Palestinian Poet Under House Arrest

37 thoughts on “Palestinian Poet Under House Arrest

  1. Israel is attempting to terrorise & demoralised Palestinians, at every level, in an organised & concerted attempt to precipitate a 2nd Nakba. To make life under occupation, so miserable & utterly unbearable, that they flee their homes as refugees.

    Israel is, in a very real sense, a rogue state. One that has violated almost every article of International law, human rights legislation, countless UN directives regarding it's illegal settlements & even nuclear non-proliferation treaties.

    If any other nation had so continuously & consistently been in violation of international law, in such a callous & blatant way, there would have been immediate international outrage & sanctions. But thanks mainly to the political influence peddling & infiltration of it's lobbyists in the USA & UK, Israel has been allowed to cultivate a "special relationship" with international law & become immune to the laws that apply to other nations.

    Despite almost 70 years of continuous violations, our govts have wilfully & consistently failed to bring sanctions to bear upon Israel. Despite it committing some absolutely outrageous acts of simply grotesque brutality. Using battlefield weapons & tactics against a densely-packed civilian population. Deliberately targetting schools & hospitals, dropping white phosphorous on a school playground. Israel has killed a Palestinian child every three days, for the past thirteen years. Yet there's been little attempt to censure this rogue state.

    We have the power & indeed the duty, to act where our govts have failed. We have the ability to instigate our own private sanctions by refusing to buy produce originating from Israel. Or from companies that aid, sponsor or offer support to it. #BoycottIsrael #BDS

  2. Palestinian Terrorist who call for the destruction of the country she's living in.
    Palestinian Terrorist who wants the destruction of Israel – yes she is in jail and for a good reason

  3. Sorry to say my country – the U.S. of Amerika, is as corrupt and prejudiced, biased, and worse as Isrieal is. Good luck to you, may Allah bless you and your family. Never give up.

  4. In Israel democracy is for Jews only for Non Jews like Arab is oligarchy for them. #FreePalestine #YesTo2StateSolution #BDS

  5. A Palestinian poet who's been on death row in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the crime of doubting God in rhyme form, has just recently gotten his sentence lessened to 800 lashings and 8 years in jail.

    Where's the news about that, AJ+? It's only news worthy when the Jews are involved…

  6. When I want to understand what is going on right now I look at real history, the Jewish Nation has turned into what was once their persecutors, I think Hitler stole their souls as well as their bodies!

  7. Thank you AJ+ fot calling her a palestinian citizen of israel and not an israeli arab like what israel calls them

  8. Non violent resistance is the only way to freedom, every other road will lead to defeat for the Palestinians.

  9. Can't say I'm surprised they'd do this…
    It's like Israel has a bucket list of ways to infringe the rights of Palestinians…

    What's next? Jailing clowns? Oh wait…

  10. she's gorgeous… we see it every day that the oppressors call you the inciters of violence and terrorists when you expose what they have done. sucks that she's locked up for just telling the truth, hopefully she gets her freedom soon

  11. Hasbara, Israeli students payed to spread pro Israel propaganda everywhere on social medias. They're everywhere, the world hates Israel so this is their answer.

  12. House arrest for inciting terrorism in Israel… instead of being stoned to death in the streets in any Muslim country. Israel actually seems like a nice place comparably.
    And why is talking about having freedom of expression like she lives in a western country and belongs to a western religion?

  13. If she wants to speak freely and have her own opinion then she's not in the wrong region… she's in the wrong religion.

  14. The Torah – Deuteronomy 28:68

    The LORD will send you back in ships to Egypt on a journey I said you should never make again. There you will offer yourselves for sale to your enemies as male and female slaves, but no one will buy you.

    Israel will fall

    Palestine will be free

  15. I don't like this disgusting Conflict caused by both Israelis and Palestinians I think it should end soon

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