Papoose – Revelations of a Lyricist

I'm here when the hip-hop legend cream oh I got you check me out now behold never sizzle yo haters try to cremate him buddy still exist I'm limitless envision this is Genesis I'm sipping crispiness till I'm spiritless welcome to the revelations of a lyricist haters try to cremate errbody still exist I'm limitless envision this is Genesis I'm a replication time spiritless the revelations of a liver cysts I can't breathe I got the smell of death in my nose bloodstains I got this nigga flesh on my clothes the best kept secret know that I will never be told sit back and watch them live on full level your flows cuz when it comes to the balls nigga I'm Godzilla when it's time to sing songs I'm King Cole when it's time to lace drag some aged black motherfucker lost or you wanna move a lot of walking your heart I feel your sponsor take half of all of your braids like we was partners collect my money and amber looks like I'm a mobster who walk through this concrete jungle like our small trucks like dreadlocks Rosco get a muffin give er a seizure like I'm a bubble gums do it for the network with the revolver you won't i would like die Koberlein Adolfo I gotta hear your albums i'm the author who wrote the myriad the question mark in a calmer wrote the first second and third water the salt off yeah I him steady go on but I go harder yesterday the day before the day is tomorrow blood sweat tears shit mrs. some awful but the passerby unit stroller cribbing the war for shaggy dog boy Jimmy your dollar no drama when I see you I say that's my son not cuz you're my man cuz I'm your father got a lot of verses more mustard trouble on the ground King like offer you find me on the block there niggas on sales don't even bother and then your customer chose niggas my solder next time you rag up make them larger cuz I brought you your selfie like you need a charge you're telling your blog I'm gonna bring that to you ain't never heard a name that cool spin 16 balls or change that rule somebody with no sauce made that rule the industry only alive this is the Bay backwoods Roger track like a Maybach smooth they say text jammu you but you gotta pop your gun right you gonna mess around and you pop you younglife they gun Jam up when it's time for the gun fight cuz they get so nervous a cock a gun twice what would you do if they had applied for your life and know you really able to climb you one right Pat pool play blocks with gum ice go play piece of sháá pit stop for one slice you some garlic gonna top in one strike now that's enough time to pop if you want right well if you ever pull out our eyes become night cuz I stabbed your whole block with one left they mad cuz I've got more checks tener legs if I wanted I cops in on-site when it comes to spending money i stopped at no price i take a long time to stop spending like the last night that boat by before another drop off y'all heading home block flooding with the jamon squad I see straight do you like a hydro charge my gun bus like I got no car I'll ever since when I look in the mirror I see O'Reilly around when I pushing my whip I see you rowdy around when I'm sexing my check I see you around every time I squeeze my dick up here round while your man so washed up if he could round I got enough balls to give you a 329 good supremacist a ceremony your masters and never sister never point

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