OSHO: Books I Have Loved

28 thoughts on “OSHO: Books I Have Loved

  1. Osho shook the very foundation of usa which showed its true fascist color and deported him.you can imagine his intellectual power.

  2. I genuinely told my Father this when he asked what I wanted for Christmas. I told him I wanted more love, more openness.

  3. Let"s keep in mind that he used to read 12 hrs everyday. so if he read from 5yrs to 50 years of age, then in 45 years one hour per book is..197,100 books..this means 12 books every day ..one hour for book..

    But also he might not read the whole book once he knew what the book was all about..

    In the beggining I had trouble with this mathematics, but later on I consider the idea that he developed certain abilities that only hard readers developed..

  4. i now understand the genesis of his wisdom. with all those books, he must have read about everything on this earth.

  5. Here's a little statistic on his claim. So if he read 150,000 books, then it means he spent 19 years straight, 24 hr/day for 900 words per minute, which is extremely fast reading. Or described in another way, he read 8 books a day for 50 years straight. Does this seem plausible? I mean, I trust that guy, but really??

  6. This is impossible. Even if you Read 3 books a Day you cant Read 150.000 in a Lifetime… Especially when hé is also meditating for like 1 hours a Day and helling people this is 100 procent impossible y Read 150.000 books. Doesn't even sound plausible…

  7. Today you don't have to read books there is youtube and internet to learn
    I learn a lot of things
    Although books are still important
    But yeah internet is best place to learn

  8. If some of the commentators who are questioning as to how he read 150k books in his lifetime should show some respect to this great man's intelligence and listen carefully to his words. He never read any book with a purpose. Once he gets the central idea then he need not read the entire book. Sporadic, random reading is enough for intelligent people.

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