ORKID – NoNoh (Lyrics)

I see you go from my window so long real slow I don't know you anymore you left um no but I don't even bother I don't even bother them hey you got me sayin oh I don't know Oh I'm glad it hurts that I was first to end the search I don't think of you no more guess you've been cursed cuz I don't even bother I'm alone with the mother you got me sayin check out things and go when I don't know they yellow don't come around here you don't matter boy Oh you always seem to find reason doing nothing no no I can't help you that's all up to us and you got me

39 thoughts on “ORKID – NoNoh (Lyrics)

  1. Please jo bhi meri baat par agree karta hai vo please reply de aur video ko like bhi kare in fact aap log reply aur like dono hi kar dena

  2. This song help me with my stress when ever i am stress i put this song on and when i am drawings for on the bus

  3. this is so perfect for me and i really mean it……..lol……..well this is because i am glad that i have stopped pining over a failed understanding between my ex family friend, who was also my best friend and classmate for three years in school……..in 2013 i tried to just patch things up with him about why his mum was so angry at my mum and i kinda knew that he would be having a girlfriend already and also that guy was two years younger to me , so i just wanted to just be friends again and i thought that he was always very kind and understanding towards me, i still thought that he would understand……but i was very wrong…..because that guy, though he is in the air force acted mean to me and that was when i decided to just tell myself "i came to you so that i could just patch things between our mothers and just be friend you and you act so mean to me by telling me "GET OUT OFF YOUR FOOL'S PARADISE" ? well, then, i'll really get out of my "fool's paradise" because you are not even worth my friendship" ………and guess what his parents attended my elder brother's wedding and i was totally surprised and also not so surprised because i really didn't expect HIS parents or him to come, but seeing his parents there, i really was surprised…..but i was not surprised at the fact that HE didn't attend my brother's wedding……the next day i asked my mum about him and my mum said that he was married to his girlfriend from the air force………and i won't deny that i really was happy……..

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