Patti Callahan Henry: What I’m Reading (author of THE FAVORITE DAUGHTER)

I’m Patti Callahan Henry. And my new novel is
The Favorite Daughter. And this is what I am reading. [MUSIC PLAYING] I am reading Love and Ruin,
by Paula McLain, which is an amazing novel about Martha
Gellhorn, who also happened to be Hemingway’s third wife. But that is the least
interesting thing about her. She was an amazing
wartime journalist who was one of the
very first women to ever be a journalist
in that field. She snuck onto ships,
she crossed battle lines. And the story is so
much about becoming the woman she was meant
to be, not only in a love affair with one of the
most famous writers of the 20th century,
but in a time where women just weren’t
doing what she was doing. I am reading The Immortalists,
by Chloe Benjamin. And I picked it up
because the premise is so fascinating to me. What would you do if you
knew the date of your death? And it was one of those books
where I thought, oh, man, why didn’t I think of that? And she unfolds it
with four siblings, and we get to see all four
siblings’ point of view and watch their lives unfold. And it has mesmerized me. I am reading Almost Everything,
Notes on Hope, by Anne Lamott. And I have been keeping
this book in my purse and pulling it out whenever
I need a little jolt. Because not only is her
writing, as usual, spectacular, but she just nails it
in a single sentence and makes you laugh while
telling a hurtful truth. And I love her writing. There is an essay in this book
about writing that I think I’ve read about five times. She’s pretty amazing.

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