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education has changed since we were founded the latest research from teachers and educational thinkers informs the Cambridge approach which brings brighter thinking from around the world into the classroom to promote better learning we do this through six core principles that help shape all of our publishing you are the experts when it comes to knowing what works best in the classroom that's why we consult thousands of teachers around the world every year to ensure our resources are accessible and inspiring whether it's through school visits events or our teacher panel community of over 700 educators every conversation we have helps us to support better learning in the classroom this is the only publisher in my experience have actually asked for feedback in variety different ways and I feel like that I listen to as well as invaluable teacher insights when you use the Cambridge University Press resource you also have access to expertise from our partners in Cambridge and around the world brighter thinking means you're never alone at the front of the classroom our combined expertise allows you to focus on doing what you do best teaching while safe in the knowledge that the teaching and learning approaches within our resources are practical and proven embedding active learning assessment for learning and reflective practices into all of our resources helps increase student autonomy while supporting you to facilitate their learning language can often be a barrier to learning so we make sure our resources are accessible to both first and second language learners this means that you can focus on teaching confident that your students have the right level of support everyone learns in different ways and so using the right tools and techniques in the classroom helps accelerate learning for all from our course books to digital products you'll enjoy the benefits of easy-to-follow design and quality content all influenced by our conversations with teachers it's hard to know what the jobs of tomorrow will be or what expertise they'll require but by focusing on building skills for life such as the ability to Chris analyze information or adapt to new situations students can future-proof their potential which is why our resources focus on doing just that the resources definitely prepare the students for life outside the classroom learners around the world are growing up with Cambridge all together our brighter thinking principles evoke better learning in the classroom preparing students for their futures you

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  1. I have been teaching with Cambridge courses since 2009. I did my CELTA, TKT, DELTA (but haven’t taken the exam) and IGCSE too.
    I am really happy with your books and materials.
    I would like to learn more from you and to be involved in any event or study.

    Thank you

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