Oprah Winfrey Interviews "THE POWER OF NOW" & "A NEW EARTH" Author Eckhart Tolle (SuperSoul Series)

32 thoughts on “Oprah Winfrey Interviews "THE POWER OF NOW" & "A NEW EARTH" Author Eckhart Tolle (SuperSoul Series)

  1. Interesting to realise that it is not life situations that occur as such – but one’s own internal commentary upon such situations.

  2. My ego has saved my life at times from people who may not have had my best interest at heart.

    However, there are times NOW, when I have had to tell my ego that 'I' got it. And to just relax and chill.

    This video is magical and must be listened to over and over. 💞


  4. I wish someone else could speak for Eckhart…He is not a good speaker….he almost comes on as goofy…I respect his work however…he is a very sensitive man and too self conscious….in my opinion..

  5. Jesus is not the answer..Following his laws are….If you don't live the law of love and Oneness you can not be a Christian no matter how much you worship, beg and make deals…just follow the law of love..you don't even need to believe Jesus was ever around..it's the laws that do it…by following them…..

  6. Eckhart is a such a humble man. Richard Rohr speaks of Tolle often or rarely, I don't know exactly. But before we get into the name dropping fiasco, here's a fascinating realisation that Billy Boy Muhammed wrote about an extraordinarily longish yet short time ago, infinitely speaking."  

    (It has to be someone credible or we won't listen. If that's the case, then 99 percent of what Jesus and the Buddha said is unbearable).  

    "Don't worry about it."  

    Boy, this one steams many. "By God, don't you tell me not to worry about it!"  

    And, "Okay, worry your ass off about it." 

    And, "I hate you! I don't want to worry about it!"  

    And, "Very well then."  

    And, "It's not well! C'mon Canker Sore! Talk to me! That's not what I wanted to hear!" 

    And, "What do you want to hear?"  

    And, "Tell me how to stop worrying! I hate you presently!"  

    And, "Okay, that's okay if you disdain me. What possible problem do you have now?"  

    And, "Well, don't get cute with me! Feel me?"  

    And, "Yes, feelings."  

    And, "Pardon me?"  

    And, "Yes, that's reasonable but I'm not a Priest." 

    And, "Damn you! I hate you now!"  

    And, "Very good! Now you know what you already knew."  

    And, "Sweet Mother of Madness! I don't know what to think! See, See?"

    And, "See-saw?"

    And, "This is getting more absurd with each passing word! I like seesaws, however."

    And, "Absurdity! I see an increasing degree of absurdity since I saw."

    And, "Saw what? The train derailed five minutes ago and I don't like it one bit, Power Boy!"

    And, "I like Power Bars and Jelly Beans."

    And, "What the? This is pure insanity and I can't bear you a second longer."

    And, "Then there'e nothing left to hate and oppose."

    And, "Why's that?"

    And, "You've given birth to now."

    And, "How so?"

    And, "You're out of seconds."

    And, "Aw hell no! What's next?"

    And, "Nanoseconds."

    And, "But I…"

    And, "You can't qualify nothing. You're flat out of it."

    And, "I love. you."

    And, "You never had any other choice."

  7. Where are you when you plan? If you're not now, where in the hell are you? That's absurd. "I enjoy planing and ruminating insufferably. Will you make me miserable?"

  8. inner resistence , the circuits can function on all 4's and the pineal and especially the adrenal gland.

  9. Look this guy is a bloody genius I say to myself on one level. But part of me doubts he represents the ultimate truth which for a Christian like me is Jesus Christ. Maybe Jesus Christ/God sent him in disguise to wake up Christians who had misunderstood the Gospel message.

  10. Tolle proves to me that my Christian faith has not been passed on to me in the way God intended. Doesn't God want us to live in the present? Not dwell on our past sins?

  11. But Tolle would like to think he is presenting "the truth" here. His book has become a Bible for many. His ideas are becoming an ideology, a set of ideas. Many believe in Tolle as a saviour, a key to their happiness. Has anyone challenged these ideas?

  12. Im trying to integrate Tolle's ideas with Christianity. Has anyone tried this? with any success?

  13. This new stream of state of conciousness is not a new thing, it's evident over 2000 years ago in the teachings of religeon as an awareness. Either it's always been the way or it's been in decline for more than 2000 years, hence the need to talk about it.

  14. This is how unaware I am. I didn’t notice oprah was talking to him not in person but through a tv until 20 minutes in

  15. If you have been born again in Jesus Christ ,it is not true that you need the other to feel your own sense of identity stronger. At the point you have accepted Christ as your Savior, the things of this world fall away. It is He who lives through you ,and He, who has made you whole. Do not be distracted from the Truth.  I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no man cometh to the Father, but by me. John 14:6.

  16. This is so tiresome. I may be closed mind, living in denial. I don't know. but every time I tr to listen to those things I feel tired. You are happy or unhappy. If you are unhappy is because something is wrong. Your health is not good, your financial is not good, or relationship is not good. Get it right and you will be happy again. Period. They have a product, in his case a book, and Oprah has also something to sell. They want to cash in our pain.

  17. How does that work if you feel or believe there is a current injustice? & how do you express & document your expectations &/or goals?

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