P4CM'S 2nd Lyricist Lounge – 3/6/10 ***SOLD OUT***

it should work rock and I'm here to tell you that before seeing liberties lounge is going down again saturday marks the last one was such a success that we had to do it again place was packed people lined up on the street trying to get in poets from all over la came through a rock the mic for Christ man people good blessed so make sure you don't miss the next one coming to the stage we got Ezekiel you wanna buy life for Christ as your line of credit and don't sugarcoat the message they're spiritually diabetic Josie revivals revivals filled with dead bones sowing seeds at dead Thrones tell me which man will send if he has to stand alone in our newest p4cm official potent sheena but you've lived with in the life of your i/o so long it became like oxygen to an end medic matter of fact it runs the very close of your being I don't be tagged even where is so focused we leave the gap co is flying in from across the country official p4cm poet car nets from shy talent is coming through anybody knows recruited by gracias or does everybody think that you're a Christian because you're acting then we got Jackie Hill official p4cm poet from st. Louis you don't want to miss this so get your tickets today online at p4cm com $25 or seven dollars at the door you think I forgot about that open mic session nine you want to be on that open mic list email your poems to info @ p4cm calm by Thursday marks the fourth and then comes the lyricists lounge to find out if you were selected if so be ready to blaze the stage doors open at seven pm p4cm lewis's lounge march the six be there

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