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you know BC has south through the upgrade we can drop and drag everything back onto the table this is an adult book Dorling Kindersley you don't make it as a human body which is a textbook we've been publishing the years but this is how we visited being presented in the environment obviously you can zoom into it and that was a very big thing at most probably of our Academy this is an online community of us she is the host and our that Laura Calvino's travel is an obvious application for mobile devices this is Paris you can create your own itinerary which we do here so day 1 day 2 day free you can also with a travel teller when you put the iPad down bring up a GPS map then when you pick it up again this is a detail about stars this is a kind of intergalactic GPS system when if you point your iPad out of window to the sky using the compass feature on the iPad it will identify where every four solar system you're looking and then it will tell you a little about star

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  1. Check out an interactive book called "My Colourful Life" for iPad. It offers a unique approach to interactive books and your kids will love it.

  2. Brilliant!! I love the interactive reading. This book engages all three styles of learning, auditory, kinesthetic and visual. Way to go!!!

  3. Everyone must buy the accu-text (TM) for their families. It resists bacteria, reduces cleaning and improves accuracy!

  4. @SomethingFullofAwful I think you underestimate the prowess of a developing mind to grasp new technology. I've seen very young children command the iPhone interface with terrifying fluency.

  5. Peut-on encore parler de livre ? Les applications proposées ont plus avoir avec le CD ou le site Internet que le livre.
    La démo illustre surtout que l'iPad va amener de nouveaux conportements et usages…

  6. FUCK NO! Illiteracy level is already low enough and now they're going to eliminate words altogether?!! /rage

  7. @metalhaze
    it depends on the age of the kids, if they already got a PSP, they would spend more time on their PSP than a iPad, it's a proper game console, you don't need to connect it with an external joystick, don't know if it's even possible with iPad. I think my problem with iPad is it doesn't bring anything new, something that we don't already have. It just gives us a bigger screen, and I think big portable stuff just defeat its own purpose.

  8. @metalhaze

    you're talking about a household sharing it, when family spend time together, most of the time it's when they're at home. how often do you take road trip as a family. you want to give your kids something to kill time in the car, PSP and NDS would do it. You're talking about checking emails and watching movie, you can check emails on the phone if you're outside. It's probably good for watching movie, but there're already smaller devices for it.

  9. @metalhaze

    most households have a TV and a PC, iPad doesn't offer many extra functions except e-reader. It's a "nice-to-have" gadget, but I just don't see there's a huge market out there as we already have many multi-function portable devices. As for games, there're PSP, NDS, and they're much smaller and "portable", iPad is too big as a portable game console.

  10. I wonder if kids who grow up with this will have the same nostalgia 20 years from now that I do when I walk through the kids section of the library.

  11. I really don't understand all the negativity. This is just the start. In fact its not even released yet. If you all remember the iphone in its infancy and what it is today (just 2 years).

  12. Looks, well, kind of tacky and crap to be honest.
    Who the hell wants to read a 'book' on a device like this and have the screen wasted with fake pages (the vampire thing)?

  13. Nope… just watched it again. Still sucks. Am off to set up my own company to make better than this. See you in a year. Thank you youtube for such an inspirational video.

  14. It looks like the brave new world of CDROM publishing in the 90s, where every bit of content needed a separate application (or media!) and lack of interoperability – even on the same device – rendered it painful to use.

    The web itself made short work of that world. This is a fool's errand if publishers consider this approach to be the panacea for digital content distribution.

  15. iPad has 140000 applications and sold a billion. Slate has billion applications & trillion downloads.

  16. Admit what? It something everyone knows – even if a persons an Apple fan. Just because its used more worldwide doesn't mean its better, however.

  17. Gonna love it when the tot slams the iPad into the wall like a normal child, walks on it, spills water on it… I'd need like, 30 dozen iPads for backup.

  18. – It sold more copies than OS X because Windows is more popular globally.
    – Vista was 'not' perfect – there were numerous bugs and driver problems with various chipsets.
    – They DO ship things that are far from perfect. Thats why Office:Mac 2008 is poor

  19. To me the thing MS created that's far beyond Apple inventions is the MS Surface. But it hasn't been spoke of since its first announcement, so…

  20. i actually think iPad is a fraud, at least for what it is right know, but what Penguin proposes is great. As far as they being clueless about how costumer are useing it they could create an apart-from-normal-use use, and that would be fukkin genious. Imagine your normal use of iPad completely shifted to Penguin's.

  21. @originalrecipes McDonnals is the best and the most healthy restaurant out there, millions of tons of food sold a year proves my point!!!!

    you fucking troll..

  22. @originalrecipes MS Office director refused to allow the development of a MS Office version (word/excel..) for tablet PCs that natively supports the input and recognition of handwriting, you know why? becuase the director 'hates' styluses. That is how full of imbeciles Microsoft really is.
    Microsoft is on the downfall.. check the numbers.

  23. @shoxite, Jobs said "it works better than a laptop" during the presentation of a certain app because of how you interact with the application and how easy it is to use it and get quick solutions, not because It actually "IS" better. You are misquoting… Do you work for Fox News?

  24. Watch the ipad Keynote and STEVE JOB SAYS it himself. "This is better than a laptop". The keynote is available on apple just search for it.

  25. This is nice, but that's not a book anymore. It's a simple edutainment/entertainment software of the type we've been seeing on computers nd websites for almost two decades already

  26. I love this but I wish APPLE would just say the iPAD is simply an INTERACTIVE EBOOK/ MULTIMEDIA product and not say its better than a laptop.

  27. *looking through my old games* Exactly! Not only that, but these games taught me how to use a computer. I can see it now: "mommy, why doesn't the screen work?"

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