Only wizard in the Chicago phone book Files #1 Fantasy Audiobook

22 thoughts on “Only wizard in the Chicago phone book Files #1 Fantasy Audiobook

  1. Love butchers Dresden books but damn harry is inept sometimes and murphy…. totally thick headed and blind can't imagine harry considering Murphy his friend when she clearly considers him just a tool to be used and discarded..oh actually makes sense she is a woman after all. This will draw some hate 🙂

  2. "the only wizard in the phone book, would you believe it?" why would that be hard to believe? seeing even one would totally surprise me. well read but not a good start for a book, to act as though something totally unbelievable would be so for a completely unbelievable reason

  3. This Is Awesome! We all need top creativity, in writing, production and narrative, so we can affirm that we are, indeed, alive and kicking. This is vividly alive in my mind, thank you for this presentation.

  4. ".. cool and windy like it usually was in March", LOL! Try frigid and windy, cool is not a word for March in Chicago…

  5. 3:24:30 😂😂 He says spell-slinger as "spells linger" and you can sense he knew he fvcked up!🤣🤣

  6. Marsters is a fabulous reader – i didn't realize it was him till i looked at the comments .he's perfect for this character.

  7. Thanks for posting this. Me and my older brother used to listen to this audio book on car trips. And he recently passed away. So I've been watching these to feel close to him again. Thanks again. Its helped alot.

  8. everything about these audiobooks is FANTASTIC!!!!! Thk u so much 4 posting 🙂 And im buying all the books this series!!!

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