Parent Aid: Education and support for families in Tucson

welcome back it can't be said enough that parenting doesn't come with a handbook but parent aid is offering the next best thing with programs such as safe care let's discuss with executive director Allen stock Oberg Allen nice to have you here thanks for having me such a pleasure so like I said parenting can be very difficult and knowing the exact things to do doesn't necessarily come naturally to everybody and so tell us what parent aid offers the Tucson community yeah so our mission is to prevent child abuse by strengthening families in our community and to that end we provide home visitation services with our evidence-based active parenting curriculum we do lots of community-based education with also with our evidence-based curriculum of active parenting we also develop our own family enrichment workshops as well as providing lots of parental support groups to families all throughout Tucson yeah we were talking just before the the segment to that it's not just high needs families I mean no family's perfect obviously even even successful ones have issues too and so you're really trying to appeal to everyone correct our services are open to all families we do have some programs with some requirements but pretty much all families are eligible to enroll and so our services and so let's get to the heart of the matter and why this type of education is really so essential so it all starts with parenting right yeah it all can boiled down with that and parental support is is something that's often is often lacking in our community parenting is as you said it doesn't come with a handbook right and it just our classes provide alternative ways of thinking about parenting like no like a you already said nope no parent is perfect right yeah um and it takes a lot of times when when we become parents we we think about all the ways that we don't want a parent right or like I don't want to yell I don't want to hit I don't I don't want to do these things right and very little effort is ever put into how we actually do want to parent so a lot of times that leaves strategies not being considered right and so we like to provide other forms of strategies because when it gets real and you're in the parenting trenches and and any parent will tell you that those trenches will come like you know it hits the fan and if you don't have those principles in place what's going to come flying out your mouth is something that's that's maybe not so positive that you don't want and because your your synapses are so connected to all those ways that you don't want a parent so we like to provide alternative strategies and support to parents in and again and thinking about those things that maybe weren't considered as a parent and I like to say that we offer supportive positive non-judgmental ways to think about parenting and and we never say like this that there's a perfect parent but we just like to provide options because there are so many different ways to show up to your trip with your child yeah provide options and also help maybe some parents that don't realize this understand that at the end of the day you are the parent you are the adult you're the leader you're the leaders of this family and so what you do sets the example and sort of the structure of the family now people watching who don't have kids or maybe their kids are grown up now why should this effort matter to them to the right this is a question I get a lot like well if I don't have children why why does anybody else's parenting affect me and and the truth is it really does and there's there's some scary stats out there that like the more involved a parent is the better it is for the entire community and really benefits all community members but some of the scary stats are and this is I just find this one really interesting I have a background in father involvement that's how I got started in this in this field is that for every 1% that you increase father absence in a community you increased the teen crime rate in that community by 3% that's that's a really high number that's for every 1% another kind of scary stat is that child abuse cost Arizonans twenty three billion dollars in 2017 that's a really really high number and these are stats that are just not talked about because we often think that parenting is a very private practice when in fact it's it's it's community you know my parenting for better or worse directly affects your life and your parenting for better or worse affects my life regardless of of what that is so we strongly believe that we to breed and cultivate better parenting in a community is really where it starts and this is somewhere where one of our longtime supporter supporters of hampster heating and cooling really get this they know that for an economy to thrive it starts with family first that without family there is no future absolutely and does this cost the families anything really quickly absolutely not this is 100% free to all families which is wonderful what are the biggest needs right now by the way biggest need as a local nonprofit funds we always need funding we are a qualifying charitable tax organization so all of our funds may be tax deductible on your Arizona taxes so it's something we always need but we desperately need Facebook followers are like a form of currency today and we need those Facebook followers to visit us at parent aid at parenting Tucson and visit our website and subscribe to our newsletter really a wonderful effort everyone needs to get involved because like you said it's really about the community and everyone at large and how everyone comes together so Allen pleasure to meet you thank you as well thank you now guys if you're interested excuse me in free parental education and support visit parent aid org or call five to zero seven nine eight thirty three oh four

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