OUTWARD – New Patch HUGE Content Update! (Hardcore Mode, New Bosses, New Gear & More)

hello there my RPG lovers and welcome to another video 9 dot studio has released a big patch for outward with a lot of new stuff actually so I'm gonna point out the most interesting things from this new patch I'll leave the link in the description so if you want you can read all the patch notes before we continue be sure to subscribe to the channel for more RPG stuff because that's what I'm all about this patch is currently on the experimental branch on Steam just like the last patch so in order to use it you'll need to right-click on the game go to properties then beat-ass tab and select the public beta option then the game will start downloading the patch that has around 2 gigabytes after the petrol fishel goes live remember to opt out of this experimental build so that your game can update properly you can join out on official discourse servers so you don't miss any of those updates so let's talk about the most notable things added in this new patch starting off with a hardcore mode now we have the ability to select the hardcore mode when we make our new characters if you choose to play in this mode there's a chance for you to die permanently and lose that particular character if this happens your save game will be deleted and you won't be able to continue if you're wondering can you play this mode with your existing characters the answer is no you can't you have to make a new one and select this option in order to play co-op with your hardcore character your co-op partner needs to have a hardcore character as well basically both players need to have at least one hardcore character in order to play this mode in co-op I wanted to test how this works and what are the chances for getting your character killed in hardcore mode but as expected it's completely random like every other death scenario I went in a cave and got defeated for about 6 times in a row and only then I got this defense scenario you collapse body and spirit broken your luck has at long last run out no one is coming to save you no twists or fortune will protect you the harshness of the world outside the walls has claimed yet another victim you feel your body fall away as your soul goes to meet your ancestors in the great beyond you press Continue and you're in the main menu and if you try to find your hardcore save you won't be able to this mod is always welcome in RPGs but I hope that 9 dot studio keeps improving this mod because they can expand it in various interesting ways I think it adds a good amount of tension when you play but not huge amount of tension since you have a decent chance of surviving but like I said I believe that it's completely random because I managed to die the first time when I was defeated in a fight the next big update in this patch our new endgame items we got three new sets and over 20 new weapons I'm gonna show you all of these items in a quick showcase and I'm only going to talk a bit more about my favorite items from this patch all three armor sets are unique drops from the bosses and there are quite a bit of new and unique weapons but there are also risk in weapons with better stats the first timer set you're watching here is called pilgrim set heavy armor with really good protection and decent hot and cold weather depends it's also quite detailed if you look closely the next time were set on the list is called shook armored shook shook once the next time are set on the list is called shot karma medium-weight with some good lightning resistance and the last set on the list is called Squire Armour lighter set with all elemental resistances along with – stamina reduction and boost to your movement speed in terms of stats if you're going for a natural character this set seems to be really good my favorite new weapons in this patch are Kevin's great axe go stripper and thermal climber Kevin's great XD last nice physical and frost damage with decent speed one by the way if these stats are maybe confusing a bit you can check out the video where I explained all the stats in out words promoting my own shit here called the cups also the look of this axe is just awesome ghost Reaper deals slightly less damage but it has an interesting stat 15% mana cost reduction so this could be viable with some majors builds I guess also pole arms are awesome and I really dig the Grim Reaper style Thermal claimer has some really good damage numbers along with damage bonuses to fire and Trust but once again I choose this one mainly because of their statics and I really love two-handed swords and now a quick showcase of all the other weapons added in this patch you you the next thing in this patch are the new bosses that you'll find I actually took a peek at the developer console and I could find new bosses in every area so there are at least four new bosses but I believe there are much more so happy hunting this is really good news and I hope they keep adding more bosses in the future there is an additional season in the Merkur forest where is foggy and colder not as cold as winter in the terseness I actually managed to test this and if you want to see this fog in the game you'll have to turn on the setting called volumetric fog the problem is I prefer to keep the setting turned off because I think that the game looks very better without it but as you can see from this example you will be able to tell the difference between the regular and Makar better and this new season unless you take a look at the better meter okay next on the list they added the unarmed attack ok I guess equipment can be repaired at any blacksmith now this is pure quality of life improvement but it's great tweaked gold leech AI I tested this fight and gold which appears to be much more aggressive with his attacks but he doesn't have any new moves so he still might be pretty much various UI improvements the one improvement I noticed right away is this little number above debuff it shows you the level of buffs and debuffs which is useful of course one more UI minor change is this picture from the loading screen when you travel to different areas it shows you the way but it also shows you one area that's not in the game currently camerton is probably the main city of that 50 area which didn't make it into the game don't quote me on this but I believe that you'll see this new area and some future DLC shields now have an impact and damage stats and also shields related skills now take into consideration the new impact and damage stats of the equipped shield for their effects I tested shield charge and it does seem to inflict more damage depending of the shield you're using I believe that this was kind of broken so this fix is really good news for all shield users and those for the things that they found most interesting from this new patch but there are many more fixes that you can read yourself by following that link in the description I do hope that you see more great patches like this in the future so that out work keeps improving because it's truly an amazing game be sure to subscribe to the channel more RPG content I do in that guides news and reviews special thanks to my patrons and if you as well want to become one I'll leave all the links in the description see ya in the next

23 thoughts on “OUTWARD – New Patch HUGE Content Update! (Hardcore Mode, New Bosses, New Gear & More)

  1. I didn't include one more part that I recorded, so the segment about death scenario in hardcore mode is incomplete. There are around 90 different defeat scenario in the base game, and Hardcore death scenario is implemented into them. A lot of defeat scenarios can be situational, and not completely random. I think that highest randomness is when you get defeated out in the open. If you get defeated in dungeons, there's a high chance for you to respawn in that same dungeon, even a couple of times in a row. Which means that the chance for death scenario in dungeons is not that probable. These are all observations from my testing, so I can't claim anything.

  2. Honestky the best part abt this video was when i found out you can more than three builds😂😭i thought i would have to delete old ones. But the whole vid was cool that part just let me let out a huge breath lol

  3. Giving you a like as it was a super informative video with out filler crap, but as a Canadian I am very disappointed that you chose not to mention the Poutine they added, 4/5

  4. The game's already hard enough without Hardcore mode. Now just add permadeath. Finally a game harder than Dark Souls.

  5. any news on these updates for epic store. i should have just got it on steam but i thought it was an exclusive.

  6. hopefully we get beasts of burden and carriages
    i want to hitch 2 pearl birds to a carriage and ride around with a ton of loot like a normal intelligent person dammit!
    the outward adventurer is a normal person not a legendary hero of legend stop making us run the lengths and breaths of the land on foot with insane amounts of loot in our packs like legendary heroes of legend do!!!

  7. PLS RESPOND TO THIS QUESTION if I already killed all the bosses and I didn’t have this patch can i still get the new items ? I think not because if the bosses drop them and I already killed them before the patch is out the bosses can’t drop the new gear right ?

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