Open Gym: Presented by Bell | Round 2 | Poetic Justice

31 thoughts on “Open Gym: Presented by Bell | Round 2 | Poetic Justice

  1. First Coach Brown and then Coach Budenholzer now, a former player of his turned Coach, it's Coach Kerr. Kawhi has a Pop hit list where he's taking down all Coach Popovich's young Jedi's. The force is strong in this one called Kawhi.

  2. That Embiid shit was wack lmao. Guy is sick or hurt or sad when he loses but when hes winning hes doing cartwheels and shit LOL hold that L

  3. Gotta love these boys! This playoff run is everything I love about basketball – passion, hustle and teamwork. Wish you luck in the Finals!

  4. 76ers had the most talented roster in the east this year, in my opinion. What an amazing win over them

  5. If they win the championship they should make a movie about it. They should start the movie with Vince carter hitting that shot couple secs left In the game

  6. Too bad that there is not a LOVELY BOTTOM to rate this video, I am so proud of this team, I am so proud to be Canadian, tears runned down when watching this video, all I can say is THANKS RAPTORS, does not matter what happends next, I am so so so proud of you guys and I am so proud to be part of this Magnificent City called TORONTO!!!!!!

  7. Wait till u get to watch a NBA Championship video. Chills through out. Hope my Canadian friends get to experience that

  8. I'll never forget this series. There was some tough moments and through all that WE THE NORTH made it through. Ibaka came up HUGE in Game 7

  9. Anyone else watching this after the bucks series and notice at 18:42 Drake give a little pre-massage to Nurse loll. It was foreshadowing what was coming

  10. I'm re-watching this before Game 6, of the Bucks series. It's so well done. The mixture of old and new storylines, and of course, the thrilling conclusion. I still can't believe it. I'm 43. It wasn't until Vince, that I truly got behind the Raps…and I'll never forget just how painful that loss was, all those years ago.

    The Alvin Williams segment was so important, because me and all my friends were like, "We'll be back next year"…only to see management begin to mess things up…to see your superstar player actively trying to get traded…to horrible picks…uninterested journeymen players…tank nation…massive regular season progress, contrasted with even bigger playoff disappointments.. LeBronto…trading away the most loyal Raptor, in franchise history…firing the Coach of the Year, and replacing him with his virtually unknown assistant coach…wondering if this was going to be worth it, for someone who probably never thought about playing for the Raps…the load management…wondering if the team was tight…constantly hearing about how our superstar player was going to leave, at the first opportunity…to the deadline trades…going all in, on this year…losing game one against Orlando…all the missed open looks…watching Embid troll us..not closing out in Game Six against Philly…to the missed free throws with 10.4 seconds left, in Game Seven…Jimmy Butler tying it…and then that glorious, incredible, improbable, final shot…



  11. "If you go up 2-0, the series isn't over, but… the odds are astronomical in your favour that you're going to win the series", Dave McMenamin. Looks like the bucks are choking those odds 🙂

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