Papa Roach – Last Resort lyrics

37 thoughts on “Papa Roach – Last Resort lyrics

  1. I remember all of us kids in PE singing this song, and being from Sacramento made it so cool knowing a band from the area made a hit lol

  2. Tupac and Papa Roach were probably the most listened to artist when I was a kid. I needed those cultural lines blurred as a mixed kid with no real sense of relatable self in the people around me. I learned how to stand on my own tho. Head banger instead of Gang Banger.


  4. Cut my life into pieces, my life has been this shit , but today I'm gonna change this and don't give a fuckin fuck for anyone anymore!!!

  5. This song made me cut myself with my mcr vinyl record whilst praying to my Brendon urie shrine and drowning in eyeliner

  6. Haven't heard this song in a while.. But you just have to go "Suffocation m/, no Breathing" at 0:12f, right!?.. 90's kids know 😉


  8. People are either explaining their life story or making cheesy memes.

    Me, I'm just here cause I like the song.

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