Oxford Research Encyclopedia: Education

one of the main reasons I'm excited about the encyclopedia is it's the first chance we're going to have as educators to actually get all the knowledge everywhere tapped it also means it will be available for the world so we're pretty excited about the ability of people to either use the online encyclopedia or ultimately the print based volumes that will come out of it it will be a great jumping-off point for people if they're just starting in the field usually when you have some type of resource like this it's very focused on the United States or it's very focused on Western scholars I think one of the great benefits is that we're able to have multiple topic areas in multiple disciplines but also from scholars that really represent lots of different countries this is a truly transnational project and we're also ensuring gender diversity as well and indigenous voices the globalization of knowledge means we have ideas coming from everywhere we're in an era of information overload when I first started graduate school it was information scarcity we didn't have online resources we didn't have access to so much information and now when if someone is searching a topic you go to the Google search engine and you'll find a million hits the Oxford chapters are all refereed they're all invited they're inviting big-name scholars they go through a substantive peer review process so you know when you're reading that you're getting something good as opposed to the hit that somebody paid to come up first when you search and Google being able for us to being able to revise and allows us to stay with them as the field moves through time and space there are a number of divisions to the broader encyclopedia so this project I think is will be invaluable so that people can see that the usefulness of looking in other disciplines focusing on the same problem anybody can benefit them from them especially students but also people around the world they're not written for a specialized audience but the people who are writing them are familiar with all the key sources in their fields so it's I think a pedagogical source meaning you're trying to teach people about the topic that you're writing on one of the benefits of this project then is that it's it's very broad in scope it's highly integrated it'll be unlike some other encyclopedias because we can now take a look at the world and say yes here's the nature of the research but here's also some major critiques of this research and here's where it needs to go you you

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