[ OUTLINING A NOVEL with Save the Cat Writes a Novel | Author Brittany Wang ] Hey writer friends! You know you're
constantly struggling with how to outline your novel and you're always
asking hey am I doing this right or is there possibly a better way well I've
got some super exciting news for you one you are definitely not alone and to my
dear friend and critique partner Bethany Atazadeh and I want to walk you through
the entire process of outlining and plotting a novel from start to finish
live here on YouTube using the Save The Cat Writes a Novel method and the best part
is you get to help basically save the cat writes a novel by Jessica Brody has
been such a game changer for both of us and so many other writers that Bethany
and I wanted to put it to the test with a brand new story idea can we come up
with a new story concept and outline a book live with our subscribers in ten
weeks well we're about to find out which is why we've decided to call this the
save the cat experiment so how will this experiment work well starting about two
weeks from today on Wednesday March 6 at 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time Bethany and
I will both be live on my channel where we will briefly talk about the first
plot point or beat of the save the cat method and figure out what should be in
our story based on that we'll also be asking for your opinions as we discuss
and even having you suggest or vote on things like character names and other
aspects of the story then on the following Wednesday we will be on
Bethany's Channel at the same time where we will reveal our final decisions for
that beat as well as discuss the next beat for the story from there we will
continue to hop back and forth between our channels each week for ten weeks
until our story outline is complete and ultimately even though we'll be working
on one specific story for the majority of the time we're really hoping that you
seeing and being a part of the process with us will help inspire you and help
you with your current work in progress and if we have time at the end of each
session we might invite some of you to share your story issues so you can get
some help from the group are you guys as pumped as we are if so definitely hit
that but as I tell you how you can get
involved right now first you want to make sure that you are subscribed to
both Bethenny and I as well as hit our notification bells as half the videos
will be on Bethenny's channel and half the videos will be on mine and if you
really don't want to miss a thing Bethenny and I have created a simple
landing page where you can sign up for email notifications and if you do that
you also get the password to a private page where you will get the full plot
outline as it develops plus if Bethenny and I and you guys
really end up enjoying the story in platform we are thinking about actually
co-writing this story as a novella that we will give for free to our subscribers
and if you end up giving us a cool character name or plot element that we
end up using we will also be giving you an honorable mention in the outline and
in the novella when it's done additionally if you want to get the most
out of this experiment with us you're definitely going to want to pick up a
physical or ebook version of save the cat writes a novel if you haven't
already we will briefly be mentioning concepts mostly found in chapters 1 & 2
throughout these livestreams so definitely make sure to read at least
those two chapters before the first live stream but will really only be skimming
the surface on all the amazing content that is in this book as we'll be
spending most of the time actually applying what's in this book to our plot
so in that way it will sort of be like a little book club where we're applying
what we've learned but again if you want to get the most out of this experience
definitely go support fellow author Jessica Brody by purchasing her amazing
book and we promise your story will develop in leaps and bounds because of
it and in case you're wondering these videos are in no way sponsored by safety
cat or Jessica Brody we just love the book so much and want every single
writer to be able to benefit from it however if you choose to purchase the
book through my affiliate link down below I do make a small commission on
any sales so if you love my channel and you want to support me you can
definitely do so by purchasing the book through that link the final thing you're
probably wondering is what kind of story are we planning to outline well because
Bethany and I love white fantasy and have both either written or are writing
those kind of novels we decided to plot this novel in that genre tube also if
Bethany and I end up writing a novella out of this plot we thought it'd be
really fun write it in dual POV so we would have to
make characters or like a main character and a very strong second character and
then each of us would sort of take the perspectives of one of those characters
while we write but besides that we'll figure out the rest of the details with
you during the livestream and actually let's get some ideas going all right now
if you're excited about this experiment and you plan on joining us definitely
let us know in the comments below what kind of elements would you love to see
and not see in this story and again if you don't want to miss anything
definitely make sure you subscribe to both of our channels sign up for our
joint newsletter so you can get access to the outline as it develops and make
sure you purchase save the cat and read chapters 1 & 2 before our first live
stream on Wednesday March 6 at 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time until then I've
had a goal for myself to get my work in progress ready for beta readers in March
and I've been thinking about applying for author mentor match so because of
that I really want to focus on my story and get it ready on time I may or may
not have a video for you guys next week I'm so sorry but whether or not I will
definitely be back here on March 6 for the first installment of this experiment
so mark your calendars set your alarms and until then happy writing

25 thoughts on “OUTLINING A NOVEL in 10 Weeks | SAVE THE CAT WRITES A NOVEL #STCExperiment

  1. It's this exciting guys!?? Let us know what kind of book we should write in the comments here! What kind of story would you love to read? What haven't you seen yet that needs to get written? What are your favorite types of characters? Favorite tropes? Also, what DON'T you want to see? Least favorite tropes, characters, plot elements? Can't wait to hear what you guys have to say and we'll see you at the first livestream!!

  2. I am so glad I found this channel and the Save the Cat blueprint. My original novel idea of a homeless girl, chasing a dream in music. Has transformed into an outline of the same girl, now living with her alcoholic mother still wanting that same dream but has a full B-Plot about her's and what she realizes later on her mothers battle with depression and how they have dealt with it in different ways instead of getting the help needed. Without Save the Cat, I never would have expanded improved and made a much better enemy for my main character to face.

  3. This is so cool! I'll be trying to follow along with you guys, given that university doesn't steal too much of my time :'D And writing a story from two povs does work! It's what my writing buddy and I have been doing since December. Our story started out as a hunger games roleplay, but our characters were so legendary that we turned it into an original! We still roleplay the scenes where both of our characters occur, so we can stay in-character. Later, we decide in whose pov the scene would be the strongest ^-^

  4. This is a super cool idea!!! I'll try to catch the livestream! Save the Cat and the Hero's Journey are literally the only way I outlined Aletheia. I LOVE them.

  5. I love Ya Fantasy. I'm so excited to take part. The live stream is midnight in the UK so I will be late to the party but I will be catching up xxx

  6. One – Excited to join in and see if this helps me plot the sequel I will be working on soon.
    Two – The landing page/website you made is GORGEOUS. But that's not a surprise because you are incredibly talented.

  7. I have an unimportant and nameless character feeding a horse apple slices while having a playful argument with her brother. People love that scene and the characters are only used for minor exposition. So feed the cat? or Clean the litter box? 😀

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