"Paaji" – Ramneek Singh | UnErase Poetry

31 thoughts on “"Paaji" – Ramneek Singh | UnErase Poetry

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  2. Khubsurti is kaha shayad ab mai kisi lambe baalo ko bandne wale ko ya ya kisi lambi daari rakne wale ko uttar ki taraf suiyo ke milap se ya sarpe baande kisi lihaaf se nahi parkuga nahi kaunga use kuch esa jo use mushse batta ho dujo se usse chatta ho,…

  3. The rendition of the poetry is good, however the subject matter is of a coward. Get over it. Ive been a Sardar in India and the US and have heard it all and never once let it bother me. Being PAAJI is an attitude of courage not whining and cryng about!!

  4. we love u people the diversity it's nothing to be ashamed but proud . but yes small incidents of childhood leave a mark on us for lifetime the naive innocence doesn't understand the tantrums of the adult fakeness .

  5. Superb Salute, zindagi mein yeh cheez maine nahi rakhti, lekin jo aap ko batein bachpan mein buri lagin ho, dhyan rakhna voh aur kisi ke saath dohraee na jayan, isi mein aap ki zindagi mein jeet hai

  6. Hamare liye praji ka mtlb sirf bhai hota hai,,aapko apna maan kr apne se jodne kr bs apna bnana hi praji hota hai,sardaro ki di hui shahadto pr punjabi boli me meethepan ki aadto pr,hamara bhi haq hme bhi abhimaan jatana hota hai….

  7. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh.
    Raj karega khalsa aaki rhe naa koi…

    U we're not trolled but .. you guys are the pride of India ..
    Guys pls..#myname

  8. Being Sikh is the greatest gift a person can ever have.we should be proud of being sikh .We are different, we are not like other. we sacrificed a lot for our identity.

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