Paradise Lost Audiobook Book-1: Dead Poets Society

Of Mans First Disobedience, and the Fruit Of that Forbidden Tree, whose mortal tate Brought Death into the World, and all our woe, With loss of Eden, till one greater Man Restore us, and regain the blissful Seat, Sing Heavenly Muse, that on the secret top Of Oreb, or of Sinai, didst inspire That Shepherd, who first taught the chosen Seed, In the beginning how the Heav’ns and Earth Rose out of Chaos: Or if Sion Hill Delight thee more, and Siloa’s Brook that flow’d Fast by the Oracle of God; I thence Invoke thy aid to my adventrous Song, That with no middle flight intends to soar Above th’ Aonian Mount, while it pursues Things unattempted yet in Prose or Rhyme. And chiefly Thou O Spirit, that dost prefer Before all Temples th’ upright heart and pure, Instruct me, for Thou know’st; Thou from the first Wast present, and with mighty wings outspread Dove-like satst brooding on the vast Abyss And mad’st it pregnant: What in me is dark Illumin, what is low raise and support; That to the height of this great Argument I may assert Eternal Providence, and justify the ways of God to men. Say first, for Heav’n hides nothing from thy view Nor the deep Tract of Hell, say first what cause Mov’d our Grand Parents in that happy State, Favour’d of Heav’n so highly, to fall off from their Creator, and transgress His Will For one restraint, Lords of the World besides? Who first seduc’d them to that foul revolt? Th’ infernal Serpent; he it was, whose guile Stird up with Envy and Revenge, deceived the Mother of Mankind, what time his Pride had cast him out from Heav’n, with all his Host Of Rebel Angels, by whose aid aspiring To set himself in Glory above his Peers, He trusted to have equal’d the most High, If he oppos’d; and with ambitious aim Against the Throne and Monarchy of God Rais’d impious War in Heav’n and Battle proud With vain attempt. Him the Almighty Power Hurled headlong flaming from th’ Ethereal Sky With hideous ruin and combustion down to bottomless perdition, there to dwell In Adamantine Chains and penal Fire, Who durst defy th’ Omnipotent to arms. nine times a space that measures day and
night to mortal men he with his horrid crew lathe anguished
rolling in the fiery Gulf confounded though a mortal but his doom
reserved him two more wrath for now the thought both the blast
happiness and lasting pain torments him round he throws his bail allies that
witnessed huge affliction in dismay mixed with obdurate cried in steadfastly
at once as far as angels can EViews the dismal
situation waste in wild a dungeon horrible on all sides around
as one great furnace blamed yet from those flames no late but rather darkness visible served only
to discover sites have 0 regions asaro dole for shades where
peace in rats can never do well hope never comes that comes to all but
torture without and still urges and a fiery deluge dead with every
burning sulfur and consumed such place eternal justice had prepared
for those rebellious hear their prison ordain in utter
darkness and their portions set as far removed from God in light of
heaven as from the center traced to the utmost Paul oh how unlike place from whence they
fell their their companion that this fall or
whelmed with floods in whirlwind and well trained by
his side one next himself in power and nixon crime long afternoon in
palestine unnamed beals above to whom the arch
enemy and then some have been called Satan
with bold words breaking the Horde silence thats began
if now BSEE but oh how fallen how change from him who in the happy realms a blight clothed
with trends and in brightness did outshine myriads now break if he whom you truly United thoughts in counsel’s equal OPP
in hazard in the glorious enterprise joined with me once now misery have
joined unequal ruin into that pit now CS from what height
fallen so much the stronger proved he with his thunder until then who knew
the force have those diamonds yet not for those know what the boat in
victor in his rage can nelson flipped do I repent for change that changed in
outward last year that fix mind and high disdain from sense if injured
merit that with the mightiest raise me to contend and the ps2 contention brought along
innumerable forces spirits armed that deaths dislike his reign and me per
fairy in his utmost power with the various power
oppose in dubious battle on the planes that have been and shook his throne what though the
prob last all is not lost the incomparable will and study ever Venge immortal hate
encourage never to submit or yield and what else not to be overcome that
glory never shall his wrath or might extort from me to bow and sue for Grace the supply at me defies power who from
the tear up his arm so late doubted his empire that were low
indeed that were and no many in Chamba need
this downfall since by bait the strength that God’s
and this imperial substance cannot fail since through experience have this great
event in arms not worsen four-set much
advanced we may with more successful hope resolve to wage by force ok I’ll eternal war irreconcilable to a grand
full who now try ends and in the excessive
Joico rainin holds that hearing-ear heaven so
speak the apostate angel though in pain bonding allowed but
racked with deep despair and him the scented soon his boat
compere 00 Prince no chief many thrown powers
that led the embattled sayre them to war under the I conduct and and in dreadful the fearless endangered
heavens perpetual keen and put to prove his high supremacy
whether upheld by strength or chance or fate too well I C Andrew the dire event that with SAD overthrow and found the
feet at last this happen and all this mighty host in or about
destruction laid that slow as far as gods and having the essences
scan parish for the mind and spirit remain
invincible in Vegas soon returns though all our
glory extant and happy state here swallowed up in
endless misery but what if he r conquer whom I now force believe almighty says no less than
such could have overpowered such forces ours have left us this our spirit and
strength. entire strongly to suffer in support our pains
that we may so suffice his vengeful ir or do him i
ts service as his trolls by writer for what their his business be here in the heart of
hell to work on fire or two is Aaron’s in the gloomy deep
what can it then avail though yet we feel strength and
diminished or eternal bean to undergo eternal punishment where to
speedy words the Archfiend replied pollen cherub to be week is miserable do
you know suffering but have this feature to do art good
never will be our task but ever to do ill are sold the light as
being the contrary to his high will whom we resist if then his providence outta my evil seek to bring forth good
our labor must be to prevent that and and now to good still to find means that
people which of times may succeed so as perhaps shall greet him if I fail
not and disturbed is in most councils from
their deaths name but see the angry Victor hatrick all his
ministers a vengeance is pursued back to the gate that have been the
sulfurous hail shot after us and storms or blown happily the fiery surge from the precipice up
having received us Pauline and the Thunder win with red lightning
in impetuous rage perhaps has spent his
shafts and ceases now to better through the
bass and down this deep let us not slip the occasion where this
corn or see she HP re unit from our pho cease now the dreary
plane follow-on in wild the c2 desolation boy
tube light save what the glimmering of these livid
claims cast Palin dreadful their their latest end from of the
Tassie no these fiery waves there s if any arrests
can harbor there and reassembling are affected powers
consult how we may henceforth most defend our enemy our own loss how repair how overcome
this dire calamity what reinforce we may gain from hope if
not what resolution from the spare the Satan talking to his nearest mate with head
uplift above the way inaez the sparkling blazed his other
parts besides prone on the flood extended long in
large lay protein many rude in bulk as huge as
whom the fables named monstrous size titanium or earth born that Ward on Joe various type on whom the dan by ancient ice is held or that CBS
leviathan which got all his works created you
guessed it swims the ocean stream him happy slumber in on the Norway poem
the pie that some small night founded scare the mean some island of as
cement L with fixed anchor on a scale your mind
moore’s by aside and that the levy well night invest the sea in which more
delays so stretched out huge link the arc
screen lay chained in that burning Lake nor ever thence had risen or he used his
head but that the will and hyper Mission
evolved ruling happen left him at large to his own doctor
signs that with reiterated crimes he might he
put himself damnation welly sock evil to others and and enraged might see how all his malice
served but to bring forth infinite goodness grace and mercy shown on man by him said
duced but on himself travel confusion wrath
and vengeance poured forthwith a break here ears of the pool is mighty satcher on each
and the flames driven backwards slope their point inspires and Roldan
billows the even the midst abhorred Vale then
with expanded wean he steers his flight a lot of incumbent on the desk hier that
felt unusual weight till on dry land he lights if it were
land that ever burned with solid as the liquid-liquid fire and that’s appeared in hue as when the
force have subterranean wins transport Hill porn from below Rs or the shattered side
offender in Edna whose combustible and fueled entrails
them’s conceiving fire sublime with mineral peery aid the winds
and leave a single bottom all involved with stench in smoke such
arresting found the soul urban bless eat him
followed his next made both chlorine to escape the Stig in
flood as God’s in by their own recovered strength not
by the sufferance that’s a personal power is this the region this the soil the
climb said then the Lost Ark Angel this seat that we must change for heaven this morn
for gloom for that’s less too late be it so since he who now is sovereign
can dispose in bed what shall be right for this from him is
best whom reason had equalled for Sat made supreme above is equals farewell happy fields where joy forever
dwells hail horrors halo inferno world and I’ll profound as hell received a new
possessor one who brings a mind not to be changed
by place it I’m The mind is its own place and in itself
can make a heaven of hell the hell up havin what matter where if I
be still the same in what I should be all but less than he
Thunder have made great a here at least we shall be free the
almighty have not built here for his and the will not drive us hands here we may seek
here and in my choice to rain is worth
ambition the one held better to reign in Hell
than serve in heaven but wherefore that we that are faithful
friends the Associates Inc 0 partners have a las lie thats astonished on the oblivious
pool in call them not to share with us their part in this unhappy mention or once more
with rallied arms to try what may be yet regain have been or what more lost in
hell so so to speak in in Beelzebub the
censored leader of the zombies bright which but
VM nip it in none could have for oiled if once they
hear that voice the liveliest pledge up open peers and
dangers heard so often works extremes and on the
Paris age a battle when a regional assaults there
sure is signals that they will soon resume new courage and revive though now they
lie groveling in prostrate on young make a
fire as we air while astounded and amazed no wonder fallen
such a prodigious height he scares had ceased when the superior
teen was moving toward the shore his ponder shield Atheros hamburger
massey large around behind them cast the broad
to conference hung on his shoulders like the moon whose or through the optic glass to
Tuscan artists views at evening from the top a festal or
involved are no to describe a new lands rivers or
mountains in her spotty global his spear to equal which the tall spine kun on Norwegian hills to be the mass on
some great tomorrow were but a one you walked with support
on easy steps over the burning mile not like those
steps on heavens as a and the toward climb smote on him soar
besides faulted with fire not lissy so and the
word tool on the beach that inflames see he
stood and called his legions angel forms who
lay entranced their cousin terminal leave that’s true
the Brooks in bottom broza where the a true in shades high over
Russian power or scattered said to float when with
fierce winds or INR armed have backed the Red Sea coast
whose waves or through the Cyrus and his men peeing chivalry
well with perfidious hatred be pursued the
sojourners at Goshen who be held from the safe sure they’re
floating carcasses and broke chariot wheels so thick strewn
object in Los ladies covering the flood under amazement at
the hideous changes he called so loud that all the hollow
deep upheld resounded princes potentates warriors the flower Kevin one’s yours now lost its edge
astonishment as this can seize eternal spirits or have you chosen this place after the
toilet battle to repose your we read virtue for the easy find a slumber here as in
the veils that have been or in this abject posture heavy sworn to
adore the conquer who now behold scarab unsere rolling in
the flood with scattered arms and Zions chillin on
his swift pursue is from having gays to serve n the advantage in the cendien Travis down
the strip in or whittling thunderbolts transfix us at
the bottom of this call awake arise or be forever fallen they heard and we’re back chin up this
brown upon the weekend as when men want to
wash on duty sleepin found by whom they dread rows
and mister themselves they’re well awake nor did they not perceive the Euro plate
on which they were whether yes pains not feel yet to their
generals voices you know bade innumerable as when the boat in Rotterdam run Sun in
Egypt sepal day waved round the coast up called Apache
cloud of locusts warping on the strong wind that or the relevant i espero hung in like night in dark and all the land
at Nile so numberless weather’s bad angel seen how every time we know the Copa hell
quickstep another and surrounding fires tail at a signal given the uplift in
spear have their great salt and waving to direct their course and even balance down
daylight on the firm brimstone and fill the plane a multitude lake which the populace
Northport never from a frozen lines to pass serene order now when her bobber sons came to a
conclusion on the south the spread beneath Cobra alter to the Libyan sands forthwith from every
squadron in each band the heads and leaders that there has
tested they’re great commander god-like shapes and forms excel in
humans princely dignities and powers that arrest in happens sat on
Thrones the love their names in heaven the
records now be no memorial block it out and raised by their a
billion from the book of life know how they act among the sons of the
got them new names till laundry no idea if through God’s
eyes are friends for the trial it man by four cities in
lies the greater part mankind the corrupted to forsake got
their Creator and the invisible Gloria him that made
them to transform of to the image of a brute adorned with
gave religions for the pomp incall and doubles to a
door for deities then with a known to man by various
names in various titles who the heathen world say museum aims the No who first to last
rows from the slumber on that fiery couch at their great
embers call as nixon worth came seemingly where he
stood on the bearish trend well the promiscuous crowds to get a
locked the chief for those who from the pit of hell Romine to seek
their prey on our their sticks they cease long after next to see that
God their altars by is alter god’s adored among the nation’s round
invested by Jehovah sundry not have signed thrown between the chair been EA often place within his sanctuary is so
their shrines abominations in with Cara stings is all
the rights and soul in peace proclaimed and with their darkness test up front is
late for smaller already keen the smeared with blood have
human sacrifice in pain steers though for the noise and
drums and Tim rose loud their children’s cries and heard a
pacifier to his cream idle him the ammonite worshipped in robber and her watery
plane in our job and in Busan to the scream
about moes are non nor content with such a dashes
neighborhood the why this heart of Solomon he led by fraud to build his temple
right against Tampa love God on that appropriate shill and made his
growth the present value in on profit pence and black henna called the typeof hell next que mas the obscene dreaded more
apps on from our or to Nebo and the wild at
South most sabir am and has a bon and/or Nam sans rounds be on the flowery day let simmer clad
with buy-ins Andale 0 to the asphaltic pool P or his other name when he in case Israel in
the system on their march from the Nile to do in
one term rates which cost them more yet thence his last
yr orgies he enlarged even to the hill that scandal by the
Grove mall a comma side last time by hate to good just cya drove
them hence to hell with these came they who from their
border in flood avoid euphrates to the Pro that parts
eat chips from Syrian ground had general names bail ’em an Asherah those mail those
feminine for spirits when they please can I this
sexy soon or both so soft and then compounded is
their asses Pierre not tired or medical with joint early AM
are founded on the brittle strengthen bones that congress flash but in what shape
they choose deleted or condensed bright or obscure
can execute the area purpose and works in love or MT for Phil for
those the race at Israel arts for Cirque they live in string and pick went in
left his writer salter bowing low down to be
still God’s for which they had solo bowed down in
battle Sun before the spear despicable foes
with these in troop K master it whom the Phoenicians called at started Queen of Heaven with Chris and horns to
whose bright image nightly by the moon cidoni in virgins
paid their bows in songs in Scion also not and Sun where stood
her temple on the offensive mountain built by that eggs or is keen whose
heart the large beguiled by fair at all it s
is fell titles file them as came next
behind whose annual room to lebanon alert the
Syrian damsels to lament his state an amorous titties all the summer day
well smooth the Donnas from his native rock ran purple to the
sea suppose with blood at them as yearly
wounded love tale infected signs doctors would
like heat whose want ’em passions in the sacred
porch Ezekiel saw when by the vision led his I surveyed the
dark idolatry is avail the ANA to Judah Knicks came
one new mourned in earnest when the captive ACH maimed his boot
image heads and hands lopped off in his own temple on the grounds allege
where he fell flat and shamed his worship praise bag on his
name sea monster upward man and downward fish it had his
temple hi reardon as it is dreaded to the coast of
Palestine in gas an ass Kalan an actor on and Gaza’s frontier bounds him followed RAM on who’s too late for a
seat was fair Damascus on the fertile bank said that an hour
and far far lucid streams he also gains the house of God was bowled a leper once
he last in gained eighteen a has his Scottish
Cup anchor whom he drew God’s altar to
disparage in disgrace for one and Syrian mood where on to burn
is odious offerings and or the gods whom he had vanquished after these
appear to crew who under names have old renown Cyrus I sis orris and their train with monstrous
shapes and source trees abused fanatic Egypt and your priest to seek
there wandering God disguising British forms rather than human nor did Israel scape
the infection when they’re Bargoed compose the capital
or and the rebel King double that sent in
battle and an likening his maker to the grease docs
Jehovah who in one night when he pass from Egypt
Marchen equaled with one stroke both her first
born in all her beating god’s well I’ll came last then whom a spirit
more lewd Phil not from heaven or more gross to love vice for itself to
him no temple stood or alter smoked guess who more often he
in temples and altars when the priest turned atheist as indeed
i Sun who filled with lust in violence the
house of God in courts in palaces he also rains and luxurious cities where the noise
awry its Ascend about their largest hours in injury an outrage in one night
darkens the streets then wonder for the Suns a bill I’ll flown with
insolence in line witness the streets have saddam and that
night in giving air when the hospitable door expose a matron
to avoid worse rape these were the prime in order and in
might the rest were long to tell though far a noun the IRA in gaza
jóvenes issue held god’s yet confessed later than heaven on
earth. they’re both parents Titans heavens firstborn with his
enormous brewed in birth rates eased by younger sat in from he might he drew his own injury is
Sun ok the measure found so job you sippin
rained these first in Crete and I dunno in since on the snowy top court Olympus
ruled the middleware their highest 7 around the dow PNC or and Adana and through all the bounds
indoor clan or who with Saturn Award lead over a
chair to the experience fields and/or the Celtic room they are most
styles all these and more came flocking in but with looks down cast in damp gets
actuary and appeared obscure some claim some joy for having found their chief not in
despair to have found themselves not lost in Los itself which on his countenance cast like out
for you but he is wanted pride soon recollect teen with high words that
bore semblance it worth not substance gently raise they’re
painting carrier to dispel the fears in straight commands that at the wall
like sound of trumpets loud in plans be appreciated his mighty standard that
proud on acclaimed as El as his right a cherub call who forthwith from the glittering staff
unfurled Imperial then signed which for love I
advance shone like a media streaming to the wind
when janzen Gordon last erection blaze sayre pecans and trophies all the while
sundress metal blowing Marshall sounds at which the universal host absent a
shout that or the Hells concave ambiente rate
in the reign of Chaos an old night all in a moment through the gloom were
seen 10,000 banners rise into the air with
oren colors waving with them Rosa forest huge its peers and
wrong in helms appeared in Syria shields and baker a have death
immeasurable I’m on their mood in perfect for thanks
to the Dorian mood uproot since Oct recorders such as rays
to hate have no bliss temper heroes old army into battle and instead a breach to
liberate valor breeds furman unmoved with dread of death the
flight of our retreat not wanting power to mitigate in swine
Irish with solemn touches troubled parts in Chase anguish in doubt and fear and sorrow and
pain in a mortal or immortal mines less they reading United force with kickstarts
moved on in silence this of pipes that charm their painful steps or the
burnings soil advancing view this stand ordered from
or dreadful lame in dazzling moms in guys a boy is old
with orders spear and shield awaiting what command MIT chief had to
impose he threw the arm files dices experienced
I A in soon traverse the whole battalion
views their order do there by the business sector as it god’s
their number last he sums and now its heart descends with pride
and hardening in the strength glories for never since created man met
such embodied forests as name but these could merit more than that small
infantry Ward on by cranes through all the giant Buddha legger and the hair ok race we’re joined
that Fatah the in ileum on each side mix with eggs
in the air god’s and what resounds in Fable or romance a
booth his son’s bigger it with British in armor nights
and although since baptize our infidel casted in this problem and or Montalban damasco or more oxo or crab assigned or whom the search is sent from actor
shores when Charlemagne with all his peerage fell by Fonterra thus far these beyond
compare mortal prowess yet observed they dread
commander he above the rest misshapen gesture
proudly eminent stood like a tower is for me yet not
lost all its original brightness nor appeared
less an archangel ruined and the excess glory obscured as when
the Sun new reason looks to the horizontal
missed year short of its beans or from behind the
move on endemic lips disastrous trial it
sheds unhappy the nation’s in with fear of change perplexes the Monarchs
darkened so yet shown above them all the
Archangel but his face deep scars have Thunderhead
entrenched inc.’s out on this page cheek but under
browse and dont discouraging consider pride week in revenge crew is I’m but
cast signs remorse impassioned to behold the fellows at this crime the father was
rather for other ones beheld endless condemned for ever now to have their lot
in pain millions of spirits for his fault
Ameristep have have been and from maternal spend is flung for his
revolt yet faithful how they stood their glory
with a red as when have inspired skate the forest
Oaks or mountain pines with singed top their stately growth
though bear stands on the Black said he he now
prepared to speak were at their double drinks they bend
from wing to wing it happen close around with all his peers attend held him you’d
the race USA didn’t race in spite its core in tears such as angels we burst forth at last
words into war with size found out their way Almeria the mortal
spirits Opower is matchless but with the
almighty and that’s straight was not inglorious though the event was dire as this place
testifies and this diet change people to but what
power of mine foreseen or purse 18 from the depth knowledge past to present
could have peered how such united force it god’s how such
has stood like these could ever know to polls for who can yet
believe though after last that all these places
in legions who exile have them did have and shall fail serious and self-raising repossessed their native
seed for me be witness all the host that have been
if councils different or danger shunned by me have lost our hopes but he who
reigns monarch in heavens till then as one sec here said on his throne upheld by order pwde
consent or custom and his real state but for that poll but
still is strength sealed which tempted are attempting
rocker all henceforth his might we know and know
our own so as not to either to provoke or dread new war provoked are better part remains to work in close design by Frater guile what force affected not that he no less at length from us may find who overcomes
by force have overcome but hapless po space may
produce new worlds were out so right there went to fame in
heaven that he aired long intended to create and they’re in plant a generation who
missed choice regard should Favre equal to the Suns at heaven there there but to pry should be perhaps
our first eruption that there or elsewhere for this
infernal pitch shall never hold celestial spirits in bondage nor the abyss long when the darkness
cover but these rocks for council must Smith
chair pieces despaired for who can think submission war then war opener understood must be resolved he spake in to confirm his words out foo
million to flaming swords drawn from the thighs mighty chair then
the sudden blaze far round aluminum havin hi they raged
against the highest in fierce with crest on this clash on their surroundings she
owes the day in the war early in defiant or the vault of heaven
this data Hill not far whose grizzly top built byron role in
smoke the rest in time shown with a glossy
scare undoubted sign that in his room was hidden metallic or
the workers saw for that their wean with speed a numerous
brigade a sand as when bands at pioneers were spayed
and pick ax armed for on the Royal camp to train Sheffield or caster am part man on lead them on ma’am on the least directed spirit that fell from
heaven for Ian and heaven is looking to us we’re always downward bend admiring more there which is it happens
pavement trodden gold then art Divino oleoyls enjoyed
envisioned you typically by him pressman also in by his suggestion tart ransack the centre and within pious
hands right for the bows in their mother earth for treasures better head soon had his
crew opened into the hill a spacious wound and a doubt cribs have
gold that nine admire that which is growing
hell soil may best deserve the precious pain in here let those who boasts in mortal
things and wondering tell a battle in the works at men peeing keen’s learn
how the greatest monument to fame his train in art are usually are done by
spirits reprobate and in an hour what in NH today with
incessant oil and hand the new number votes cast perform nine on the plane in many cells prepared that underneath had veins in liquid fire
clues from the lake a second multitude with wondrous art
founded the Massey or severin each kind in scum the bully and
Ross a third as soon informed within the
ground various more than from the boy in cells my strange conveyance filled with alone
ok as an organ whom one blast of wind too many a row of
pipes the soundboard breeds a non outta there a fabric huge rose like an exaltation with the sound
in Dorset symphonies invoices sweet built like a temple where
Pallister is round were set and/or pillars overlaid with golden
archit relief nor did they want cornice or Fri years
with bussey sculptures grave in the roof was fretted gold not babylon no greater care such magnificence equal
in all their glory days to enshrine Balasore set up this their
gods or see their keen’s when Egypt with the
serious drove in wealth and luxury the ascending pile soon fix her stately
hate illustrate the doors opening their
brazen folds discover wide within her ample space is or the smooth and
mobile payment from the arched roof pendant by subtle
magic many roads starry Lamson blazing
crescents fed with nap the an asphalt s yielded
late as from the sky the hasty multitude
admiring and head and the work some praise and some the
architect his hand was known in heaven by many a tower structure hi
with cepted Angels held their residence and satyrs princes whom the supreme keen exalted to such power then gave to rule each in its hierarchy the orders braids
nor was his name unheard or unadorned in ancient Greece
and in the assignee in land men caught in local bar and how he fell
from heaven the fabled thrown by angry Joe sheer or
the crystal battlements from morning till noon he fell from noon
to Dewey a summer’s day in with the Setting Sun
dropped from the Zenit like a falling star on them know this Anil dust they relate a rain for you with this rebellious
route fell long before nor are to bail him now to have built-in
have been hightower’s nor did he scape by Liz engines but was
headlong sent with his industrious crew to build in
hell meanwhile the winged heralds by command of
sovereign power with of a ceremony in trumpets sound throughout the host proclaim a solemn
counsel for the with to be held pandemonium the high capital satanists
peers this summons called from every band in
squared regiment by Placer choice to wear the S they are
non with hundreds in with thousands troop in Kane attended all access was thronged the
gates and porches wide but chief the spacious holes though like
a covered feel their Champions bold one tried an armed and on the salt in this chair defied the
best at Pan Am chivalry to Mortal Kombat or career
woodlands 61 both on the ground and in the air brush with the hits a wrestling Wiens as
bees springtime when the Sun what are its rides pour
forth their populous youth from the hive in clusters they among the
fresh jusen flowers fly to and fro or on the smooth playing
the suburb love this job at Citadel new road with bomb experience you can
confer this state affairs so thick the area
crowd swarmed in with straightened till the
signal given to hold a one-day day but now seemed in
bigness to surpass this giant sons now lets the small
stores in their room from member list like the big me in race
be on the Indian Mound warfare eels whose midnight revels by a
four-sided or fountain some belated presidencies or
dreams he sees well overhead the moon says arbitrage
sit near to the year wheels her pale course they on their
mirth and dance intend with jock in music charm his year at
once with joy and Pierre his heart rebounds that’s in corporal Spears smalls forms reduce their shapes immense and where
large though without number still amidst the
whole that infernal court but far within in
their own dimensions like themselves the great serra at
Lord’s in cherubim in close recess in secret Conclave set a thousand in a God’s on golden seeds frequent in full after a short silence
then then summons red the great console began

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  1. This was boring as fuck…I gave it a like for its literature but it dosent sound like the reader took time to digest the meaning of the words regurgitated. But points for reading

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