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Patricia: Hi there. I’m Patricia, a former
homeschool teacher and mom, and I love kids. Don’t you? Thought so. Nothing is more important to the education of a young child than classical
storytelling. But so many of these tales we know and love have such controversial themes
and messages. For example, did you know that Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn uses the n-word over 30,000 times? Here Johnny, try this one.
Johnny: Pap ran after him with a pitchfork and shouted, “Get out of here you stupid ‘n…neighbor’.”
Patricia: Sounds better, right? Thought so. Here at PC books we’ve taken
all of the childhood classics and altered them so that they’re more politically correct.
Like this old tale. …and then the Prince kissed Sleeping
Beauty, and she slapped him, because he didn’t ask for.
Kids: Consent! Patricia: Doesn’t that flow so much better? Thought so.
We are teaching our children to be culturally sensitive and socially knowledgeable with
titles such as Where the Indigenous Things Are, The Oppressed Native American in the
Cupboard, Snow Caucasian and the 7 Little People, and my own personal favorite, Bi-curious
George. Tommy: Ooh Ms. P, can we read To Kill A Mockingbird? Patricia: Oh, Tommy, don’t you mean To Put Down a Mockingbird because it’s for the Best? Why not?
And, now that it’s December, make sure you check out our special holiday collection!
Timmy: Oh Ms. P! Can we read How The Grinch Stole Christmas?
Patricia: Well, Timmy, The Grinch, he could’ve stolen a lot of things: Christmas, Hanukkah,
even Diwali! Kid: What about Kwanzaa?
Patricia: I’ve never heard of that. Patricia: My name is Patricia and here at PC Books I’ve made it my life’s goal life to make sure our children’s literature is politically correct. My kids, they even call me PC Patty. Kids: We love PCP!
Patricia: Thought so.

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  1. ohh Patty, M'lady!  Don't you think you show a bit too much skin there at the end? Almost had to run and get my fleshlight.  Best mark this [NSFW] next time. 

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