Palat lyricist, Kausar Munir gets candid with RJ Sangeeta at #MT20Jubilee

all right Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM Bermejo Sangeeta and the milchie top 20 the Jubilee has returned the middle of Amla can Jubilee go and the person who's already getting an award today Cosimo Neal how are you well thank you very happy to be here apne lyrics silicon solid k and some of the amici top 20 my number one gonna hire a Scalia be Award Mira here but cubby life may occur isn't if a large bolides yeah most people tell me that you know I give them a very vibe it says duro come on our palate volatile exactly welcome adieu Rayna so I suppose no no unfortunately no maybe tonight yeah happiness sorry Ghani this year I think half the years anyways over 2014 may as a lyricist cubby Cusack er sá Carneiro Castle looks like they may not go sir but I really appreciate I like I admire the writing of it shad Tamil of Amitabh of Swan and I feel very happy like today I don't have anybody to come with me so I called up a madhavan's that you are coming now so you know I I think it fits nice it's a good camaraderie but one seongjo other than yours up cabassa Naya here in this first half of the year potaka go to the I love it like a good D song I want to get a tattoo you can pose together like that we need to see butterfly die too so over be next potaka that was going to be their mother I love that song enough to think about it my question is sub Cappuccio singers literacies and music is a hobby Judaea when how many on Bukovina kucik a bathroom a up console a negative dope a hot bath true make once again I got your bathroom constantly singing a song in my head I was at my doctor's office yesterday or speak with karani film charity Inspector Thanos or a snake Sangeeta Bijlani was dancing to one song called theorem the man may help shall roam a damag man I know it's a very bad song but it stuck admired its course in Munir and I must have very few people carry of chashmah maniaci lens Panna you are inspiring me to get the frames back I think it's part of my look yeah we're gonna chill what about dying your watch Julie congratulations thank you you

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