OUR TIME: San Francisco in the 70s – A Novel by Chuck Forester

hi I'm Chuck Forrester I've written a novel our time it's about San Francisco in the early 70s when Gaiman arrived by the thousand every month to live free not much has been written about the early seventies for gay life in San Francisco I want the show to be told it was a very very important story not only to me personally but to the gay movement and I'm still alive and I can write it and hopefully it'll give the next generation a little inkling of what it was like when we were liberated as the whole generation came out the seventies as we knew it here couldn't have existed in any other city because San Francisco has a tradition going back to the gold rush of welcoming outcasts I remember as a kid growing up thinking San Francisco was a city of freaks in beatniks and all kinds of undesirables it was the last outpost for people who couldn't make it somewhere else in the world they came to turn into stone [Applause] San Francisco was a beautiful city that had been abandoned it basically became our playground we were incredibly optimistic we could do anything we needed a Lions Club we started one we needed a health center we started one we just felt we could do anything we wanted to and San Francisco let us do it it's a story of paul bulan who arrives in San Francisco at age 19 he's always been gay but he's never been able to do anything about it he just loves it when he gets here I felt I'd gone through a looking-glass I didn't know how to start a conversation with a man who know more about sex than I did everyone here is so free and everything is going our way this is our time every generation I think has a responsibility to pass our history on to the next generation my generation we were rebels end of segregation in the south we ended the war in Vietnam we wanted to change the world with love we thought love was the way to do it and I think the new generation wants to change the world too they're rebels they want to change it with technology I for one have never been happier than the day I said I'm gay as though I am and I love it I just love being gay our time is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and hopefully at your local bookstores as well we want to support our local bookstores you

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