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  1. Samantha opened the lid to a pot on the stove and Paul Lynde's head popped out. Sam said "Uncle Arthur what are you doing in there?" Uncle Arthur said "I'm a stew away!" That man was funny.

  2. Paul Lynde was NEVER a great actor but it depends on your definition. He was also NOT a magnificent comedian. Once again it depends on how one defines it. The truth of the matter is that Paul Lynde could never be beaten as to his quick witted one liners – that's why & how he sat in that center square for so long but what Paul Lynde couldn't stand was being Paul Lynde. But it was through him and his position in the family that he found his humor and a way to get through his life which he parlayed into what ended up to be a full time gig.

  3. He was in a movie The Rabbit Test, theres a clip of it here on Youtube. Joan Rivers produced and/or directed it. Hes funny in it!

  4. At a photo shoot in Atlanta, I met Paul by the pool. He bought me a drink. He was so funny. I loved his wit.

  5. Show me: Paul Lynde, Dana Carvey, and or Robin Williams…and they all have serious abilities given by God. Most of us men…can't even "tuck our balls inside of our underwear" for more than an hour….these guys just have natural funniness.

  6. In 1979, one day I was on duty on the Quarterdeck in VP-19. The phone rang and I picked it up. The man on the other end asked for one of the (few) women in my squadron. I asked who was calling. He said PAUL LYNDE. And YEAH…It sounded JUST like him, no doubt! I told him to hang on while I send the duty driver to the barracks to retrieve her. I dispatched the duty driver and kept taking him off hold, telling him to please be patient. He laughed every time and made jokes each time that made me laugh. He finally revealed the person he was calling for was having a Birthday that day and he wanted to relay his Birthday greetings. What a SWEET, NICE, CARING man! She finally showed up and came to the phone and they had a nice convo – she laughed & laughed & laughed. At the very end of their convo she was in tears – not laughing tears, but sadness, missing him and her old life tears. This was a special day in her life…and MINE!

  7. We loved Paul Lynde, especially as Templeton, the rat in Charlotte’s Web. We were so sad when he died.

  8. I found Paul's laughter imfecuas, when he did the voice work for a cartoon called the perialls of penalope pitstop. I loved to here him do that evil laugh

  9. Lucky guy, died of a heart attack in January, 1982, before he would have otherwise, no doubt, died from AIDS.

  10. Don't kid us. Housewives noticed he was homosexual. He was therefore another guy they could admire and not feel like they were cheating at heart.

  11. Typical hollyweird. Your dead before you start. They just nudge you by giving money and fame. Not everyone can Hang on.

  12. Alcoholism is such a demon.  So glad he died sober.  What a challenging journey he had in life.  good and bad. . . RIP

  13. I never find him funny or talented….! Another so called comedic Hollywood actor with drinking and homosexual extravagance like the rest of them…!

  14. I remember once when I was a young boy of 15, I was laying in bed watching Paul Lynde……The crazy part was after like 10 minutes he woke up and asked me why I was staring at him.

  15. What's messed up is that people need to say
    "Regardless of his sexuality, he was a good guy". It's like saying, "Even though he's gay, he's still a good person."
    I try not to do that.

  16. That woman "Jan" who looked like and sounded like Paul was amazing. When she did the pome at the end of the film… that was touching.

  17. It is such a shame that some people spend their lives seeking happiness yet remain unhappy. Not understanding that they themselves are creating it .Some realize it just in time, some never realize it at all, and some realize it too late.

  18. This documentary should’ve mentioned his 1976 Halloween Special on television. Margaret Hamilton, the Wicked Witch from “The Wizard Of Oz”, and the rock band KISS were guests on that classic show.

  19. Paul Lynde — a classic one of a kind comedian and actor. There’ll probably never be another quite like him.

  20. Everybody but me liked Paul Lynde. I thought his comedy was lame and adolescent. He always played the same stupid character in every role I briefly saw him in. I have no idea why he was so popular. He was an idiot. That's just my opinion that I'm sure isn't shared by many based on this lame-ass video and all the comments praising this flamer.

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