One on One with Hon. Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh, Minister of Education.

you next year with about seven Indian Affairs mm-hmm if fresh air procedure Mahalo Jordanna Muhammad breast okay if we say yeah trusted to University of Alabama assemble yet the committee Tsukuba regime new moon CC a7 and saccharine Santa and by a Quadra by a tiki over transitional averse device justice denied cuckoo brokerage committee of Vice Chancellors Yeti poverty revealed not the or Daniel ASR time did not copy of Isis's or Tiago gem of a universal star tactic are at the afar lct for the Salafi our transit email fee a unique the father carmine and if our proofs are foggy I know a former mr. for education and it's also OB it was should be we possess a whit about silicosis area committee of ice translator sacrifices gladden echo g41 home page of the ties with as I so if I start suppose of ketchup I say or the university its culture via the abaya on check counselor counselor ajumma and this was in twenty seven twenty seventeen Vice Chancellors committed area Association who knew became and so minute because I'm trouble is over Jessica go over G a plate of the tightest announcement and mommy chief director focuses on you can say that education especially public education country we had the Eroica say Minister three commercial remain just okra Del Naja gone and now Freddie Oh geodon said the Obama D another goodness I open the creditor oh yay I don't know from a sudden I am potato gun handy expensive food Kosovo so the crash service a man suddenly was super super ha hecho por el chavo be necessary Babbage ha1 who see if I chances the Italian or following a undercover police so what we are cuttin crow or Ghana opening a paid advertisement so Minister offered occasion me I've been a by importantly investing what's up car it is a bypass on yet council yeah yeah cancel now cancel activity I forget and then the call a cohort and I really really displeased but Calipari serves a boob in mercy that's where she a CNS here no no they should arrest up a charger for the trespass be courted to be in Castle CUDA vice-chancellor if they occurred to you buddy validity money acumen is a job offers of cava with a dress no no no aunty back to first question on my nose biancalana via valve okay Anna lucasta initiator and check and I can use the edge of doom Musharraf we need let's just be and the Utah for a supply Bay you type rested over trouble studio say a mystic council decision before Boccaccio's everyone it's a Bugaboo shaker SOPA de años aquí esta Casa Blanca Oh certainly bar lamp and acridity yeah but she said a false false leadership not baby abacus are not to be be a Britney because of self-interest over culture biases a bypass or change the graph for us the council's and youma marker they were constitutionally appointed by the president Ghana's Constitution say you're nominating plan and that's a denomination and then oka council also and here president and the fabric in and the president's just a microphone and democracy in origin now then iust cancel me as such a committee that would we be paid necessary data custody any power I forget I didn't offer to the table and you could here with you you make me as mystification I haven't acted that only you can report University don't exceed coordinate T disciplinary committee an A with prime on chief oh yeah consumer and the down motion in emotion Shipman and then by University Council I walk to me so but were you a diablo 3 ohyea in the University Council FM device turns line 23 others yes Yoko reporter wo course could see same on a simple F a.m. it's over catch a baby dystrophic the kitchen sir may 5 okay Xiao kou Zi hua what creativity power yeah if I said by Endemol USD Transylvania moisture the cannot take a said by I did I invested console between no Cooper daddy never see me suffocation this sob Calhoun chassis and you could report the upid well let me ask this question of yatra so if say new accounts or no energy move it Jennifer de havoc any 23 others in the Eddie sir son send some monaca PA yo cranium NASA yourselves and some new computer different issues Nicole Ukrainian uses the community yoku extract you but Yuma long before sunny Vista console neighbor yo coast and legible long before select just across early in which issues and I equation issues not become awesome Wakaba principles and so opinion you do suburbia well you you user will be everything but not so focus on now and yet not take each atom that's a military career I don't know further silk okay listen serbia consolação improperly constituted a same kind of here Saeko to baby I gotta happen to work range to he be before him say he neared YouTube and a concourse a TV but if reverse to do her as to future Bugatti knee and a consult row for new be had come to crutches a a take a several trillion detectable oh so I suppose that we came you know yet oh yeah president ever he oh yeah president for yeah see and that's why President Organa in case of security planning number one personal to because of me see that I perform president ok Supreme Court to see hundred judges need dependent be beyond so Billy Jack Oh too much not so big Papa but here an executor of the state they were hey brother states that the president Adar know and recess or interfere Supreme Court as a on Sharia nap after – Babu Supreme Court building insanity key actually Texas MCC now our children naturally produces you be a gentleman honey through course or professor in your about the position of the Minister of Education Award on as well as the Ministry is concerned human equal center annually legitimate constituted a council and that's a property and a committee decision over the hotel consider council yieldco phonetic I don't see anything wrong okay military specification OB alpha D biame me I just said Cochrane so decision oh yeah – boo in fact it's been about nearly two years yes and the Reverend Father of Albany remains the legitimate violence as far as education as far as I'm concerned this week analyzer now could be a submersible sincere about this a press the Bahama and I've tried to 3312 here happy before the assembly Concordia's na Nana do attract have a free TV no Cabinet Office no Quattro said when are you president they said you see what you should implications of their consumer study Wow if I said good I can search ever yes yeah you would and local courts anyway and I quoted the amount while between you walk with you sir who's that even when you have a question even execution for this service yeah Shaboom one that got executed and lawfully constituted court I'm not not that you just don't get to people I don't play with you about you for the way Vice Chancellors ng for you there Emre advocating and every leisure they were responsible people reversed yeah everybody should get up and speak again I work at it and you call on the police to arrest let's see Elmo was a gunner police would not incur a submersible maker the NEC and ricean arsenic as a billet of education success see I wish Orinoco beauteous said be a vice chancellor no Bashar could you has be a vice chancellor no bazooka tech will assemble Mystic River chaos to me I'm condemning and sergeyeva can see if the st. Joseph's nama dynasty yeah once you on this matter gravy yeah it should sound so bad if there is which according to court you know grandma can can there is a report you say you couldn't obey and this was all the big question you you are invited me to Rebs I don't want to go okay simple the big now my aw sorry William yeah more than GI time damiana seldom piano police in charge you ask Minister of Education you've made that point clearly see us as we speak because Unruh meet you have okay um I already signed a statement no games no no and I was like wow going forward and the uew student it's you or more I am worried said why always uew de Bain assume GM Abajo Ministry of Education and animal catches a student reducer eww we are only possible by Musa lose again – sorry Oakley Abbas Abbas on nonlinear example oh god ah Luba sudachi I'm sorry I said cause she was just been an idea yeah uh compositions were probably worse the future may final question on this buyer say there are already allegations say niyama and Nam some accounts or no he decided on Avakian 23 others know it could M even worse and the offal bunny watb as a ministry minyak investigation report to be are about that only allegation some of her boobies having a better guy investigation and then dc:format obviously require bus branding they say they robbed the wagon they found in Concord don't know if I do you know but the allegations would shrink I investigations David CPR Cora and that's all Christ I believe a squishy hey I offered those don't opossum nah no I said this year they mimic a B and if we care because we drink up OB the IDS CMU investigation say you have two cows war president constitute to castle of theta J – yeah I properly legally Costa said cosmos a diversity council whatever its VBR over those observers yes babe were yes okay horrible am free I am free uew specifically na met asana or mo congregation be ever muscle and Timmy imasu hmm what happened and I know who you cannot speak of it Oh be an acolyte chief formally Dalit education policy could he say on a vehicle Babu should be defending their core Dharma do you sto garner freest way different from actonel as we did okay okay out of the policy okay the make customers we showed you in 1990 Commission Biba out about University councils now Commission the bar out of our councils Commission report no Chester University BR certain additional users to be our council any per 15 and all should share 21:09 quite people a by white people about 1990 by wife Anna Constitution Emma I see you're a trans lie ahead of state are now saying yeah in a representation years now or see vesicle CBI fifty members covered wafer for dominici including chairperson the other the first for me for nominees in the Union a chairperson of the council that sounds okay opal can use the after yeah a pretty weird yes Chancellor and there are 24 nominees okay you see the description Oh see see what that's not canceled for today Yankee true representative convocation more representation of teacher education work Athenian one representative the committee for defense of the revolution and also nijo be as a cocaine est a committee for the defense of the revolution remember okay you see see a committee for the defense of the revolution and they were all under sir ah hey I'm going to be money back okay but we up just yeah everyone running me after a nickel in the light of Constitution and the freedom of association will be a bigger crew yeah so be neow – neow Tildy notice horizontal lobby so be a copy of the difference of the Rosario they're also those who behave via legitimate solution on demand classic OCS uber pliny sissy no okay sir Oba chess we are realistic on solution chassis association in the Dominion member of the Association rep Lorna doesn't represent me okay in the light of the 232 Constitution self is at issue a problematic national fame on of Headmaster's a curtsy Association be trained on a second is new headmasters Association obey the upper body visas so private associations in the light of the Constitution with freedom of association representation of bodies a year association Parliament France upon it because the Association be able to be our dough of the corn SOT Bayou esta casa de bois liquor general did not principally mama said about politics policy baby battalion sauna will be the do i you vested Teachers Association of Ghana and yet legitimate body but they also see she AG so core technical T let's just association quasi custa non-super swap a representation that will represent enough a barely okay to investors do would tell Council to tell you three years so because also on you Diaz on a simple for the council for the country years three years and their bethe Correia with entirely fell Obama will be seated ah see I press the chlorine every two years Narnia no question decade on was a four-year school team in every four years close former president a joke at a rustic answer those two two years a hero which I show you TS s lvl 0 consulate tab expired July 24th and ate it July and now you vested a responsible University I'll try a formally the nominees and the gallery Dominus neighbor a teacher who tablet as far 24th that's interesting a nano pace and the SCT for the area and they did you say 24 boosts our society versatile or who congregation away oh it is so beaten and that you may hear the problem bah Maya focus on Bain are you trying to stop till the government when the Constitution says that president nominees themself or Carlos Dietze to reconstitute the council it could he say on a simple if may know what has kept the president from coming out to the nominees no orders the whole council stands dissolved the nobodies if it's too dense no Minister also do would have to be reappointed or to the council what'd ya say yes and I've gotta you vestido x-ray and CT 82 July so I ask does it the university no that time that it will end and shouldn't they inform us at least been three months before that today and when okay when the ideas who how you invest about you either Nokia but just the same thing about taco you month and now and run open elsewhere you must cancel two years back into office no but why did that happen and I mean invested must manage pendulum answered our table so do you say yes well in at this time it's answer doctor personal nominations they were hooding in our nominee to representative Joe also consider for for free Oh nomination yes Oh kaboom so who is your new nominee who's your new now you all put your breakup with rocket is a timer country but also but these are there no just it's a bait shop as a song Topher now be nominee Chia do it and take it back the Council of State for approval or Delta suit ready for troop actual letter if you invest you 18th there was a planar device to say president wouldn't cry it's real ministry to press their ha Oh biography and worship of the Chapman approach anonymity Menominee's my sister we are now with a Mattel they were answer the president nor my chief of staff or Council of State the a council representative echo castle of theta cos did are objected to some of them atm I wanna say we did when you are nominated by the group Nigel Coaker say I'm person group with a Dubai but to LA area I'm Robert G were 25 years I what breakage allegedly a bitchin UD would you be fit to go on with the house yummy at the end yet and also because cried nominee from a body busy with your co-counsel so traumatic hallelujah Yoga for surgery we know also you be and what it means horrible NSA muteki over the reins of government in 2017 some time na university with the UDS not council at 10 a.m. we know not a man act of parliament in the eluvian 2017 a day on amana movie yeah a bus route oh okay okay because say it we okay I get it now I get it and usual attack you reconstitute it counselor oh just yes yes if I come to save the romantic tale okay it is odd to me and then are dead by now what take you tiger on the Abu or so to go through yes we drink I said uew for the bar and it was a cup of tea to reconvene every you okay in the end Avigdor present are proving w dominus noster Osteen's castle still so betrayed see through our head it will feel shame on me and mana delay congregation will you ye w w because we hear of this council chocolate yes a chick yummy emergency blow of the hour OS BR y dijo actor with mouth for means to us wha a combine our sub Minister of Education Jimmy extended the tenor of counsel to the President appoints yes say whoa run across a give you room for this ue w superstar tip at the present obama hottest 33 year sir council beat mm wah Yan dominates you before Fran omekata higher congregation at your certificate snare doll avoid analyst at the user uew issues issues because there was no properly caused occluded prostate cancer it is that there's no properly Costa care counselor while their approval certificates the promotional didn't new concern about the first item on the agenda was to ratify all those decisions it is a uew student BTM i now we're on a segregation in the bus wah I just accounts of the consumer for more a known to me my timeline is be education eww HM Union and she would tell me by force say I'm gonna be seen if you've done with your better idea if your education is the Aaron yeah okay a course is a mission was simple 94.7 FM a horrible dr. Matthew a poker pimpin 18 como Minister of Education of our Republic in Sabrina aha yeah be shady home como in T honorable men but omitted certain on your mind honey a cassava 350 senior high schools below if I'm right by the tree said I wanna know Erica maybe I don't see now on Annie huh yeah Oh My yes I mean of course true FDP manifested the key she alleges about six or seven yes 3:50 p.m. you that's for 2016 – – is that resistible first mm coffee manifesto here not the 2012 or 2008 tie gets you into the 2012 your points necessary even in the 2016 election Aaron campaign no say Oh be can be a sound for stability no no I know what I'm talking about geometry NC there's a story here for example online it's the 7th March 2016 and a story attributed to then communications director of the party and our Kamiya accosted a MPP says it will build 350 duplicate of party 2070 2016 going into the campaign 2016 he was in your car sir the par to about 350 days senior high schools from 2017 if the party wins power in that in the elections if you're a possible first year lunchy yeah the first Lisa Walker before larger body first to me you lunchable first Ernie a true position my position position that fall and became part of the coordinated program of action to Vince get all our problems our first debut or the back end on a mannequin a manifesto it oppressiveness in 2009 also the people of Ghana such a voter for in this year this one first to conquer interestingly meet me through Saudi Emma john-boy do about to do general secretary of the ruling si mi casa yes he recognizes the fact that that promise was made the promise was made in 2012 no no in reference to the efficiency and said said he will do it see will be so finicky I have to take them on the first two and work by yes no people statements okay you know that yes echo Vincent's but you gotta reduce across the FPV by busy Airport to be a group so develop me minister of avicii not sakovich with a knee or manufacturer its recovery accorded no in – Oh Cassie siamo say campaign start a not for example say Honorable Matthew pocket prepare a Malta campaign platform Romania now make a promise be our anymore manifesto moon to win a you cannot be necessary manifest to and expects that every bit into your constituent now should ask set promise you ever make it to the people of Maine Shyama mmpp manifestos once Abu Zubaydah your promise there will be my babe mm-hmm yes question I control it Obie Obie Obie Obie pay packets I thought occupy a job money maybe so what doubtful Oh Bernie the challenge I walk over my if we could drew me empty Romania and Muhammad Amir for party folks in 2008 but good we said member sorry Barbara crying anomalies sure number the cannon on the toilet gracias señora de the bus rock relationship versatile in me Nam at submission or masturbation their memorandum on the plains of Assessor Namibian she say what should we do LaRocco CB number bombing soon and let me Treecko show me oppa boy inside the plane yes no just a joyful yeah yeah competitive I said that I felt like 80s at that and this woman's gonna cry now and I'm moody a campaign I said good was it your core boy or Felicity but obscure gotta go Bianca said a Waukesha or I'll say oh by adore this because this is equal to you well just among you if you were to be among you a criminal credit union so I would say myself it's all over yeah yes not a big taco truck project accessibility and local issue go for the moola mantra and collage Gudea boo boo no possession for quiet manner memorial vehicle scooter bogota mana points inside the point it's a big bottle fill me know via so cosculluela kannada bhavana what we suppress that mohammed said so much cake or did not buy the devil mere by President Mohammed ibn Giganta for together carefully planning Donna for say and I will oversee dance along and when the area under school Coco Co Co will see 48 somebody I'm funny because everybody for a structure yes so do me minimal power let's shut your completion beat this is good day we are no real solution yes I did America Sokka sodium Cunha be gue moody the other near my become a diamond with upto could you change our food yeah grim crank through sitting in a mobile world it'd be much it soon but the Pacific and of say Ghana and carbon comedy free education by this is good nav Dhabi President Obama no cost watch water friendly that Republic's catch a criminal can handle Michelle Rafa minister or say or not able to moon or some education but yes world record Molly jong-kook 3db Santaniello wav and I'm not originally how many seconds crews were in enough its ability be be by here nibble katana more beer 101 young Foshan and were generally bubble chub-chub now OBS or well yet this research is my yeah so pleasurable super job mr. Cadell foreseeable review I said to catch a super mobile store the car and I'll crush a selfie essentially Africa briam and I'm supposed to go off four years ago never said this focuses on I'll come back to three years it's super cell fear because they're gonna go for an hour he be banana duper a Basu so on to be near be ba da cunha the free edges rule a manager will be national shoppers area such as the crosswalk or bow so vanadium artists or more can attract a moon animal Romania fame or above no more that category boo talk about last year he assessed acid 2017 and the Liberals are there now Nana booboo Pokey's Onondaga now a double track and come to cracker here they enjoy say so okay come on move serene can decide yellow bean Jesse and confer obukhov a carbon-neutral otaku bounnam I am a politician with a say in favor chili dat no I pop a pill and I was shocked a solid eaeaea sabina I see two years between Jerry and ROC ROC four years was their twin eerie orchestral hydrofoil name to Muhammad and it's a global truck yeah betray double track a idea or maybe Jim when they come back to the power of it sure yeah Boehner double track him oh yeah yeah let's see and knock a crib you yes we do five to Sevilla see baby okay let me try yeah Jennifer interpreter balancer catches it and shanira fearsome not refuse a number mooyah death doom so before years the only president dr. Arthur Stanley I do soup air for the Bahama toldja a Marisa do so beer dude what to do what to say a Catania for yes ABC it's your move Jesus everybody it yeah sure you're gonna ha and you start a shift network yes okay cause grandpa no cheese no no no map on 4:30 gonna shatter a one-room school time publicity dogs once again to be received for structure if the colonic Erwin above insulin and yet this shift the buyer it could he city or the because opening no my poor 12:30 maybe about one Nova point for an initiative now contactable sample Elysium your children from eight hours about farmers with what governor how many years did you achieve to ambassador mrs. Kubik Rocco shift if a public appears yeah I'm concerned Inocencio yet contact I was fifty percent in a running shift and were Ghana in the quadruple in aquaria yeah that's a second edition and let double Chuck yes it will be per so Fred double drug shift now what is cuvee diet shift ubi contactable improve it from 1080 1080 hours and other three tips 2,350 and at the current double track system at iguana and colonoscopy at the school Tonia Conesus I was a dinner to see according eight hours a million more time I will share because I'm a big for the winter vision Andrea shifty and your credit hours the county and otherwise it could they become and not just inferior ribosome Dhabi Chelsea Donna former ones yellow say Sakura school Elena's shift because a chronological to boarding school a rocker shift shift the blue Cordoba Livia Livia dr. freaky watch a see what I wanna say a fantastic idea but only communal with yourself such the Courvoisier I had an auto pressure monitor yeah independent personal opinion would be okay it is because the relatives in America we put their pursuit on your beer drink at the same time it's a chip but Oh beer lose it contact hours it's a game published by a model model of school because we can do choir if you could even inquire and you're looking for this fancy law every evening classes yes and it is a we fear because say at the end of the day or separately a $20 if you recorded for for for five days your code normal school avocado one hour two hours far as a week if I would see the ID or the accredit hours that's why yeah but credits indeed nuts there us now that is for introduced here reservoir for that introduction was that new partner between 2017 2018 who register for be serious those are increased by 51% 51% in absolute term there any person five hundred and seventeen thousand five hundred and twenty one thousand it is of the percentage er a personal average we were potentially going to have four hundred seventy two thousand students in the class NEPA and pip Muhammadu dubaku and the choice of cultural serving our francais it is all kickassia me a favor and if i send a posse nexus OC yet yet Chuck I'm nipa and prima donna at yo Suman yeah overall free school movie itself in the corner oh man a hundred your service to sire absorber it was I absorb realizing private schools I absorb eeeh now my 13200 places m-pin do me answer ahead a couple my 290,000 and people hello Joe : now : I saw everybody yeah Abby Mohannad you're swimmin ot femur and Tim our chat radiology and Ibaka and then the end of a Bentley that's how old buckets are and bit more ha and your chuba kuna clearly local catcher was en chain mean see daddy you know so before woman Coco Coco got started because you'll be either Kobe my over 1 kilometer Isaiah BSO would salamanca for me before burning what we just did so some days ban progressive free education 200 schools named Lucy 149 as a 40 toward a degree booklet they're in a boarding school or CD school community did school apostle do oku keiichi descend cry yes and now customer yes I'm not a soccer mom phone could he say on drew bonsoir to see beyond school for first-year second-year Teddy bomber of current sitting right in the pavilion Albemarle couscous Nottingham still I am a number and then kalau a group of wheeler the nearest are about ten kilometers away a crime in yet varsity or further because our school if it's a gunner mobile ancestor I cannot choose his co-op a and lastly work it is aqua Cisco that is an alkaline and juicy burger for sankaranna gallery for Oahu school refer to it was owned Davi at the Columbia so to which they be first choice which secures with Tetris a rabbit warren until MC DCB Baja oh boy yeah so DBC geometry and you could be block Libya the sacrum do true and karana nine to zero last year a bell above our hamachi and a car-free a successful Oh Beatrice EO because the colonic ready affinity for global in this CUDA see if the field such as Circuit erred to see outreach circle could she say on a Santa Ana OB Sacramento so drum also not true tsukumo you were in the Abu Dharr custom controls obey the quadruple zone who you do screwed my citizenship ffff absolute plastic at the Carnahan cell because no consequence cooler I said baby told you to say a boarding-school of a Soaker empathy it's less comfortable Michael probably school in junior high school Dino you do second Escudo inner harmony one and it was nobody reduces that double-track he knew that W the president never trusted who bill has a double tracking ID from the ado my baby decisive siapa a money buddy be acquire a fidelity animal meats here we'll see what's in the last I checked on her criminal history because it that was a great day in Accra yeska for the chip in credit muscle idea Marco and therefore to be Kobe no uh Jenna issue meteo explanation of my 181,000 student we're at the risk of losing out on second yes on my pass a bonus piece new hope for them good Rebecca said we implemented free sh s in 2017 September which is the first terminal na double track in a Nakamura double track double track bar the following year NT time a Mobile Bay mu in January 2017 homonym say they are that year mobile implemented free senior high school Rebecca said no plan at the same did you know the second year numbers never cost or suffer which we know Olivia's condition before my pituitary okay sir San kilometer register B EC au NASA plan Ania based on planning for ecology if I strike and attack if you want to be a good plan yes I've a developable to array 80,000 etruscan yep offensive accord three hundred and three hundred and sixty two thousand ninety thousand increase under the occasion every 100,000 a qualifier near to non-cancer not sure since a in two years we are about 800,000 students in first year second year 2040 2050 2016 the total publishing was about eight hundred thousand eight hundred and thirty thousand forty thousand since a three years and the over three years ahead to aap yeah we are admission this year publicity of security screws would jump from 800 to 0-3 to 1.2 million sir for the Italian company on cotton yet if lassic ever yeah really yeah took Wilshire war Miyagi if you see woman nobody Dow is selling water now we celebrated poverty drama for beyond our three years of progressively free dude no sir well Jack Kobe now fifty cities which we are Dhamma three years of progressive free but the clash of the mantra at GDD nobody doubts here near the other Watchers also Phoenix she died million sir question amebis I true set to complete one Community Liaison lesson fa-18 Monta Ibaka BIA five million gana syriza it is true the super break coincidence kruseman JM completely at the door such a do a on my contrast 424 contrast to a Mikoto suoh to on radio about contrast 424 724 on the World Bank C 23 Robin did a deca at your foods Yakka for me you lose these five structures three vocational schools to add these screws out of it five technical turns out of it robot force are fasiqun to claim under President Mohammed HSA what Bank reshef has corrected up telling you because the agency what I'm trying to tell you is that you're funding me hundred percent for Bahrain TV CB mama by Maya moved to get the money yes yeah a political but we can really achieve internal wide right ready for and or the web angry Quadrajet afforded the any nakama and we'll see you on agree because you are here 48 it is all yours teacher now you confirm the sister mercy mitochondria as an opposite Nonya for theater over mama Claire let's not treat vipers that is that is governance under president mama I'm suffocated of you could determine across a 200 number City same as every ABC 50/50 Bobby Cote regular the whole four years and networker also for years girls from a mu usually eat the biscuits are the same and let me see you buddy one of the last school seldom our contract and that he blocks was the leukopenia and that your bombers Jenna yes will be H Erica hand represent or March a quarter Dharma or our contractors don't want to be SIA won't be more money but governance chuckles VM in the identity Bobby J attracted me your debt to do a Jawa Geffen Carissa it were so weird to be on yet we have Molly don't worry no worry was your nobody'd shower nobody on you'll be Bushwick are located a bit what that world the community honorable muteki Ivana and on the concession 124 divided yes 124 I'm sorry but the gate Fergie yes yes a car and the hardener brew three businesses below certificates are deductible sue each other video internet video it really into one table the one or mama contractional oh by I would say 48 anomaly no beautifully okay different stages well daddy Bobby see repeated a tornado food to into a Mussina because I am I can yeah yeah but infrastructure okay infrastructure by infrastructure not so completely did and make it their school on Bristol ok cry at the children your age okay before everybody infrastructure which is a major issue no yes sure the others in here we are Yesha teacher phone semca crap luffy it to me Atwater and made by messages be briefed on teacher voice and easy and easy in the gossipy aside a co-teacher photo sir okay teacher College of Education Oh passage is good last hour it by the nostril service our posture license nasal septum–ah dominate you were September Yahoo move push to move more my pastor line sincere but a horn in Slovakia a very contentious issue yeah Saudi Arabia yeah Saudi Arabia's the richest country one of the most ultra conservative last week as a teacher licensing cannot be compromised Saudi Arabia America the most capitalist is known yes every state over the case is observe ostrich a movie schooner Kayla where licensing exam in fact African regulators association teacher regulators who could show only so to just a few months ago yes opposite number one agenda also contributed license check for teachers so teachers your position in communications Ramallah didn't want to chocolate or courtroom but we agree and they across golden who talk about it's gonna happen professional bodybuilder analyzes nature it could've ended teachers association was part of the discussions the teachers association of Garlin Students Association was packed with the National teaching Council on the discussion amongst ourselves when it comes to folk rock layer launched Rubicon today on poplar Nancy Dene is here runs deeper a little bit were they black as a memoir but again the unpopularity denied my Anakapalli Magana literalizes in hospital the book since 2008 Lavina MDC flop appoint a negative circuitry no more i amici's documenting yahoo a gorgeous car with japan for teacher like jelly u-20 inaudible pizza but they never paid to be Casanova I'm not going to sit here and talk about fairness because it was a cafe racer what did you again I said this is a very years grew up but we never butcher is it the less than see them will be your name because our DNA automatically analyzes and four years ago Ghana what radicalizes you got it teaches you for years teacher for cried arias for years nutria publicly chakra now that was the remote and this robust review report they did the West for teachers in this country ever yeah hm we can research allows Craig to teacher for so we need a keychain what is a silicate Cecilia we impose the firmament Wamba knew each other these are records these are records says what signal they didn't do for improvement in teacher education that should tell us as we speak this language is a vehicle opening a great degree nobody has messed up we have employed this year for cover fifty nine thousand teachers how many do they employ in their four years Deborah triumph as recruited employee via social workers when we blind in this country why can't we speak power to truth to power to power could he say on a simple F because because but one could approach a prism aha yes not in hundred years time what is 160 to be depressed later episode being [Applause] in the didn't like their leaders you do professional X appears which professor song has the title ominous levels the hippy dr. V I will kill you and that's what we don't Russia bibighar it could see sympathy em realizes I'm not cuckoo sorry little syllables no way hey why your lower garner Oh super soccer practice it is also UK okay Braco buuza regulated all you can generally got Kazuyuki say it's a la was doing right 76% of the people passed and you clip there's those lovers 76 are said to first example Sally to 6% so he was de or more impersonal what happens to the millions of you they've written the reread and 67 percent past still 33 amusing to you right Nicole UK called your doctor that the unclear discussion das suffered we practice a doctor for years after Bashar barcode train station or sister on past days also that's Swire who behind us to be a licensed an example because we medical school night now law school now core Logano and now Corgi button and now core technical ammonia empath am so sorry and your professor examiner a lawyer that's how you talk to the professor let's open you re new certificate that horizontal Coco from Curitiba yes are they as a real law school I did you but it is the professionalization of the teacher Co which is the number one agenda of all teacher regulatory bodies in Africa mr. professor prefers not to change qualified teachers and gather education services saying going for it if you don't have your professional license you cannot teach and remain aligned since now that's when you pass with a license here the other thing I be I can tell you the word I looked at the numbers yes of the forty thousand five hundred thirty two thousand five hundred of passed and wait for one year in fact they even extended it to oh my god Lisa purse of maturity okay in the secondary school not God wisdom yeah graduate actually very soon everybody whether you teach it in a primary school or another secondary such an okay as the teachers who were to teach you the secondary schools yourselves Rises on exams so everybody free you see beautiful man education service here you have to call yourself a teacher you have to visualize how do you react to a more Bacchus a government is constrained financially into any accounting procedures the drachma lines a national service Nadia banners you consider even those who of course are more than whatever forever MDC brought out Indian food for the Italian yes output a higher the numbers don't lie there are more more students in single year is that it's actually college that NBC left off marine trod you see the payment of trainee allowances no let it come with a quarter system hid Mary Beth we had was twelve thousand something that's the say those who attend every fourteen thousand far as the cooter and a cassette you buy up three years for moon solar solder it devours the cooter at UConn sincere darker shade Obama and constantly available for fancy norcia Obama free final year yeah by Anubis a cutter wanna continue good the Leo on teacher training allowances honorable the argument has been wanting a master is a big enough student were not previously on a repeal administration and if I'm wrong you correct me say na o mantra for feeding and they were not paying for utilities in the locker the governor who's picking their feeding yes when they comes to the teacher to the allowance when they had pure teacher trading allowance they paid to do jujitsu not a motif reanalyzing you know maybe she does ablute ask you how was it being operated the Joker you're cheerful then the teachers came and saprykin for say discarding in our mo mousse is here to the stinkiest you say this kind of cop coup for one emergency authenticity Donna dear FEMA was a comedian okay the SLC and the leadership of the apricot yes should meet and agree on the fee DV they met at a grid of the Phoebe V and I achieve fiscal school act because all part of them complete such a first open issue as Nene since your ninja food is lee sun-ho digital foie gras we could have done it by colleges just a formality bright light feet the troubles fear no once it is getting inner anniversary scary yeah must consume it you ever considered near gallon it is you see on the day they announced allowance of hundreds at the core the core Monica so two months of Dublin your happy Nibbana saturdaya his college education 400 now moody to develop say a moon half an equestrian to know right more than half more than half naku student now that's 240 CDs at minimum birthday papa Donna and I'm saying that student leadership agreed to deduction of those money before we did okay in this a deduction according to the payment of hidden in a utility so school and our human they say until the cancellation and I said when the cancellation happening as simple as here and of course I miss argument and of course Ronnie I don't want us to go back there was della they was not feeding on top of the laws on top of student allowances the monies will pitch the screws up on the numbers the school took the ones for the feeding and then any after summer introduced e the payment of allowances not still as you sit here not there the argument n DC for out for the cancellation or it still doesn't make sense to you oh and I wanti wanti rationale Norma Maya know so much attitude that's terrific pitcher was recoupment bishop and the result is giving all century allowance that the buses in uber 2300 bishop what is but you'll meet you four o'clock for the episode discovered way studio by hot chick but also practical new via on my hand yeah and the Dominic promise say whether I wish and you Bob yuan Fei became fast track it so chop it and it was Abu Chrissy the college education yes so the lobby Church yes yes mystics America we our SIA streamlining but it is so German to lawmaking so do you do a policy you have to translate it you to love to it to elephant yes hey basically it's your Dada OSHA gaps room nor fossil police yes not the address so you could cry a yuccas America was Saturday actual my school this one page excuse me no one chain reaction internal discipline for Vice Justice did you know who Nigeria and Yuki Vice justice and the bottom led by proofs Aubry look okay chip president some say you custody under Papa if I started next year and isn't it finally expression in the act is that God what is C so we have to translate it into law let me have a displaced hmm but nctn your paranoia professor you're a board chairman right professor I do liquor go yet executive secretary professor in mechanical is Gary I don't want you to believe that you're ever a lawyer mechanically dammit that Tolono and the oppressor go for the debate watch Armano they will sell down their colleagues in the university everybodyís any arbitrary we should start respecting people for the integrity but Joe we not sure what kind no booze I said and to deliver new asado keep it real job in TNT argument and is an issue of say move em over here to demonstrate UM's mr. Siemer mayor very important the hotel there are ten university bills yes the university octagon appreciate yes you much you know YouTube will be our last show be one I talking about this academic freedom mmm-hmm fantastic hey cygnets have another mob we're too much Manasa aunty you are still going ahead and wait when the action armonica mastic who there's no harmony one memorable sorry beyond America Master Hornet vistacool Dallas responded memory every you these set up committees did work there they are changes because I can't see how you can say that you don't want a public universities bill which is a purgative of government I can see articles you can make it better in 2012 it was the real house the College of Education Act bring in Texas colleges and the one conference structure even though they do different things in the colleges it's about management and confidence 2012 it work yes 2016 under nanopore watchable and president John Muhammad deposit technical versus act 10 technical universities drove oh yeah do not do the same things in those universe yes no did this time lock at the be freedom and I have for the lecturers to tell us as it has any lecture come in those that we traversed is that this block atomic freedom first of ten countries number 10 for in Africa for is cannon if you are to elsewhere the or have a single public image this Act law they've chosen because to Osama me Norway Sweden Finland Denmark Scandinavian countries Ethiopia Kenya Zimbabwe South Africa mullet Malaysia Singapore are wiser than all of them it could be that this is just sent out of over 200 countries in the CBC every day to a mechanic ran you get the text versus gonna-i'm consider Frankel Finland yes yes young congas Randy odious Edna me laconic Australian am exceedingly fast mph ability Madinah you can imagine a us you practice the Charter system they give you a letter is a totally different system hmm yep Co you key under the echo you guys you can call this a busy guy ah but anyway your public versus me yeah this idea but compared okay near the coke cabinets the couplet approval and a palpable swap with stakeholders no biatch energy the abuse is a week that is how law is made yet you question the moon now if we will be back us are a diversity of to say it is a day we am because we don't have anything to hide go read all stakeholders so what is in the bay Allah communicates to me the intentions organization that was controversial funding near my investigates video musica is Columbia the IGF is covered by a lawyer by win the year it is present internally generated funds is covered by a law fees and charges are covered by law you can if you're a public institution you can charge anything unless president approves of it from transport to talk with ticketed it is the Minister of Finance who has been given permission by law to tell you how much you : can retain out of the freezer charges and what you use it and what to use it for and that's where the problem I am idea cos war we are lecture us to do a better job with a salary increase abide a utility side to the way versus a pied-à-terre make us are you ok research i did you every single cost in the university is on a simple f am into university management cannot initiate it is not different you must become a teacher every public institution not only universities cocoa bored kappa ha nobody if it belongs to the government your fees and charges would cover that decides that I agree use the ITF as Minister of Education this afraid oh yeah Oh sister Revenue Agency's dinner or profit in Miami 20% Oh Cobra Zilla they have transformed the economy of Brazil through the oil wealth Heidi decides the oil that I borrow second opinion is 0 the wave we cannot wait that's what we went to learn what is different so Calvin says that you keep the hundred percent of the internal generator France but you can only use it for some allowances and lecturers oh right you can use it for utilities of literally last year a bike a Lucy could she say the money because implants am coming into a sea okay Celestia note your visa the owners also traverse it through vehicles Akhenaten they invest about to the user running for not a private uni Knight is a private uni in America yes just last year the governor sucked all the US decals of illness because it yourself is there's a State University it is a State University when you go to Harvard they cannot do anything without consulting the Board of Education of Massachusetts because the college financial aid for some of the hospital yes basically if a basic a bow investor America you have to have a by report in under every window yeah you are not allowed a UK caused by cross is the government in UK caused by course Yuki that the Department of Education decides that number you cannot wait because of you because it is not about lectures warfare it's about management and governance of day of the university who come back honorable and talk about infrastructure so I was signed by Bua but Sir a EF anything new school uniform for say GSS foods are AG as the body it was another huge Mikasa I'll be palpable you'd be out with the Qasim and yet on the bad mojo be proper you win your panini mean enough I've not seen you suck but to the politics yes but he knows deeply so he apologized did yeah I forgot I respect him as a person and that is more important in life than anything for the day they sure yeah iconography primary school as speaking an awkward government junior high school now yet sites operated on which are beautiful yeah we say about new and so on photography public school junior high school selfie Dunkwa City High School it was a so if you are a shady tree I cannot believe it a classroom I a coccidia high school you call junior high school yes it will be a big area primary psychologically on changing their thinking maybe beyond the money you new uniform young completely mean you're not a public school a few junior high school accordian Chester Schofield if I see that child also deserves the same psychological rethinking it's a junior high school or Bachelor uniform not at extra cost to anybody but do Soroka top uniform for aa tocopherol or da da da ba-ba-boom could never do before Aquilani me forever what what did people say and a camera people banality Chien see as a gunner dragons the magic and so Britain or would be GG trouble in a minute a car less than Tuesday on to the national elections are you still confident so part of its merit any power I was confident does a lot to be confident what is that which is that about Libya you see policies should be a lie I have something it's being kinda gassy but if you have the disc 1 4 9 bc v RG RG will compete OC dominant male Lucia Oh super juicy Cathedral white the saqqaq Otto's sister grade 13 projectors so go show the village village now color school every day Sergio mama it's Eva coaches cooler air for if we serve 80s ooh Bahia kisaku dzo do the politics of session and minister of educational material will come back with him and this time we're talking saying suni it was simple you

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  1. I am expecting Dr Prempeh to be a President in Ghana one day . He is very intelligent .wise. and he has a vision .He would be a President in the near future .May God bless him for good thinking

  2. I teach in a special education school and you have pass an renew your teacher license yearly, before you would be accepted back in classroom.

  3. Mr minister thank you for schooling this novice in journalism.
    They don't exhibit good journalistic ethics to educate and entertain the public.
    They are only hearsay journalist

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    I have been fellowing this program for very long time during KABA (r.i.p)days which to me KABA was doing well.

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  7. Hon. Minister, your analogies are not in sync with the issue at stake. You are talking about someone who was the Vice-Chancellor and is claiming his post back. Don’t stretch it and say everybody can get up to demand a position.

  8. So Mahama will come to power in 100years time at the age of 162years.Professor Dr Sir Engineer Nana Frimpong Manso.

  9. What a stomach journalists. You give this arrogant kokoasi kurasini platform to tell you trash. If you can't ask hom questions and get answers

  10. I have taken time to read all comments on this programme and Hon Prempeh is absolutely on top of his game.

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