peachy! – falling for you ♥ (ft. mxmtoon) (lyrics)

*rad music fades in* Eh heh heh I was hangin’ with you, and then I realized I didn’t think it was true, I was surprised when I’d found out I’d fallen for you. (laa-aa-aa) I didn’t wanna believe my feelings for you I didn’t wanna believe that I could loose you if I told you just how I felt but I can’t help it I’m falling for you and I can’t quit it cause I’m stuck on you and it might be pathetic and you might be skeptical but I just want to be with you please tell me boy can you get a clue or come through cause I just want to be with you I’m scared… of telling you how I feel maybe it’s better if I just try to conceal the truth for me and for you but I’m still stuck on you oooh I- I’m still falling for you (for you) for you *rad music fades out*

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  1. i also didnt expect these kind of miracle but they said dont be afraid to be honest.

    so i tried.. to confess. even if i know i'll get rejected. but you know what? never hurt to try.

    cause he asked me if i want to be his girlfriend after. :')

  2. I visualized a scene in my head while listening to this:

    A girl with a sleek blonde ponytail and straight hair wearing a hoodie and shorts turns down a hall. She sees her crush and immediately turns back, she’s scared and can’t process her feelings for him. She releases a heavy sigh , she tries to talk to him but she can’t bring herself to be hurt or come off pathetic. She slowly walks down the opposite direction thinking deeply of what they could be.

    She feels a hand on her shoulder, warm and comforting. As the girl jumps , and turns around she looks into deep brown eyes , looking into the soul that owned them. The smell of fall wafts into her nose, and she looks into the crooked smile of a strong jaw line and tan skin. He chuckles , as she looks startled, he combs through his curly hair and looks nervous. She stares at him , a longing look in her soft face and clear skin settles in her face. She can’t handle it anymore, she blurts it out, “ Look , I have feeling for you, and I’m scared and… and… I just want to be together, can we just try something for once! Or…. maybe it’s better if I try to conceal the truth…. wait, shoot I said that out loud … uh.. I-“ Shes cutoff by a soft warmth on her lips, a warm feeling fills her inside as she feels a hand move to her waist. As the veis zooms our you see her feeling comfortable for the first time in ages , while they kiss.

    The end
    That was horrible 😂

  3. Listening to that part "I'm scared…. Of telling you just how I feel." as I am literally telling the guy I like that I like him.

  4. ughh I can’t sing this to my crush I just don’t have the courage. ik, he’s really smart and tall.thats not why I like him it’s just.. he has a good personality and I’ve known him since 3rd grade.. he’s so just 😩😩😩😩🥵🥵🥵

  5. If I get this to 45 I'll send this to my crush, wait…
    I have no one to crush on..
    Well if we get this to 755 'll put myself out there?

  6. I dont know why i like u….i just do …but im sorry if i im not ur type but hey at least i confess to ya….im fine with just being ur friend even tho it hurts but its ok….its my fault anyways i fell in love with u

  7. I wanna stick out so lets say i sent this to my cat and he said "OMG I Luv U Too" no one can relate like me

  8. There’s this person called Matt…
    he said listen to this song it’s how I feel about you, 100 likes and I’ll tell him do l like him back…

  9. why is "falling for you " so REALISTIC. its just the truth agree 100%, i talked to my crush fr hes cute, curly hair and just funny, i catch felling again .

  10. I am super scared. I have two crushes. I will tell one of them if this gets 2000 likes, but i am super scared. It is a huge like amount because i am nervous.

  11. 20 likes and I'll send this to my crush

    Edit: I didn't get 20 likes but I did send it to my crush/ now my girlfriend

  12. Ive sent this to my crush and she replies..

    She:what do you mean by this?

    Me:i need to tell you somethin but i cant

    She:but you can tell me,just be honest

    my heart beats harder

    Me: I- let us just meet at Carolina

    At carolina

    She: so yeah

    Me:so i like you but-

    She:sorry,but what,you like me,that cant be?

    Me:but,no just like,umm,no,i just cant-

    She: leaves while laughing cutely

    She: I like you!

    my heart goes twirling and pounding

  13. A thousand likes and I’ll send this to my crush.

    You don’t have to like just wanna see how many people wanna see me send this.

    Edit 1: how do I already have 5 likes lol. And yes I’m checking this

  14. Well I’m not shy of telling my crush I like him because he not my crush he my bf now I was FaceTiming him and played it for him now we started dating ❤️ Thx for making this amazing song 💖💖

  15. my crush already knows i like him, if i sent this it’ll be awkward and we are like bestfriends. i really like him ugh. he makes my day and i just want to be wjth him. i don’t want to ask him out because that’ll make the relationship end sooner and i want to be with him forever. he makes me so happy and i have fallen for him. deeply. </3

  16. Y’know, I never really felt like I fell in love with someone, and everyone in my life did. I still am that way, no I never had a little crush on someone, I always thought that was weird, to have a crush on someone. This song…is amazing I love this so much, I….think this song might give me hope that I can learn to love someone, anyone really. I mean, as long as your a person, I think I can learn to love someone, someday

  17. Nobody:

    Absolutely nobody:

    People in the comments: Nobody:

    Absolutely nobody:

    People in the comments: OMg I SenT ThIs To mY crUsh

  18. why everyone said that he send this to crush, but no one said that this song is magnificent

  19. I remember when I first met my boyfriend, I always tried to deny my feelings for him that kept growing over time. Eventually, everyone could tell I liked him, despite me always referring to him as my "brother". It wasn't true, I saw him as so much more, and it only kept growing and growing until I couldn't lie anymore and just… slipped up when we were arguing. We finally told each other about our feelings, and it felt amazing to let it out and finally say "I love you" and let it have its full meaning. My point is… don't try and deny your feelings for someone. It's healthy to recognize and accept them because we can't always choose who we end up crushing on. So it's better to accept it than letting it bubble up inside for it to only grow stronger. I don't know– just a piece of advice to anyone who finds this comment. 🙂

  20. I’ve never related to such a song –

    I fell for that boy I shouldn’t have fallen for,,, he’s the “trouble maker” and I’m just that new “smart, nice, innocent” girl. jakajow 🐱

  21. i wanna send this to my crush but i’m too scared of rejection.. i know i should just go for it and all but i’m just scared to and his twin sister is my best friend

  22. My ex boyfriend sent me this song to show is love for me………and cheated on me and broke up with me 5 time I would say he's the clown but I was the one that went back to him……..I hate and live this song

  23. lol most of the comments are about people about to send this to their crush, I thought what would've happen if i do it but INHALES

    the boy that I liked the most have still had a crush on his- well, ex-girlfriend cause his girlfriend's friend forced her to break up with him, She did it cause she didn't really like him now cause she got her eye landed on another boy, and he still liked her so I'm not sure when I should confess lmao.

  24. wow i cant believe how u people can send this to your crush i don't even have enough self-confidence to walk by him in the hall…

  25. I sent this song to my crush….well she's not my crush anymore

    She's my girlfriend

    And yes iam lesbian 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  26. I kinda want to send this to someone but idk if I should do it

    Don’t want likes I just want comments of what I should do

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