, lust at our
fingertips, stripped away privacy, now I can see her hips, webcam equipped, 50 cents per square inch,
one little (snap sound) and her lingerie slips. How many women have to pay for attention, what does daughter have to
do to get daddy to listen, doesn’t get it until she’s
missing, lost in her own head, she’s surprising better
so she read, so she saw, so she thought, daddy didn’t tune in until she was already gone. Right motto, gone wrong, it
takes a village to raise a child but the village is all
wrong, turn the TV on. Disney Channel theme song, see what’s on, Teen Idol pole dancing, hip hop song, on Teen Channel, how
do teens channel energy they ain’t equipped to handle? Surf stations to worse ratings,
we’re a sexualized nation bent on money-making
via sexual exploitation. It’s heartbreaking but it’s
the heart of our nation. Porn sites sponsored by
billion-dollar corporations and sexual connotations
written in all our animation. Who watches that? Sometimes I wonder if
you’ve met him, he’s seven. His hobbies include Star Wars, wrestling and surfing the net, doesn’t
quite grasp the concept so he browses and enters
into chat rooms that serve as brow raisers. It’s these things he shouldn’t see and doesn’t know how to say them. He’s 12 now; his hobbies
include sports, surfing the web, sexting and hanging out. Mom misses him, Dad missed it but they’re both so proud of
their spitting little image. They dumb it down in a cute life. Aw, he’s kissing, he’s
got a girlfriend now, they’ve been together now for
many text messaging pictures. Picture a 12-year-old boy texting
a 12-year-old girl exposed because they were exposed, negative exposed only
this picture doesn’t blur. He’s 17 now, in jail, on trial. The girl said, no. He
thought it was a style. High-speed trial, he’s locked up now. She’s knocked up now,
don’t be so shocked though, cause this is how it goes down. Another headcount, body
count, slaughtered cow, feeding the machine. Money-motivated, greed, we control so much more than we think. Feed into it. Be sensitized. Sensitive. Get pleasure from it,
virtual sensual experience, love it at our fingertips,
put our income into it, rush through it and
don’t make sense of it, market it and distribute it, cause we don’t see it as our kids till… That’s our kid, crying, she
used to be a cheerleader, dying. She’s always loved beauty pageants. Youth. He’s so aggressive all of a sudden. Denying that we even saw this coming. What do your kids play with? Watch? Listen to? Do whenever
they’re not with you? Who will they be? Who will you know? Who are they now? What’s
they’re favorite TV show? Have they had their first kiss? Are they at-risk? Do they
know what triple-X is? What sex is? Respect is? You talk like this? Are you uncomfortable? Does this exist? (audience applause) – [Voiceover] Thank you
for listening to this PreventConnect podcast. PreventConnect is a project
of the California Coalition Against Sexual assault,
with funding from Centers for Disease Control on Prevention. The views presented on
PreventConnect are not necessarily the views of the United States Government, the CDC or Calcasa. To learn more about PreventConnect, visit For more information
about Calcasa’s mission, or to show your support,
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