Our Daily Nada Brings Literature & Libations To The River Market

– [Andrea] We’ve known each
other for eight years now. So, I mean in the beginning
it was just kind of, you know I always thought, oh this would be fun. But it’s not realistic. We were both former lawyers and we were working kind
of a boring law job. And we would talk all day
long about books and movies. And Amy’d, had this
idea for a long time and she shared it with me
and I fell in love with it. – [Amy] You jumped
right on board, yep. – [Andrea] I think
a big part of it was creating a community space that people could
connect with each other because it just feels
like there isn’t a lot of that
anymore in our world. So we were like, we
wanna place where like, what we would do at work, where other people
could do that too. – [Amy] I had thought of a
bookstore for a long time but I had a though
of food or drink. And then when we started like, talking about it more, we were like, that’s the way that a bookstore can
probably make it. But then it kind of evolved. The name of the
bookstore is based on a short story by
Ernest Hemingway. So that was, I think, the
first drink that we were, like, have to have… – [Andrea] Yeah, a
Hemingway Daiquiri – [Amy] a Hemingway Daiquiri. – [Andrea] Yeah.
– [Amy] Yeah. – [Andrea] There are so many
possibilities out there, like, combining like, a
drink based on literature. – [Amy] So we’re really
focusing on new fiction, art and architecture, cooking is gonna be big just
cuz of the community around us. – [Andrea] Finding those
selections that people might not be aware of or aren’t, ya
know, front and foremost. – [Amy] We’re doing,
like, a classic section but we’re doing
overlooked classics. – [Andrea] Now that we’re here, it’s really surreal, actually. – [Amy] Yeah. – [Andrea] Some days I’m
still driving and thinking, oh my gosh, I’m
going to the store and like, this is
gonna be our store. (guitar music)

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