One Smart Cookie Author Amy Krouse Rosenthal

my name is Amy Kraus Rosenthal and I am thrilled to unveil one smart cookie it is the most recent cookies book in the cookie series starting with the original cookies bite sized life-lessons then Christmas cookies then sugar cookies sweet little lessons on love and so with one smart cookie this was a way for me to think of what haven't I said yet what are the most important words that I want to leave readers with my children with that they may not have learned yet from the other cookies books and it would be the kinds of words that would be as applicable and relevant and important to a child starting the first day of kindergarten or the last day of high school I'm going to give you a taste of one smart cookie so here are a few words from the book compromise compromise means she wanted to make really big cookies but he wanted to make teeny tiny cookies so they thought about it together and decided to make medium size cookies empathy means your feelings somehow came into my feelings and it feels to me like you could use a cookie right now persevere she's one of my favorite word's means we kept trying and trying and even though this new recipe was super difficult we never gave up even when we ruined the cookies for the tenth time Jane Dyer and her daughter Brooke Dyer captured the essence of one smart cookie in the most beautiful remarkable way I feel really really privileged to be working with both of them on this book and the whole series here's the lesson that I hope readers will take away from this book I'm convinced that children of all ages can learn big words just as easily as they use smaller words and it's really just a matter of how you dish it up so that's what this book is – do I want readers of all ages to learn something from this book however I really really didn't want it to be preachy I wanted it to be chocolate

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