how do you are a boy you are boy but the noise noisy boy hey you my name is Thomas TomSka Ridgewell and welcome back to my name I thought it was time we had another little threesome we make a video with all three of us what did you think it meant that's dirty they thought it was time to overshare but in Reverse with the oversharing answering question game look what I'm trying to say is today we're gonna be playing answers and questions Q&A yeah a Q&A but answers and thank you yeah today we're gonna be playing a game cue a game where we give you give each other all Sizzlin then we have to fear all other questions off oh wow we're gonna be revealing some very personal information about each other to each other now on cap play along at home what's your score don't comment it cuz I don't care I'm done six thousand seven hundred and twenty meters a big dick yeah become Lancome Vegas come I've ever done no Charlie cut the tape measure Chuck Charlie look out oh wow way you are from home right now no I am NOT gonna tell them the it's pretty easy to figure out where offices so I'm not gonna be like is the exact radius of where I could give you a hint it is it is it is a distance but not in the way you're thinking thank you for both coming down to my height levels but are no don't okay it's coming back okay anyway no the highest you've been while still been on ground kind of no no I know you love this no it was exact hi I was at when I had my first kiss on a plane in the loft o matic oh the last place you got locked in the [Laughter] last place you master bird no PB but again I can only wank give him high up I need more innovation the shard really turns you on it's where I found where I found my dad porn collection why he kept them yeah we still got a poor Mac in our office what else do you do with a porn mag if you're not prepared to like put it in a bush outside a school or a park then you have to keep it you catch oh come on no you're not allowed caller you have to add them to the the natural order of things they're free kilograms of gummy bears the last thing you bought on Amazon fuck Wow what yeah I didn't even get the shovel I didn't ever suggest that you put them up your voice Oh honestly though I was every flubby god it's true what are they for he in well the KKK the last group you got rejected by cool oh I mean good yeah but no the name of your school group your little friend Griffin rock your pop quiz team name oh so close cool cat crew you are so fucking close your name of your band in school the name of your so close so that was a school friendship group was the name of my treehouse tree house yeah ISM a garden there's really more of it was a shed all the stakes but yeah and I was like I called it the KKK the cool kids club would be completely out of childhood ignorance and no one at any point went who let though I let him that he'll they write that unzips we're just like he's drawing the KKK fuck I mean he's gotta have a hobby I learnt it from my porno mmm hand jobs on yourself masturbating you yes how about vicars like you found pong before you masturbate yeah I guess that could yeah well I was obviously much younger I'd like I didn't know what wanking was I remember trying it in the bath once and I just peed I thought I was sad don't put that in don't put that in are you ready boys oh I'm ready boys white come you come you come one we search desperation that you're like oh I thought I was the only one are you sure it's not gone I can't believe it's not Cubs what is a good question I quit it's my least favorite type of chocolate Oh what about poison chocolate whoa here we go boys a toaster glassing broke no blasting the dogs broke no the last thing you bought no wait do you put the bread what did you last book yeah no like in a way your clothes as was I the last thing you had a sex dream about it wasn't really the last thing but I mean it except as an answer when I was 17 years old I had a sex dream and the person I was having sex with just turned into a toaster oh and then I was fucking a toaster oh yeah how many how many holes was in there is it was there for slice or to slice I guess it was a one slice for the sake of the dream one sliced our stuff yeah this is discount Margo's five pounds even got big self-esteem you know once but I didn't like it made a baby true but no dirty talk dirty talk give him a little slack be slappy hmm lick your balls I quit me too tasted my own ah I had I hid mine once in we hit yo my mum walked in the room literally two seconds off her fish nice but that was the best I could do that was the best I put in your pocket from the floor like just like Mike said you have to do with cum in your pocket no punk mountains are perfect receptacle it's just like done now I hope you get never get caught weave like hard drugs right boys my answer is silly photo op Tom's face oh the last thing you came on what's on your phone right now what's your phone background that's real fast haha look at that silly picture of my face cus oh he can't see it yeah I'm gonna do this just so the food um be taken out of context too much I'm attracted to kids sorry say it one more time okay I'm attracted to kids forget your blessed fear no I don't wake up every day go oh god I'm a few I thought attracted to kids for a minute better yeah yes and you're not but your worst fear is that you become oh geez I mean that would suck but no that is not my worst fear the title of your first blog oh you do know how you broke up with someone the worst what you broke up with someone that is correct I've broken up with my first girlfriend and she kept being like we can work things out and the way I just tried to get rid of her just be like I'm just attracted to kids it was maybe once but I lied about it wore a condom hence Rick no no I'm just gonna go ahead and so you're never gonna guess it no have I ever pissed in a cup and then sucked it up with a vacuum cleaner basically when I was a kid I was I was in my bedroom and I wanted to pee and I could be bothered move I peed in a cup and therefore oh no I have now got pee in a cup so they get rid of it I thought she had the vacuum cleaner in my room that's just sucked it in the vacuum cleaner and then later my mom empty in the vacuum cleaner accused mr. wises why is this wet as I I don't know cause he thought I put my dick in it so oh well I guess are you ready kids is it when you last came no no late last night in my bed I'm realistic with my original when you last had an extra central crisis when you last cried no when you last pooped no last time you sharted no okay I quit the last time I watch Netflix it's such a bitch big bitch a tiny Bible the last thing about mmm the weirdest thing you've eaten mm-hmm you don't kind of your Bible weirdest thing you thought about Ian do you put in your mouth hmm I think we've reached a point where the Bible in some form and some manner enter Tom's mouth both hmm no I guess the biggest issue right now is is is tense you're going to eat a tiny Bible oh no it's a plan do we thing you IND Coralie eats in a tiny Bible yeah tiny Bible wow wow well boys I think we've learned a lot about each other now um what was your favorite fact you've learned about each other my favorite fact that you ate come and the Bible was that to like to counter it yeah I needed watch my mouth out with God uh fuck man what do we well please make sure to suggest some more content ideas in description comment I'm gonna go bye-bye oh this was a bad plan Oh bye everybody fuck oh you do you


  1. a small bible is the first thing my school gave me and the first thing I ever set own fire with my own lighter

  2. Tom it has been awhile since i have watched you and I’m glad to see it and you have lost a lot of weight (I’ve sure you’ve already known it) but I’m glad to see you getting better keep up the good content too!

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