P4CM Presents TOO CREATIVE by Featured P4CM Poet Propaganda

so I was recently told that was too creative um how'd they say it that that I wasn't christ-centered enough and the peeps we trying to reach wouldn't understand your speech I told them it was cool it's not an issue I ain't so judgmental thanks for your advice I'm just not afraid of heights like like Christ wasn't afraid to mix spit with mud as if he couldn't fix vision with one word I'm sorry I get my creativity from my father have you ever been to the aquarium Google the coral reef for pete's sake thanks for your advice I just lost my fear like I'm not afraid of of a blank canvas I ain't afraid to beat a canvas I've been marred in The Potter's hands and God don't use erasers all on purpose but what keeps you up at night are you afraid of of midterms or or curfews or or budget meetings or or board of directors thanks for your advice I just lost my fear of gravity since his Majesty came and grabbed me I've often wondered how loud doesn't alarm-clock need to be to wake a dead man maybe you're right I am too creative see I am afraid of being wrong but if I am tell me I ain't afraid a correction humbly embrace lessons just like you shouldn't be afraid of I don't know city permits and submit to the process cuz there's not one city permit that can stop what elohim permits I'm so comfortable with sovereignty I'm so done wasting words and I'm so tired of lying to my father in the mirror see that's where I get my courage from my spine it ain't naturally stainless steel but you can have freely what I've learned from failing miserably and I guess the statement shook me because honestly I'm terrified I'm terrified of wasting time but you can bet your good graces I ain't afraid of a faces hearts of men wax cold I'm show mine sold its the guts to say no the nose dive follow Commandments that don't make sense God says learn to walk worthy and if you really understood the cross you see that command was such a paradox I think I understand now between heresies and Pharisees between schemes to get rich and work to attain wealth see this is why I graciously smiled because truthfully they scared they scared like most of us are that you were about to waste another weekend spend a couple hundred bucks to do the same thing you've been doing you're scared like I am it's your ideas your dreams they an original but you are just like your parents you are ok with mediocre yo grades they mediocre your product its mediocre and the best you've ever been and ever will be is so so homie this ain't a movie you might go bankrupt and fail like the rest of us you scared like I am that I have grown irrelevant like is this really happening am I still rapping still doing the same thing I was doing when I was 15 you scared you only give cuz it's a tax write-off what Africa to prove you ain't racist hey when's the last time you gave a gardener a cup of water I don't even know our groundskeepers name and that bottle wears a nametag you scared I choked chairs boy they way too comfortable the cost of one of these spotlights could have better an entire country I don't even bother you do it you scared that's you're born Eagles walking among chickens as if these agitated shoulder blades ain't never sprouted wings I was recently told I was too creative and I shook me to the core because I have no excuse for fear I should be rollerskating around Saturn looking down at satellites flying and if you mustered up the bravery you get this one day see I fooled you this ain't a poem this right here is a runway why you ain't flying why you ain't flying all ready to fly that's awesome

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  1. This is so great and timely. Admittedly, I've begun to lose the expectation that followers of Christ should be THE most creative people alive. I'm getting to the point where I expect mediocrity and dim reflections of the world's creativity vs. much that reflects our Father's supernatural imagination. That sucks. It's encouraging to hear someone expecting & calling forth more from the Church; not in comparison to the world but in worship of God and in trusting the Holy Spirit to guide us to the heights of a city placed upon a hill.

  2. Can someone break this poem down in the comment section please! I'm trying to get what he's saying but his metaphors are just so hard to understand! But it sounds so encouraging

  3. This was amazing. I believe there is no such thing as 'too creative'. Thank you for sharing this powerful word.

  4. 0:54 Interesting reference to "marred in the potter's hands" (Jeremiah 18:1-6). Did you know that Romans 9:11-23 uses this metaphor again, also stating "Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated" from before they were even in the womb? This from an all-loving god.

    3:57 "The cost of one of these spotlights could have fed an entire country" and some in the crowd go "Woo!" and stand and smile and wave. The church: force for good?

  5. Visit I AM THE GENERATION ! Its a christian youth youtube ministry thats going to get huge! <3 Would be blessed for the support!

  6. im sorry, I get my creativity from my FATHER. ohhhhย  I love this guy. we need more people in gods kingdom that have his courage. I WILL RISE UP

  7. John 9:6 When He had said this, He spat on the ground, and made clay of the spittle, and applied the clay to his eyes,

  8. Andrew Johnson that's the only thing you got from watching this poem?
    I'm not sure if this poem was a promotion of himself and his greatness or his attempt to empower other people to reach to his heights. I see he is trying to promote 'his cause,' (the Kingdom of God). But I don't see that he's promoting God Himself. Not to criticise, just an observation that I'd like to hear other people's views on

  9. Pretentious and underwhelming. If you must speak, find something more interesting than yourself to talk about. We all know that you think you're great, but your job is to do more than simply tell us so. Give us substance, or give us silence.

  10. I am truly now more than ever encouraged! encouraged to fly, to wirte, to do what God has been wanting me to do, i promise i been scared for awhile, but now i'm going all in! Thank you!!ย 

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