Opera Jobs: The Composer

I've been writing music since I was about four years old and one of our five boys and me to have very very different talents we were just allowed to be and breathe whatever things we enjoy doing I guess I gravitated to opera because of the size of the canvas I have a full symphonic orchestra a chorus of 40-plus and a rafter of soloists I meet with the librettist team to talk about what the ideas are what our shared ideas up before I said to know I look for where all the dramatic arcs are I look for where the high points and low points that most of compassion of rage and wants to do that I then begin writing I write for neurologically which sounds obvious but some don't I normally aim to do about a minute and 30 seconds of music a day sometimes I have a kind of 3-minute day sometimes I have a 45 second day so a fully symphonic opera takes me about 10 to 12 months to write I developed this quite unusual symbiotic relationship with my caste in as much as they're my God's in that they give voice to all my melodies and my thoughts and my emotional outpourings as I'm writing I have software that plays my scores back to me but I don't hear the score in its entirety until we get to what's called the sits probe but the seated rehearsal where the orchestra the soloists and generally the chorus will meet in one room – the first time that moment is knowing electric that's one of the moments where you're reminded why you're doing what you're doing when you have a hundred people in a room and they're there for the sole purpose of bringing your stories to life I'm Ian Bell and I'm an opera composer you

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